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    + Support -Id come back with ARU
  2. Gaminglight StarWarsRP MOTD General Rules: Do NOT use Jedi Skills when on Clone Trooper Do NOT use Trooper/Infantry skills when on Jedi Do not kill without reason. (RDM) Do not arrest without reason (RDA), When arresting you must do /advert RFA:____ and put the reason. Do not FailRP. This means that you should not perform anything unrealistic or out of character Do not metagame. This means that you should not use any out of character influences to affect role play Do not microphone/chat spam. Do not harass/disrespect other players or admins. No staff or player may harass another person! This can be considered Bullying and is not tolerated here! Any staff caught will be given a Strike. Players disobeying this rule may be punished by a ban depending on how serious the situation is. No foul language in OOC. Using foul language in OOC is not acceptable and is punishable by a warning. No offensive Roleplay Names or anything that is close to an offensive word in your name. No Racial/Offensive language, Respect everyone! Do not self-promote. Don't shoot another brother! Do not try to get yourself whitelisted to jobs you have not donated/have been trained for. To join anything other than clone trooper, you must be in our teamspeak! (This includes donator battalions) /advert and /comms is to be used for RP reasons only. Flying Rules Do not land or fly out of the Venator without a Captains permission or higher Do not fly around without a valid reason You must not use a ship if you don't have permission Make sure the doors are all closed when flying. RP Rules You must always listen to your high-ups Do not Riot or revolt. You must always address people by their RP Names. Officers have the final say in all scenarios. Never ask for a promotion (Otherwise You Are Subject To A Demotion) Any rank below Captain (CPT) cannot Promote Salute to all Jedi You must salute 2LT and up. You always salute the highest rank in the room. PTS is permission to speak. It is always active when you are information or Debrief. Never break PTS. Certain Fleet Ranks can demote and promote anyone except Jedi and only Jedi. Inform a troopers commander about a demotion or promotion every time! The highest ranking in any briefing can call PTS. Captain+ or equivalent can break PTS, but only with a valid reason. Vice Commander+ , Security, Fleet, and Jedi Council may call AOS on a subject 5th Fleet Security may arrest anyone on the ship with a valid reason! Jedi Rules Jedi should not be using their abilities on any other jedi or clones, except for training purposes Jedi takes priority in Sith fights/Lightsaber duels. Clones should NOT fire when a Sith and Jedi are fighting. AFK Meditating is allowed Training Basics Faces Left Face- 90 Degrees to your Left Right Face- 90 Degrees to your Right About Face- 180 Degrees over your Right shoulder Front Face- Face your CO Saluting 2LT+ should ALWAYS be saluted Call SGT+ Sir Use your attention special to salute. Hold left click to use it Teamspeak Make sure every player joins our Teamspeak @ Being on our Teamspeak will grant them better chances of being promoted! Not being on our Teamspeak while playing can make players subject to strikes/demotions from their current ranks! Training Rules 2LT+ May claim a hanger/empty space for tryouts and training Must "/advert (Your battalion) claims (Location)" Do not interrupt tryouts or training. Do not ask for tryouts or training.
  3. Nolan

    Please Read

    Please Read As you may know it seems like police are just shot at every-time they get involved with something cops are always dead. This is not okay my dream is to see when somebody is pulled over they just dont just shoot the police because of a fine. I love to see the RP traffic stops ect. This is not saying you cant shoot at police but it has gotten out of control and I feel like if everyone can realize that this is a problem then we can maybe not shoot at cops as soon as you get out of the car in a 10-80 ect. Please increase the RP and enjoy you time thank you.
  4. Nolan


    NLR of Government Jobs Police are no longer to be called again after they died you must wait the 3 min that was placed in the MOTD. If you go back you can be punished for NLR. This has been put in place to be fair on criminal classes that way they are not just always killed in bank raids ect. THIS CAN BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME -Commissioner Nolan
  5. If you are applying for Major+ you must ask PD high command for permission, failure to do so will result in a 2 week waiting period (PD High Command are Assistant Chief+) If caught lying you will be demoted, If caught applying when Master Sergeant or Below (Without High Command Permission) you will be demoted! You must have at least 1-week Playtime and be active throughout the community as SM Before applying for Lt and have to be active in the Police Department and on Teamspeak, If command don't feel you are ready your application will be DENIED. Please Be Aware there are limited slots available NOT everyone will be accepted for Command! PD Promotion App Template Title - Name - Rank (Example:Nolan's - LT Application ) (A poll MUST be on this app with Yes/No - Any other option your app will be denied) Name: SteamID: Current rank: How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : Rank Wanted: How many warns do you have? Do you have a Working mic? Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): Why should you be promoted? : You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): POSTING THIS APP ANYWHERE AND ASKING PEOPLE TO CHECK IT WILL RESULT IN A INSTANT DENIED ALSO COMPLAINING OR MAKING POST MOANING WHY YOU/SOMEONE YOU KNOW DID NOT GET PROMOTED WILL RESULT IN A 2 WEEK PROMOTION BAN OR A DEMOTION! at 20 or more warnings your app will be automatically denied This Post CAN be edited at any time!