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  1. Velvet Retired/HRTS 1/31/19 Retired/active
  2. I'd like to point out that every time you face trouble like a warn for removal you state that you have mental problems or someone that is close to you has died now I'm sorry if it is true but it's happening Too Much To Be An Occurrence I believe you are lying to get out of trouble stating that you have mental instabilities I myself have mental instabilities I'm also mildly retarded yet I still keep myself in check I bid I'm older and have have experienced, one of the things you need to do is grow up stop trying to find every excuse to get out of things take stuff at face value own up to your mistakes then you would not be facing what you are now and actually try to stay out of trouble listen to superiors listen to doc who has all authority no matter if the warden already told you they have authority if they say you are out of the doc u r out we are here for you we are like a family if you have problems just come on chance they can contact any of us talk to us I know everyone would be willing to talk I should know I talk about my problems all the time you can ask anyone this community is born on helping each other and being there everyone on this community is a friend yes we have some people that agree with each other Lindy and sometimes they become best friends you just need to try harder listen to those who are giving you advice listen to those who are telling you what to do you have more experience on This Server than you do I myself have a custom class as it is FBI class I do not go around running going into doc if I want to go on DoC I hop on Warden
  3. +support I believe a permanent ban is warranted he has done too much and shows he doesn't want to be apart of the community
  4. LT Velvet

    Velvet's semi loa

    Name: velvet Rank: EAD LOA Time: 3 weeks Reason (Private if needed): I am going on loa so that I don't go game dead of garysmod because I have played for so long I am running out of patience for the minges and gameplay I will still attend meetings and ia affairs
  5. Name: velvet Rank: ead Date: 1/18/19 Activity: LOA
  6. -support totally legit reason Jk +spport love ya bobby
  7. But it's also a new year should we put the warns behind us
  8. Yes but it's a new year so she only put warns behind us
  9. -support Why is everyone posting warn reports
  10. -support they are old warns from the valk days
  11. But you have first response saying they are a tac unit and they also have gas witch no cc should have
  12. Basically it's like being in a timeout if you do something on that timeout you get a harsher punishment
  13. What you want to see? - Rockford Probation Department Why should we add it? - it would give more roleplay for government and Civs alike What are the advantages of having this? - the advantages it would give us the ability to keep eyes on criminals who are not following the rules and if the probation department finds that they are breaking the rules they can apply Justice and call in the appropriate authorities it would give the judge something else for criminal punishments and for criminals it would mean no jail time unless they break the rules afterwards Who is it mainly for? - everyone Links to any content -  link to sop- ( sop is still in work in progress) link to possible playermodel-