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  1. Steam Name: YoungR8 Ingame Name:Nick Savage(On PRP) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:196592116 Have you donated to the server? No Staff Restriction Length:Perm Staff Member that Staff Restricted you:Valk Reason for Staff Restriction: Violating the handbook Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): It's been a while and I've changed. I made a stupid mistake that came back and slapped me across the face. I am truly deeply sorry for my mistake. It has been over 8 months since I made this mistake. I should've never did what I did. I have spent over 800 hours on the gaming light Police RP server and enjoyed almost all of them. I loved working with all the other staff and my job being a trail mod and moderator. I never really got into trouble with other staff except the one time I made the mistake to lose my staff rank. Many times I have thought about coming back but I felt unwelcome because of what I did. Yes my res removals have been denied before, but the last time I tried to get it removed was August 22nd,2017 and if you don't believe me here is the link.( Since then I have changed for the better. I have gained better experience with rule following and responsibility. Please give me a second chance. Thanks for the opportunity to have this removed. Thanks, Nick
  3. Anyone mind putting some screen shots of the new cars I'm not able to get on and see them myself.
  4. Servers seems to be a lot less laggy now
  5. Seems like a cool car, but i'd rather my dad's viper
  6. Mine is most likely a 2017 Audi R8 or 2017 Nissan GTR(current day cars). My favorite old car is either the Nissan 240sx or 1965 Ford Mustang.