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  1. Name : Tempest Rank : Maj S/O status: Inscom operations I am USMP Inscom 04 Maj Tempest, and I would like to clarify for all uncertain of my role on this base. I am an USMP officer with no "Main branch" as well as a General's Informant, meaning I aid generals in decision on officers they define questionable of leadership or maturity via found material on said junior officer and or officer. I do take up many different names and ranks in the goal of selecting the officers who will make this base thrive with soldiers who are respectful and follow orders. USMP Inscom 04 Maj Tempest, Ex Chief Tempest. Also I am hella active so don't think I don't see what you do.
  2. I would like not like to argue over such topics as what I forwarded was based for Command(Andro)
  3. Negative on calling the tryouts to satcom Call it to DB or front gate RP reasons we cant allow them in the satcom yet. R&U
  4. +Support Valued member of the USMP and excellent soldier and leader. Though may lack in sympathy.(If he is accepted I would like to request he is paired with me for training and review.)
  5. Name: Tempest Rank: Maj Roster Status: Active Main Branch: Need to know Bases(ill tell achief+ in person if they really want to know)
  6. Don't forget better officer training for junior officers and NCOs
  7. I, USMP Inscom Maj 04 Tempest, Ex Commander United States Military Police; Ex Chief Tempest, Inscom 01, would like to make a proposal to the current command of the United States military and the United States Military police Command that is currently in ownership of the Forward Operations Base. I would like to proposal a new order of Military Police interactions in relations to S.A.T.C.O.M. and Generals’ Quarters. United States Military Police needs a bigger sense of authority in the base, So I would like to access the permission of reestablishing areas of live fire in the two mentioned locations. As my years of leadership and service has showed me that protection of these valuable resources result in victorious wins. I also would like to propose junior officer leadership training, Our current interactions with all Junior officers and Non-commissioned officers have been at an all time low, this training will show Junior officers and Non-commissioned officers how to properly lead and command a small team and furthermore if promoted a branch of the United States Military. I would also like to reestablish enlisted infantry(Excluding Snipers, Combative engineers, and Medics) having their service rifle or service handgun on safe and or holstered when (Not Limited to) Patrolling, when in radius of any officer, in areas of mass troops, any vehicle, or other vital resources United States Military currently has in position. I would also like to request the permission to view editing rosters to make better decisions on promotions of United States Military Police, and to another extent I would like to help edit the next well needed United States Military Police Informational and guidelines. I would like to forward this next part to United States General of the Army Scheffer, could we talk on the use of INSCOM, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, I understand the current Dilemma on the use of batons on enemy combatants during war, but I would like to proposal that INSCOM during war conduct intelligence and security based missions, in said missions operatives are not permitted to attack any enemy unless it is completely necessary(Meaning If operative cannot avoid interaction they can fire but no other time should an operative kill an enemy soldier to further this if the operative can run away they should do so.) The recent stress put on to serious roleplay has drawn me to make such proposals, and I understand that this is summatively is a suggestion but I do believe that this information and proposals will benefit the success of roleplay with in the United States’ niche roleplay. ~USMP INSCOM MAJ 04 Tempest
  8. @Androntel I would like to request him to be on watch due to recent events
  9. I am sorry for my late response to this matter. I simply ensured the Debrief at the time that I was not take nonsense from mp and that I was going to strike mp that were acting in minging manners. In addition to that day prior he private messages me stating "should I get on tali?" prior to this he has talking during db(Not telling people to be quiet) threaten to baton me, and assorted mingery. ~USMP INSCOM MAJ 04 Tempest and to add this much more the person who placed the strike, chicken, believed it was just at the time. hence why he went through with it.
  10. Name: Cypherius Rank: LT Roster Status: Active Main Branch: US Core
  11. As of today I have came to the realization of my rank. I will not stand idle and hold positions that other more active and less dependent officers can take. I am leaving because of my mother's health not because of a demotion. If my wish is granted I would like to give all power of the RUMP and OMON to Stalin and or Tagooon. ALL CURRENT INTERACTIONS AND MEETINGS FOR RUMP HAVE BEEN CANCELLED AND MUST BE REDONE.