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  1. In-Game Name: John Buck Current Rank: Janitor Rate your activity on a 1-10 scale (1 being bad, 10 being very good): 5 Are there any changes you wish to see, if so please say: N/A
  2. + support This will help CI allot in terms of fighting and activity as its more interesting then.
  3. This was a great test to assist on. The results shown are quite good and can be helpfull. But in my eyes its not a longterm solution as if something happens to the control helmet then SCP 096 will go back to his old self and that would be very bad if we count on this equipment. But its definitely a good solution till we have a way to terminate SCP 096 completely. JR John Buck.
  4. + support Most gunfights are wack in my opinion. You are just running and jumping around each other and to kill someone takes two full mags most of time.
  5. Ingame Name: John Buck Discord Ign: NoiseStorm#7330 Funny Fact about yourself: I like food
  6. Could be wrong on the class as not much is said about it. As the euclid is for SCP 1245 and barely any talk about SCP 1245-2 other then it transmitting radio signals but yeah should be euclid then also., oh well and nots only for me but others. Never said it shold be op. But small hp buff or an extra harpoon would already be good enough. To also state, this scp has to say his location every so often with the radio transmitting signals. Makes it also have another negative thing about it.
  7. What you want to see? - That SCP - 1245-2 gets a buff. Its in HCZ and is been said to be very agressive and dangerous. But what it is atm is just a human with a harpoon. It has 150 hp and 100 armor like come on thats class D level. But wait u would say he has an op weapon then, no he does not. He has a harpoon which you have to throw very precisely to hit a moving target + once thrown its gone and u have to find it and pick it up again. So making it very risky if thrown miss and u have to get in the enemy his face. Making ur low hp very risky. Why should we add it? - Its a SCP bundle package and atm makes that package just not worth it really and also SCP's shouldn't be this underpowered. What are the advantages of having this? - Making this fun for people that play it. Who is it mainly for? - Anyone really mainly for people who bought the package but also it gets more populated then for researchs. Links to any content - N/A Edit: I meant a small buff nothing major. Like an extra harpoon or small hp buff would be nice. And I said this is for everyone that has/buy's the package not only me. Like the jobs barely get played.
  8. When all swat is online well allot then. Don't rob the bank or a general store lol. I got raped by Swat was fun tho