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  1. Job name: clan Kryze In-game: CT BCO spike 3545 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77544180 In-game: CT 2LT Danson 0040 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:181920444 proof of donate:
  2. A-wing wouldn’t spawn when I try to buy it I will exchange it. In-game chat say “grand master| Karr Kryze: /awing”. A-wing to n-1 starfighter Ship code: n-1
  3. When I try to buy awing from f4 menu and awing wouldn’t spawn in but, In chat it say “grand master| kart Kryze /awing” for my custom job (clan Kryze).
  4. What you want to see? Droideka job Why should we add it? In Star Wars lore there are droideka in Clone wars. Plus, little bit more roleplay with the job and troopers/jedis need a strategy to kill/destroy droideka. What are the advantages of having this? Make event little bit fun for both side in any event. Droideka might make the event little bit hard to complete. Who is it mainly for? Gamemasters/staffs Links to any content: droideka’s weapon (tfa cis weapons) add on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123821379 Droideka playermodel add on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1439762144
  5. I didn’t know this player model models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl is broke on the server. Can I exchange this player model models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl to models/player/mandatrooper/mandatrooper.mdl
  6. Job name: Clan Kryze I didn’t know I forgot to put L after /mandalorian_sercet_service.mdl Wrong one model code: models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.md Correct one model code: models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl My mistake cost me: I’m sorry to zeeptin for my mistake on player model code. Note: anyway I can have my old model I donated for my custom job (Clan Kryze) on clonewarsRP to keep on my custom job (Clan Kryze). I really want to have two playermodels on my custom job (clan Kryze) for Roleplay. Old model: models/player/mandacaptain/mandacaptain.mdl New model: models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl
  7. Custom job name: clan Kryze Add player model (this model is on the server): models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.md add weapon: tfa_wsp_3 add person (player): In-game: 41st EC ARF SSGT Ace 1111 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:176066042 proof of donate:
  8. Upgrade my both custom job’s health and add ships to spawn in. Custom Jedi name: Jedi Wookie Solobacca HP: 1500 Ship: Detla-7b Custom Job name: Clan Kryze HP: 400 Ship: A-wing proof of donate:
  9. Custom Jedi job name: Jedi Wookie Solobacca I was testing my custom Jedi job and I got lightsaber error message saying server is missing the player model or missing owner! Send of this error to the mod page! Play model: model/error.mdl - error code:1. I don’t know that be lightsaber message or the player model message. The playmodel is a error on cwrp server.
  10. 1500HP is fine for me too Thank you
  11. Can I get health be unless 2,000 HP or 1,500 HP?
  12. Hilt model: models/the knowledge seeker/the knowledge seeker.mdl
  13. Burlywood: 205 , 170 , 125 Silver: 192 , 192 , 192 Or Light grey: 211 , 211 , 211 Only change black parts be this color. Than, keep silver parts be sliver if sliver don’t work do light grey in this picture below. I don’t care about red button on it or not. Note: if you try to make wood sytle for Burlywood color on the hilt. I would be happy. Silver or light grey be little shiny. Wood sytle: