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  1. In-game. name: super commando Saxon/shadow Guard Holo/Sith Warriors Malak SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 1. job name: Imperial Super Commando Change Weapon: rw_sw_dual_defender -> rw_sw_dual_rk3 ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Change Ship: lfs_crysis_vtol -> lfs_gauntlet ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:79629652 2. Job Name: Imperial Shadow Guard Add Weapon: rw_sw_scoutblaster ($20) paid by: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Add Ship: kingpommes_tie_interceptorr ($30) paid by: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Total: $70
  2. In game name: Sith Warrior Malak/super commando Saxon/ shadow Guard Holo SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Name: Sith Warriors Problem: weapon load out I can’t see my first lightsaber on the job. I been missing for awhile and never add back in the job plus, I see on the server under lightsaber Original post before I change the name from Sith Lord starkiller to Sith Warrior. https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/49286-muggs’s-other-custom-class-on-imperial-rp-completed/?tab=comments#comment-327389
  3. Reminder: Coronavirus is new to everyone from USA, UK, China, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, ETC. plus, getting much worst before getting better and some healthier and younger people don’t know they have coronavirus because They don’t show symptoms of coronavirus and they can infect people. We going to warmer weather no one know what coronavirus to do in some part of world and USA. you can see any symptoms of coronavirus within 4 days to 14 days (2 weeks). CDC and WHO think the virus last long to 8 weeks (3 months) plus, USA two weeks behind Italy and Spain to control the virus.
  4. In-Game Name: Sovereign Ved Kennede (Holo) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Rank: sovereign Protector Reason for leaving: Life and job got in the way, I got 3 custom classes on the server for maintenance. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? I will agree to stay active for 48 hours. After 48 hours I will be on the server for 3 days a week for my 3 custom jobs and on my Custom Class. Chombos (Myn) take my place and zero (frost) be 2nd command of RG.
  5. -/+ Support I got 3 Custom Classes imperial Super Commando, Imperial Shadow Guard, and Sith Warriors.
  6. + support - army of Jawas for imperial
  7. +support -Janitor Job don’t Ruin RP for other people on the server if anyone(EX SMT) on janitor job breaking server’s rules, Minging, FailRP, ETC. some old and new people might leave the server/community because of some EX-SMT is minging, FailRP, etc on it. So think about it do you guys want server/community keep growing Players count and don’t have mingy people or fall down in players count and do have mingy people on the server. -some EX SMT can be janitor and don’t ruin RP for other like janitor Beve because he is best of janitor than, Janitor Alac. Alac try to ruin RP for other, RDM, Break server Rules, ETC. other hand Beve try to RP, don’t RDM, Don’t break server rules, ETC. -EX SMT should get Janitor job awarded for mature not immature
  8. Ingame Name: Sovereign Ved Kennede/Sith Warriors/Shadow Guard Ken/Imperial Super commando Saxon Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79629652 Job Name: Sith Warriors Server: ImperialRP Duel Lightsaber: ($90) by STEAM_0:0:79629652 Name of Lightsaber: Sith Warrior’s Duel Lightsaber Primary Lightsaber: Color of Crystal: Red rgb(255,0,0) Hilt: models/donation3/donation3.mdl Length: 42.00 Secondary Lightsaber: Color of Crystal: Purple rgb(220,0,255) Hilt: models/weapons/starwars/w_kr_hilt.mdl Length: 42.00 Force Powers: Force Leap, Force Strike, Group Heal, Meditate (Channel Hatred), Force Absorb