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  1. + Support - Deserves another chance. He made a happy little accident. - Has good intentions for the server. He wants to help the server in a good way. - He is friendly and nice. He may seem like a disrespectful person but he is trying to change.
  2. Name: Joe Rank: Oberstleutnant Activity: Weekends and sometimes weedays Anything you want to say: Hi
  3. Accepted Come speak to a staff officer for officer training. - Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant Joe
  4. Pending Waiting for more responses & High Command's decision - Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant Joe
  5. Pending Waiting for more responses & High Command's decision - Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant Joe
  6. Name: 1st Life: Joe & 2nd Life: Josef Rank: Oberstleutnant Any Concerns: Inactivity in Luftwaffe
  7. You should include the Staff Officer Application Format
  8. Noted Next time, make sure to use the RU Officer Meeting LOA form Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdt14FM8Lky21MlMfnMdBVpoSlsqfXMNyHKtZNAyVxKY0Rh3w/viewform
  9. Ayy, Thanks for the mention!! :D It hurts to know you are leaving the MilitaryRP staff team since you were one of the active staff members online and always putting your effort into making the server more enjoyable for the players. I definitely liked you as a staff member and player off-duty. It's more fun when you are around on the server. Thanks for everything you done to help me prosper as well as the server. -Joe
  10. Accepted Talk to an RU Core MAJ+ for LT Training
  11. In-Game Name: USSR COL SLTMP Joe SteamID: STEAM_1:1:85579605 Rank: COL Length of LOA: 4/16/19-4/19/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I will be taking a short break from MilitaryRP to focus on school as well as other things.
  12. Pending... Waiting for more feedback. Good Luck! :) - USSR COL SLTMP Joe
  13. + Support - Active - Mature - Fit for the role of DS CPT - Friendly
  14. MP rank: Senior Lieutenant (SLT) Timezone: PDT Main Branch rank: RU Core: Colonel (COL) Are you in OMON?: Nope. How active are you?: I am most active during the weekdays. However, on weekdays I cannot get on as often since of school and other important responsibilities I need to take care of before playing video games. Why should we trust you with being a officer in MP?: (200 WORDS+) First, throughout my experience with Gaminglight's MilitaryRP server, I have gained a large amount of experience and proven myself to be capable of handling the responsibilities of being an officer in RU Core. In addition, officers in RU have guided me to become a better officer such as dealing with difficult situations and leading troops. With this knowledge, I am able to deal with multiple tasks and certain situations to help resolve conflicts amongst RU enlisted and officers. I am a reliable and trustworthy person since I can handle tedious tasks given to me. Thus, I will put my effort into this branch as well as RU Core to improve it to become better such as activity rises or more players join. Also, I have done many things to benefit RU Core and trying to convince players to join my branch. With this in mind, I am a responsible and diligent officer since I have overcome many obstacles to become the Commander I am today for RU Core. Second, I am one of the most active officrs in RUMP as well as RU Core. This shows my devotion and commitment to both branches and I want to improve my activity to help make it prosper. Since the beginning I joined Gaminglight's MilitaryRP server, I have enjoyed playing on it for the first few weeks and become attached to it. In my mind, I was thinking It was a fun and awesome experience to play with many different players that enjoy and share the same experience on playing Gaminlight's MilitaryRP server. This first experience of joining the server caused me to want to become more dedicated to RU Core and play everyday to help the server get more recognition. I will try to become more active so I can help RU Military Police blossom into a sub-branch with large amount of players. (Google Docs Word Count: 311) Why do you want to be a OFFICER IN RUMP?: (150 WORDS+) I want to help RUMP prosper and make it more enjoyable for players. I have done many things to help RUMP gain more players such as hosting tryouts every so often. I want to convince players into joining RU Military Police so they can experience how fun It is with other players. Also, I have advanced my way through the Military Police ranks so I can help other players when no other officer is online to deal with the situation. In addition, I want to keep MilitaryRP to be a safe environment where all players can enjoy playing without having to deal with misbehaving players that cause havoc on the server. This can be achieved by making sure RUMP does their duty to deal with misbehaving players. I'm willing to commit myself to RUMP so I can help the branch by making sure other enlisted and officers in RUMP will improve their activity as well as setting a good example of the branch. Although, RUMP is currently lacking players I feel the need to help in any way possible to help RUMP grow as a whole. To Illustrate, I will lend a helping hand to RUMP so they can grow in players. I will put all my effort into helping RU Military Police in any way possible. (Google Docs Word Count: 217) Why should we choose you over others?: (100 words+) I have countless experience and want to assist RU Military Police to help it become more lively. Throughout my time on RU Military Police I put a large amount of effort into convincing players to join and promote it. This shows that I am dedicated to this branch than most people. Also, with my experience I can help guide others on their path to success as well as lead troops efficiently. With my guidance, I will make sure all troops of RUMP and other branches will act accordingly and show respect to other players. Another thing, I'm a friendly and loving person to all players and try to help make the server a more friendly and safe environment for all players. This characteristic trait will help make players feel that they are welcome into this community and make them want to stay. In addition, I enjoy helping other players as long as they aren't misbehaving in any way. I will help RU Military Police to become greater than any other sub-branch out there. (Google Docs Word Count: 173) Do you promise to not abuse your powers?: Yes, I promise to not abuse RUMP jobs and the rank of MAJOR. Do you promise to be on duty when its peacetime?: Yes, I promise to be on duty during peacetime. Do you understand that you will be in-charge of something?: Yes, I understand the responsibilities that I will need to handle. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this document. :)