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      Hahaha coltt my man, how are ya man?

  2. What you want to see? - Russians utilize TeamSpeak more. Why should we add it? - N/A What are the advantages of having this? - More communication / better RP Who is it mainly for? - All Russians Links to any content -
  3. Gonna agree with this one. I think adding more RolePlay opportunities to the server would be successful. I also think there should be more defined consequences when someone was to break a rule of base. RP is a two way street gotta be both ways. ~Colt45
  4. Colt45

    Chilies Staff Report

    +Support he said I had "nasty ass feet" ~Colt45
  5. +Support Great Staff Member Always has the GamingLights best interest in mind Knowledgeable Fit for the rank (And RU GOA too :p) ~Colt45
  6. Damn, I didn't expect you to leave, I completely understand your reason for leaving though. I hope life treats you well my friend. ~Colt45
  7. Finally, time for me to step down from GOA. Most of my reasons for leaving are talked about in my staff resignation so I will link it at the bottom of this post. I never really imagined myself as RU GOA when I first joined the server. I couldn't possibly list off thanks to everyone I want to and I want to specify that I will not be completely leaving the server. I do intend to hop onto the server and help the RU Army when I get the chance. Out of my almost Three Years of being apart of the GamingLight community, I wouldn't have changed anything about it. Удачи ~Colt45
  8. In-Game Name: Colt45 SteamID: Rank: Head of Staff Reason for leaving: It's been a helluva ride boys. I do want to specify that my resignation does not I am completely disappearing from GamingLight. I love this community and I never wanted to resign unless it was for the best. To point out the obvious, my activity has significantly decreased. School is starting up soon and my priorities are shifting. I'm starting the college process and my final year of High School. Between my academics and my social life, I can no longer give the proper amount of attention to the community. I say that my resignation is for the best because I know that there are people who can give more to the community than I can. I have loved the time I have spent here on the server giving back and helping as a staff member but like I keep saying, this is for the best. I wish I had the time and effort to write a long list of everyone to thank, but I'll probably see you in TeamSpeak and give you my thanks. I hope and wish I can still help the community in any way I can, I will still respond and give my input on the forums and hop in to help the RU when I can. If there is any confusion or questions that someone might have I can further clear anything up via messaging me on the forums or speaking to me during the Staff Meeting on 8/18. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48-hour notice is up? Yes. ~Colt45
  9. I take credit for the resolution of this despite no participation.
  10. I am going on my annual family vacation for a week. I will get back next Saturday. I will be replying to forums and on TS when I can. Message me on the forums if needed. ~Colt45