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  1. Lol I'm glad to be on the top!
  2. -support Sorry, I have never seen you before
  3. +support sometimes we say stupid stuff, and we realize that its not appropriate and we can deal with it accordingly. We should not have to wait for a forum diplomat to delete something if we can do it ourself. We can do it with the forum posts, we should be able to do it with the chat box.
  4. They probably did it because rockford is always at the maximum capacity for "storage". Hence why every rockford edit has stuff removed or changed. These places were probably not used much, so they found other uses for different places.
  5. It wasn't a false hostage, other than the fact that one of us didn't put "hostage" in the advert. We (all) still adverted bank raid/assist. The kidnap was perfectly valid, although I adverted bank raid, I was not the one who started it. Also Calamity was perfectly fine with it, which is why he slayed Elapin after him running into the vault and shooting the hostage, then screaming down our ears about "YOU DIDNT ADVERT HOSTAGE x20". We still negotiated, and continued with the roleplay. Also this still doesn't negate what he did? He should have called staff if he wanted to complain.
  6. This is correct, although punishments vary per department Him being searched without probable cause goes against the fourth amendment, unless consented to. In this case, there does not appear to be any consent. Him being outside does not give him probable cause to search him. Although circumstances vary, it appears this was not the correct way to go. see also: good faith | fourth amendment | Terry vs. Ohio
  7. I don't see an issue with responding to your own app. He's trying to convince us why he should be a lieutenant, he can't exactly do that with allegations against him if he's not allowed to answer any concerns that people have against him.
  8. You can still do it with cuffs, it just takes way longer. Also it shouldn't be our problem if their potatos can't handle it. I can't even not record without lagging in this server, and I have a great pc.
  9. Your in game name: Monkey Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:155903311 The player's in game name: Colesoft The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_1:1:92941799 What did the player do: FailRP - Unrestrained himself with guns pointed at him during a hostage situation. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Warn Any extra information: was told to take it on the forums
  10. +support this guy is more active than some of the command we already have Not afraid to speak what he really thinks Professional and can actually order people around I mean this in the nicest way possible, but everyone who said "who are you" so far probably don't know him because you guys are never on. Especially the command. And let's be real, he's missing 22 words. It's not the end of the world.
  11. You can say that about the handcuffs that and other departments? Better get to recordin then
  12. So does cert and state It would cause more good than harm, also anyone who is a LCPL can apply for state, who also have it. Gonna need evidence then. If they get arrested, they will need a reason for a valid search. (e.g. a terry frisk), otherwise its against the 4th amendment. -> demote if invalid