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  1. Upgrade my both custom job’s health and add ships to spawn in. Custom Jedi name: Jedi Wookie Solobacca HP: 1500 Ship: Detla-7b Custom Job name: Clan Kryze HP: 400 Ship: A-wing proof of donate:
  2. Custom Jedi job name: Jedi Wookie Solobacca I was testing my custom Jedi job and I got lightsaber error message saying server is missing the player model or missing owner! Send of this error to the mod page! Play model: model/error.mdl - error code:1. I don’t know that be lightsaber message or the player model message. The playmodel is a error on cwrp server.
  3. 1500HP is fine for me too Thank you
  4. Can I get health be unless 2,000 HP or 1,500 HP?
  5. Hilt model: models/the knowledge seeker/the knowledge seeker.mdl
  6. Burlywood: 205 , 170 , 125 Silver: 192 , 192 , 192 Or Light grey: 211 , 211 , 211 Only change black parts be this color. Than, keep silver parts be sliver if sliver don’t work do light grey in this picture below. I don’t care about red button on it or not. Note: if you try to make wood sytle for Burlywood color on the hilt. I would be happy. Silver or light grey be little shiny. Wood sytle:
  7. 1In-game: 501dt SGT MKS Muggs 7711/ Karr Kryze Steam Name: [DL] Muggs SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Server: Clone Wars RP Job Name: Jedi Wookie Solobacca Job color: light Brown (139 , 69 , 19) Model: models/tfa/comm/gg/pm_sw_chewbacca.mdl (This model is on the server) Custom Lightsaber: Lightsaber name: Solobacca’s Lightsaber abilities: Force lightning Force push Force leap Meditate Force combust Force pull Group heal Force heal Advance force cloak Force repulse Force absorb length: 42 Color: orange Lightsaber style: Handle replace black to brown wood. Job Description: Solobacca was born on Kashyyyk and he was strong in light side and dark side of force. Solobacca use both side of force to stop his enemy and he will use dark side of force but, never turn to dark side because he learn how to control his emotes and force. Solobacca disagree with some stuff Jedi council said, Jedi rules, and jedi code but, he will be loyal to jedi. Proof of Donate: I donated for custom Jedi job and custom lightsaber
  8. I tested the job yesterday. It look great and good. Thank you.
  9. In-game: 212th PVT Muggs 7711 Steam Name: [DL] Muggs SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Server: Clone Wars RP Job Name: Clan Kryze Job Color: Gray Add-on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839968933 Model: models/player/mandacaptain/mandacaptain.mdl Weapon: tfa_sw_westardual , tfa_cadbane_rifle Accessory: sent_jetpack Job Description: Clan Kryze allies with republic to stop death watch and CIS to take over the galaxy. One member of clan Kryze go to the venator to help clone trooper, Fleet, and jedis on the ship or on the ground. His name is Karr Kryze. He can follow order from any fleet, Jedi, and Commanders. He have skill in pilot. Plus, he have skill to use jetpack. Proof of Donate: