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  1. What is your in game name: Matt What is your rank: 2LT Any concerns?: N/A
  2. Fupa

    Spetsnaz Roll Call

    Name: Popee Rank:LTC Concerns:nope
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    set a limit per week
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    why not make their jobs easier?
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    Change name option

    I want to be able to change my name i have had my account since 2016 and the name isnt noticable by other people i play with. Being able to change your name would be awesome to have.
  6. In-Game Name: Popee SteamID: STEAM_0:0:59589757 Rank: Moderator Length of LOA: Till the 6th Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Helping out on AnimeRP.
  7. Class name: SZ Distraction Specialist. So i have been so confused over the past 2 weeks about whats happening to the model. I don't know if the model is conflicting with the framework or not but in single player everything works perfect with all the add-ons on the milrp server. If possible it would be nice to talk to someone about the issue who works on the framework for milrp i just don"t want to spend another 70$+ on a new model that works fine on single player. I would like to try to resolve this with out anymore cash being spent on the class i spent over 200$+ on the class and don't want it to be ruined because of a server side issue. I don't want to come out as demanding i'm just trying to get this issue resolved. I have contact to the mod creator if there are anything that need to be asked about the add-on. My first problem i thought it was is its not installed to the server properly, now in single player in the c menu the model is there but on the MILRP server it still isnt. The exact words from the mod creator is: Uhhh here's my suggestion. Delete the .GMA file on the server so it redownloads. Or just add the add-on legacy method. Aka download and extract from workshop. So hitbox is error model. This steamid is bugged still: STEAM_0:1:108810185 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=919247105 This is the Playermodel. I've also talked to the mod creator about missing texture or incompatibility with multiplayer and nothing is wrong with the model. It is most definitely a server side issue. If there anyway to check to see if the there a error happening on the server that involves the model that would help out a lot. Another person to help out could be dave and tagooon.
  8. hmm i guess i was looking at the other model
  9. also your playermodel is from the same guy CSO2
  10. i just dont understand if it works in single player with a friend it has to do with something on the server https://traps.thigh-high.club/yivfl0.mp4 this link is from the mod creator him self "Uhhh here's my suggestion Delete the .GMA file on the server so it redownloads Or just add the add-on legacy method Aka download and extract from workshop" also from the mod creator he says the model is most likely being processed as a error on the server likely caused by an improper download
  11. it works for cw i tried it with a friend on single player and it works fine its just when i view the models in the c menu all the other cc models are there but mine and dimitrov's
  12. The hit box is massive right now i believe it has to do with it not being installed to the server properly when you hold c and view playermodels the model isnt there the mod creator fixed everything about the model and singleplayer works fine. My class name is "SZ Distraction Specialist" and also the dimitrov job is like this as well.