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  1. That's right. The training room would include text-screens of the server rules and training guide.
  2. Please follow the format this will make it easier for us to see and understand your suggestion Before posting a suggestion please check the archive section to see if anyone has mentioned what you want to suggest. If you fail to do this your post will be closed and moved to archive. Make your post short and simple and straight to the point, We will not read 8 paragraphs of text. What you want to see? - My suggestion is to add a training room to train new RU/US recruits joining the server. Why should we add it? - As the numbers of new players slowly rise up to the numbers long ago. A training room should be implemented to help the player understand the server much more. Training rooms are beneficial to the recruit(s) and trainer because It will help the new player have some basic knowledge on GamingLight MilitaryRP server. This will make the training process become much more quick and efficient. A new training room being implemented to the server right now will help since new players are always being noisy and running around with no clue at all what they should be doing right now. The training room would include text-screens on the wall so the player will have to read it in order to be trained and It would keep them busy. If a text-screen that were to say "/advert I need a trainer to US/RU training room" once the player is done reading the basic knowledge of the server. This would allow the trainer to go instantly test the trainer on the knowledge as well as give new advice to them so they can fully understand the basics of MilitaryRP. In addition, the trainer and recruit wouldn't have to read the MOTD training guide and then go back and forth because they will try to memorize it and forget once they close the MOTD. Also, It would benefit the server since new players can joining every so often. The RU training room would be added in the RU cafe since there is no use for it currently. However, for the US training room It could be implemented in the U.S Vehicle Garage. What are the advantages of having this? - Having a recruit training room would increase the speed of the training process and make it more efficient for the trainer and recruit. Who is it mainly for? - It is mainly for the U.S/R.U/ Drill instructor/CPT+(can train according to the MOTD) Links to any content - Not needed for my suggestion. Text-screens would do fine. Thank you for your time reading my suggestion. P.S. The blue text is the important parts of my suggestion.
  3. It will still take place every Saturday in case you are wondering about the day of the week it is taking place.
  4. Tomorrow is the last day to respond to the RU core role call. Please make sure to respond and inform others that haven't responded to this post. -RU LTC Joe
  5. + Support - He has done a many things for the community. - He is a great role model for staff and the players. - Responsible person - Always Active on the server - He has tons of experience of being a staff member. - Kind and mature person as well - Joe 1430
  6. IGN: USSR GRU CPT Joe 1430 Rank: CPT Activity: Weekends Comments: Hi Fail to respond will be remove from the Roster. RU CORE ONLY. By SVCMDR/Commissar Hunt3r 1LT or above
  7. Thank your for your sevice. I appreciate everything second you spent to help RU get back on its knees. It's been a adventure for you throughout all your years in RU. I seen you sometimes in game and I'm always happy to remember you as one of the generals who helped shaped RU today. I know RU isn't the strongest and fiercest currently but we will strive to make that happen. I hope to see you soon. - RU GRU CPT Joe 1430
  8. Come visit MilitaryRP soon. I'm glad for everything you did for RU throughout their time being here whether it was good or bad. You help RU through its tough times with your leadership and dedication to help bring RU back alive. Although, I never knew you as other people did It means deeply to me for you to spend your time helping RU out. I hope you come back soon to see how much RU has grown because of you and keeping you in their memories forever. - RU GRU CPT Joe 1430
  9. In-Game Name: USSR GRU 1LT Joe 1430 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:85579605 Rank: 1LT Length of LOA: 2/23/19 - 2/23/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I will be going out with friends for a couple of hours. I'm making this LOA just in case I won't come back in time for the officer meeting.
  10. +Support - He is active. I always see him online on the server. - He is a great leader. He has good decision making and great communicator. - He is a responsible person. He is always on task. - He has plenty of experience of being staff on MilitaryRP. - He has helped out a lot for the community.
  11. 1. What is your in-game name? : RU 2LT Joe 1430 2. Are you at least 1SG? : Yes. I am 2LT 3. Who would like to see you as a GRU Operator? (Two Officers) : RUAF LTC DSCPT Lordinsider, RU CMDR Willy, BG Scoot, RU VCMDR Kilo 4. Why should we trust you with GRU? : I climbed through the ranks of RU to become eligible to be GRU. I am respectful towards everyone and am responsible. I have past experience of leading troops. Many people in MilitaryRP know I can be trustworthy. I have been playing on GamingLight MilitaryRP for a while now. 5 Why do you want to be In GRU? : I want to be GRU because I can help RU in general become more powerful and disciplined. It's been a goal of mine to climb through the ranks and become part of GRU so I can help improve the current status of RU. Throughout my playtime on this server I haven't seen much RU online and want to change that for the better. I am a responsible person and can handle the tedious tasks that I am given. I can handle most things that are given to me. Also, I want to make GRU grow so we can become stronger than other branches out there. 6.Will you use GRU actively? (I don't mean every war) : I can be active on weekends. Sometimes on weekdays. 7. How many warns do you have? (Can be checked by !Warns) : 4 warns(Two of them are duplicated) I don't know how that happened. 8. Do you have any strikes?( If you do, then what for?) : None. 9. Becoming GRU is a responsibility, are you able to lead troops effectively? : Yes. I will use my previous experience to make sure my troops are well led and stronger than any other troops out there.
  12. + Support - They have creative ideas. His example of an event seems well thought out and fun as well. - He is active. I see him on the server often. I saw him online today. - He has good intentions for the Military RP server. - RU SFC Joe 1430
  13. + Support - He is active. I see him on the server often. - He is committed to the Drill Instructors branch. He climbed his way up to high ranks in other RU branches. - He seems respectful to everyone whenever I am online. - RU SFC Joe 1430