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  1. wheres my reference jk jeez this is depressing everytime another og leaves the server gets more foreign you were one of the best officers a mingey ass general could ever hope for
  2. im not gonna plus or minus but the only time ive encountered cooper or yoda is him beating everyones meat in the 5th floor with a baton. also him doing fishy stuff with a padawan after he said he'd report him but i dont have the full story on that so i cant say nothin
  3. Not Daft


    i think kids shouldnt have that and at school we have vape talks like every week like damn
  4. Not Daft

    Sup <3

    eat my 2 inch punisher
  5. ya i was like thinkin u were a squeaker for some reason but i joined u in TS and you were deep like I was like omfg thats deeper then bill in monica like wtf dang true hardcore lmao fire
  6. This is a good idea i'd like it to be a perm until gets boring the map is very funtional and event compatable and fresh
  7. ooga chaka ooga ooga ooga chaka (2) I cant help this posting Deep inside the post Spection you just dont realise how hot ur face is when you post it, in the pic so hd you let me know, why i nut AHHHHH AHHhhhhh ahhhh Im hooked on this post, we high on the replies soon we get pics
  8. IN the SWRP ban appeals forum, there is just no accepted area. that slightly scares me but
  9. Same for me, happens on both website and mobile
  10. You should provide a reason brother