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  1. +support -great Officer -he do tryout almost everyday -show great leadership -very active Sign by Solobacca/Karr Kryze
  2. In-Name: Karr Kryze/Jedi Knight I Solobacca SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Server: Clone wars RP Job Name: Mythosaur Company Job Description: Mythosaur Company trained by karr kryze on kamino and Mandalore to be elite squad in clone army. Mythosaur company part of CT battalion. Job Color: Orange-Red rgb(255,69,0) Addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713374101 Model: models/player/grimm/grimm.mdl Weapon: tfa_swch_alphablaster , tfa_sw_dc17dual Extra: Health: 300 (Paid) cross_arms_swep (I Don’t know how many for cross arms cost) proof of donate:
  3. How many custom jobs do people have on a server? I got two custom jobs on Clone wars rp I want to have custom clone trooper on Clone wars rp.
  4. Old playermodel: models/player/mandatrooper/mandatrooper.mdl old addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839968933
  5. Server: Clone wars RP Job name: Clan Kryze New addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1627535986 New Playermodel: models/sample/mandojeff.mdl Proof of donate:
  6. Your name: Muggs Your character's full name? (if a clone, put designating numbers): Jedi Padawan Solobacca Rank: Padawan Where does your character come from?: Solobacca from Kashyyyk Describe the personality of your character.: when solobacca was young. he saw his parents died by clone troopers. A Sith Lord take Solobacca to train in dark side of force because he strong in the force. When a Jedi Master killed Solobacca’s former sith Master on Tatooine. The Jedi Master take Solobacca to Jedi temple on coruscant. The Jedi Master take Solobacca to be his Padawan to train him both side of force. Does your character have any injuries/illnesses/scars? (if so, specify what/where.): scar on his left eye by his former sith master’s lightsaber on Mustafar. What does your character like?: Solobacca like to fly a ship because he trained politing on Kashyyyk before come to jedi order. Solobacca like his people (wookie). What does your character dislike?: Solobacca don’t like clone troopers because he saw a clone killed his father and mother when he was young. Solobacca don’t like Jedi Council’s decision and Jedi code because Solobacca believe jedi council don’t trust him and he think Jedi code is unfair to Jedi. Would your character be considered “good karma” or “bad karma”?: nertural karma, he try to use force for good but, sometime someone get him angry he will use force on them like clone, citizen, droid, etc. plus, he love to see someone suffer by himself. What are some things your character does well?: solobacca control his force power and keep claim using mediate. What are some things your character does NOT do well?: solobacca can’t help to use force on someone because they get him mad. What are some things your character has strong opinions for/against?: Solobacca got strong opinions for the force is balance and he believe there are no dark side or light side of the force. He against Clone army because he believe clone control by a unknown Sith Lord in the republic.
  7. Don’t leave me my master. Now, I will going leave jedi order. I hope i be a Knight soon I’m tried be a Padawan for 2 months or so. - Solobacca
  8. Job name: clan Kryze In-game: CT BCO spike 3545 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77544180 In-game: CT 2LT Danson 0040 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:181920444 proof of donate:
  9. A-wing wouldn’t spawn when I try to buy it I will exchange it. In-game chat say “grand master| Karr Kryze: /awing”. A-wing to n-1 starfighter Ship code: n-1
  10. When I try to buy awing from f4 menu and awing wouldn’t spawn in but, In chat it say “grand master| kart Kryze /awing” for my custom job (clan Kryze).
  11. What you want to see? Droideka job Why should we add it? In Star Wars lore there are droideka in Clone wars. Plus, little bit more roleplay with the job and troopers/jedis need a strategy to kill/destroy droideka. What are the advantages of having this? Make event little bit fun for both side in any event. Droideka might make the event little bit hard to complete. Who is it mainly for? Gamemasters/staffs Links to any content: droideka’s weapon (tfa cis weapons) add on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123821379 Droideka playermodel add on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1439762144
  12. I didn’t know this player model models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl is broke on the server. Can I exchange this player model models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl to models/player/mandatrooper/mandatrooper.mdl
  13. Job name: Clan Kryze I didn’t know I forgot to put L after /mandalorian_sercet_service.mdl Wrong one model code: models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.md Correct one model code: models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl My mistake cost me: I’m sorry to zeeptin for my mistake on player model code. Note: anyway I can have my old model I donated for my custom job (Clan Kryze) on clonewarsRP to keep on my custom job (Clan Kryze). I really want to have two playermodels on my custom job (clan Kryze) for Roleplay. Old model: models/player/mandacaptain/mandacaptain.mdl New model: models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.mdl
  14. Custom job name: clan Kryze Add player model (this model is on the server): models/valley/lgn/cgi pack/mandalorian_secret_service/mandalorian_secret_service.md add weapon: tfa_wsp_3 add person (player): In-game: 41st EC ARF SSGT Ace 1111 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:176066042 proof of donate:
  15. Upgrade my both custom job’s health and add ships to spawn in. Custom Jedi name: Jedi Wookie Solobacca HP: 1500 Ship: Detla-7b Custom Job name: Clan Kryze HP: 400 Ship: A-wing proof of donate: