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  1. I am going to make this short and sweet. I am going on LOA For a week ill be back 11/3/19 (I KNOW IT ISNT A WEEK I NEED SOME HEAD REST TIME)
  2. your efforts were noble but your exit less than unfavorable.
  3. I was recently gifted the donator job of Taliban Bomber , It displayed the notification on server saying I donated for the job but I did not receive the whitelist. I have proof and supplied my steam id. STEAM_0:1:150719939
  4. Recollect the transfer can not take happen officially until the watch period is over
  5. Noted But will be transferred after watch period.(Also awaiting feedback from BG quinn)
  6. United States Classified Military Document Revision N.o.1(2019)(Brigadier General Tempest) EMERGENCY PROTOCOL In the event of OPFOR infiltration of United States Military Base. Enemy Incursions are as follows but not limited to: Taliban Terror Attacks Hostile Capture Raid Hostile Counter-Raids OMON Insertions All Domestic Rebellions LOCKDOWN Procedure All Soldiers report to United States Brigadier Generals’ Office for role call and protection PTS will remain and all will be placed on the nearest wall. All Military Police move the generals before the troops then go on the defensive guarding the stairwell and connectors to the training area. INSCOM Operators may be deployed to assault the enemy. Officer Military Police KOS any non-complaint troops(your job is to insure the generals survival. Commanders are removed of all power in the case of a lockdown to ensure compliance.(Power will be placed with Officer Military police, and will be restored after Lockdown.) All Generals Comply with the Officer Military Police escorting you to the offices.(Once stationed in office you will take over command of the troops. aka. Finishing DB or worst to come set up a defensive line in the office.) WHAT NOT TO DO: Attempt to hunt down intruders Loiter by Gates Interrupt Military Police Exit Base and/or Generals’ Offices Enter Jail Cells Any questions should be directed to a MPBG or LTG+ Any infringement on this procedure may result in disciplinary action. If Understood 2LT+ from all branches R&U(Failure to Reply to this in a timely manner may lead to removal of position, You have until October 1st) (Awaiting Approval, RLTG+) @Androntel I made it offset to make you upset
  7. +Support I feel as the current relations between vice commander sam and major jack have burned and jack needs a new start on to new proving grounds. I gave her the demotion and watch period but it does not stop her from transferring. if she does she will remain on the watch period and probably demoted again to cpt for the exchange of transferring.
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XyOz_h162b6d8DTFqrv1fU3eVvg2jQoc4aOQah0c2Qg/edit?usp=sharing This is only an example. use this as a more or less a rubric for what we are expected to see. this is your chance to express your creative expressions. Reports are due every secondary meeting. aka Saturday.