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  1. We understand you want your support noted but don't make it obsessive.
  2. ikr tempest needs time to herself, fuck u andro, demoted from USMP RCT.
  3. My birthday is coming up soon so I want to take the rest of this week off. Ill be back August 11. Also to all USMP officers even as low as LT I want to see tryouts and promotion responses. I understand people aren't biting to the tryouts but still advert it to say we are at least trying, I will be still be able to be contacted through Discord and snapchat. Probably gonna be changing shit around when I am back.
  4. In regards to this demotion, the same was done to AChief Lawrence, it was not personal as you may very will think. I achieved permission for both of your demotions, and it as a test of faith or willingness to see what happened - Instead of coming to me, or any other listed leader you went to discord. You resigned because you feel as if I am targeting you, and in a way you are right but not for the reasons you are thinking of. Most everyone has been away while the server died and I don't want to just get AChiefs right away. The point of this was to see if you really wanted it or if you earned for it and you would respectfully receive your promotion. I got in contact with Lawrence about this, I am willing to still work with you if you are willing to come back in open minded. I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS SHIT RIGHT NOW I DONT FEEL SO GOOD.
  5. United States Military Police Classified Document The United States Military has deployed a platoon of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) to the surrounding area of the Middle Eastern Outpost where the Russian Forces have entrenched into a mountain to launch a continued assault on the base. INSCOM forces have been placed under direct command of the United States Military Police (USMP), and henceforth shall take orders from the USMP Assistant Chief and ranking high command. Operating Procedures: The Main Purposes of INSCOM are to establish a presence in the area of operation. The following responsibilities are have been determined to fall under the jurisdiction of the INSCOM Soldiers. Capture of Hostile Soldiers Must have 2:1 Ratio of INSCOM to Captive Bring Captive IMMEDIATELY Back to Base Interrogation of Prisoners Non-INSCOM Lead Interrogations must be advised by at least 1 Operative Public Executions MUST Have Permission from AChief+ / VCMDR+ Private Executions or Release Needs No Permission Advanced Reconnaissance Use of Personal Aircraft & Small Transport( Large Transports or Jets are allowed) ATC PTL Procedure void due to the sensitive nature of the mission. Invasions of Enemy Territory and Strongholds Only Time Assault Unit may be Used Permissions to Invade (At LEAST 1 Must Apply): Have at Least 1 Captured Enemy in Friendly Stronghold (Coordinate with BG+) Have Reliable Intel on Location of Enemy Held Power Cores (Limited Lethal Force) Rescue of Friendly Assets within Hostile Control Must Have AChief+ / VCMDR+ Permission to Lead Rescue Mission Attempt To Negotiate First - If this fails, escalate to force Tactical Insertion Into War zone You are given access to the current conflict zone due to the importance of support you provide. Assault Unit is dedicated for Defensive operations and will receive limited use in war or access will be revoked. Leadership Structure and Permissions: Commander In Command of all INSCOM Accepts Applications to INSCOM Creates Specific Tryouts and Application for INSCOM May Remove Operatives Mission Leader Co-Commander Second in Command Advises Team Leader May Strike Operatives May Lead Tryouts Mission Strategist Operative Follow Orders Advise Decisions when Needed May Assist with Tryouts Participate in Missions Basic Application for INSCOM: *You May Apply for INSCOM at LT(All Inscom Operatives who received training before this update while remain but will be retrained) in the USMP* What is your Name?: What is your Main Branch Rank?: What is your MP Rank?: Why would you like to be in INSCOM? (75 Words Min): Why should we choose you over other applicants? (100 Words Min): Have you read the Pinned MP Informational?(You will be tested): Have you read the Lockdown Guide?(You will be tested): Have you read the Recruit Training Guide?(You will be tested): What does INSCOM Stand For?: How Many Warns do you have?(If any, why?): Do you have any strikes?(If any, why?): Basic Tryouts for INSCOM: Basic Faces Basic Formations Advanced Formations Informational Test Lockdown Procedure Test Recruit Training Test Power Core Test Interrogation Test Rules and Regulations: 1 Strike Means Removal from INSCOM You may Apply again 2 Strikes is Removal from Military Police If removed, and you join back, you are not allowed in INSCOM 3 Strikes is Blacklist from Military Police Strikes that are received in main branch carry over Strikes can be given for any failure of duties Failure to conduct regimental duties while following RP may result in a strike the old inscom informational was near perfect, just made a few changes.
  6. It is no surprise that we are going to be to changing our rhetoric. With the upcoming addition of Verfugungstruppe and the lack luster of information on the Special Operations Division, 500th, Himmler's Air-Guard. To start as a control testing, I am taking control of the verfugungstruppe(Yes we understand what a verfugungstruppe is but we are working with what we have at the moment.) and am setting up a control testing of only recruiting officers into the ranks of our mock up Military Police, Yes I have been elected Leader of this Police by the Reichfuhrer himself but does not mean I am not willing to find and transfer a more effective leader, so I will be on the look for that more effective leader in the efforts to tame the beast that is the Nazi army. Pertaining to the 500th, we will have a meeting very soon but on to have a starting note 500th Paratroopers are not becoming a job so forget it but does not mean we can not paradrop, I am limiting the loadouts possible for paradropping, Following will be allowed to paradrop: Schutzstaffel Riflemen, Schutzstaffel Auto riflemen, Schutzstaffel Radio Operator, Schutzstaffel NCO, Schutzstaffel Senior Field Officer. Any other Classes found paradropping will face punishment of various types.
  7. Due to the fact that, NO STAFF OFFICER HAS CREATED A ROLECALL, I am doing a mock one to spur the Current Staff officers and leadership to focus more on activity of the Schutzstaffel rather than any other server or thing. Please Write R&U including your in-game name and rank EX R&U Name: Ayame Rank: Untersturmfuhrer
  8. Name: Ayame Maisa, goes by Otto Born When?: August 10, 1922 Where?: Edo, JapanParents Name: Hitomi Maisa, Haru MaisaBiological Parent Status- Ritual Suicide.Occupation: RedactedAge: 22Gender: FemaleFamily: N/AIntroduction:Born into a time of war, Ayame lost her family at a very young age. At the age of 14 during the start of the Anti-Comintern Pact, travelled to Germany under the name of Otto Merick. She joined the mounting war effort, entering as REDACTED in the REDACTED division under the direct leadership of REDACTED in the efforts to release tension on the frontline.
  9. Name : Tempest Rank : Maj S/O status: Inscom operations I am USMP Inscom 04 Maj Tempest, and I would like to clarify for all uncertain of my role on this base. I am an USMP officer with no "Main branch" as well as a General's Informant, meaning I aid generals in decision on officers they define questionable of leadership or maturity via found material on said junior officer and or officer. I do take up many different names and ranks in the goal of selecting the officers who will make this base thrive with soldiers who are respectful and follow orders. USMP Inscom 04 Maj Tempest, Ex Chief Tempest. Also I am hella active so don't think I don't see what you do.
  10. I would like not like to argue over such topics as what I forwarded was based for Command(Andro)
  11. Negative on calling the tryouts to satcom Call it to DB or front gate RP reasons we cant allow them in the satcom yet. R&U