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  1. +support these ships would be great addition to civs in events, as civs arriving in a First Order landing craft doesn't sound right
  2. +support would give the 41st (e.g. BARC Speeders) and vehicle regiments more freedom and would create a requirement for them when an event happens and the map needs to be checked for remaining enemies. Jedi temple is a bonus as well
  3. +support better for lore could implement the shield that have also been suggested
  4. +support >agree with previously stated points to do with the regiments that would receive them >seen them used on other servers and the made events far better, also means formations could be adapted for this specific addition (i.e. firing lines would work well with these).
  5. +support >I think it should be for the 38th only as they primarily work with vehicles >Good Idea!