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  1. + Support Great on MP and USAF when I was there and trained him. Good luck on Captain!
  2. @John_ I will be in team speak for you to remove my SM tags for a bit I am in my channel Joint Spec Ops Command Center and when your not AFK I will join your channel if still not removed. When you do remove my Senior Mod on the server I am have Champion as well. I will be on the server from time to time. ~Retired SEAL/USAF/MP VCMDR Mario
  3. In-Game Name: USAF VCMDR AChiefMP Mario SteamID: STEAM_0:0:112441317 Rank: Senior Moderator Reason for leaving: Down below Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes - I did have Champion before staff. I am resigning now because of a lack of motivation to go on MilitaryRP, school work, and drivers ed. It was a fun 5 months. SMT: Thank you for making Gaminglight military a fun place to come back to even though Navy and SEALs were removed. Keep up the great work for the new players. US High Command: Thank you for seeing me as a good officer and getting me to Vice Commander for a second time. There are to many people to type up and say thank you to so thank you to everyone for making Gaminglight a fun place to play Gmod. Custom Class: Androntel, Hudson, and Woods try to keep my custom class alive if you need me to approve anything message me on steam. Don’t remove the AUG unless you are told to by SMT. I will be back as I did come back in April. I will try to be on from time to time but will not fully return for a while. Please message me on steam/discord/forums if the Navy AND SEALs come back
  4. USMP Tryouts Made by AChief Mario Updated 9/30/18 I did keep a good amount of Tempest’s training and added and removed what I felt was unnecessary. Approved By: MG Androntle If at anypoint you believe they will minge, abuse their power, or are giving you horrible answers dismiss them from the tryouts. Tryout participants must be a US/USMC SGT or USAF SSGT If the trainee screws up 3x he will be dismissed from the tryouts. If there is a roll call on the forums tell the trainees there is a roll call on the forums. Ask them why they want to be MP Ask them why we should trust them with the ability to arrest Ask them what they should do if a PVT is trying to mass RDM Take them on a base tour Tell them where they are/are not allowed within the base (general area) The only reason MP should be inside the General Offices is when they are clearing tacs for a lockdown. Explain Baton Abuse and the ranks a RCT or SGT can arrest to RCT can arrest to SGT and PVT is all Enlisted Explain what MP’s role is within debrief Make sure people are not talking without PTS, do not have guns out, are sitting down, and not minging. Explain what MP’s role is around the base Make sure no one is leaving without PTL and shooting randomly if they really want to shoot point them to the shooting range with a suppressor on. Explain what MP’s role is during war time Make sure everyone is going out to war and not hanging around the base. Explain the rules on the informational. Tell them about INSCOM. Rank Applied at & Regiments SM+ /902 MIG/116 MIB/ 704 MIB/ Tell them that Military Police is a sub-branch and can affect your main branch if yo do get a strike. Explain how to have your name On Duty: USMP | Rank | Name Off Duty: Branch | Regiment | Special Forces | Branch rank | MP Rank | Name EX USAF PO AFSOC COL AChiefMP Mario MP Trainers give this to the trainees to see if they pass or fail. If at anypoint you believe they have minged, abused their power, or are gave you horrible answers dismiss them from the tryouts. If they do minge and you are aware of them minging during the training and let them pass you will be dealt with. This document can be changed at anytime so review it once every 3-5 weeks.
  5. Military Police Officer Personnel Military Police High Command will be hosting a MP Meeting, All Officers (LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted this Sunday (9/30/18) at 4:30 PM Eastern time, Enlisted is able to Join the meeting but it will be not be Mandatory, if you're not able to attend this meeting please reply with the following Format: Name and Rank: I Promise To Speak to an Officer To get the details Of The Meeting: (Put Understood) Reason: What you wanted to talk about: