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  1. Evening, This apology is specifically directed to the Secret Service Agents whom were online last night; I was granted permission from the Assistant Director, Tigersden last night to go forward with this. https://gyazo.com/7195c4c4fb99165a2b40be2b93ff844d The purpose of this isn't to beg for my rank back, nor for pity, but to amend what I had demonstrated to the Secret Service yesterday and make better on it for the future of my time on Gaminglight's Police RP Community. To refresh what happened, I was responding to the Bank Robbery that had occurred and on the way the Presidential Convoy was preparing to turn between the Hospital and Spawn as I was going straight to the Bank, I ended up hitting the Convoy while it was turning and decided to demonstrate what can be best described as abhorrent conduct and gross negligence; I proceeded to hop out my car and as I was doing so another GMC Van hit the Convoy and Myself, discharging my firearm on the Convoy in spite and cursing out the Agents for being poor drivers when I was truly the one at wrong. I'd like to extend my most sincere apology to SS Agents, especially SS BM John King, for what I said as above, was abhorrent conduct as a Rockford City Police Officer, and gross negligence deviating from what I should have known as a Senior Patrol Officer. I regret my attitude that I had with the SS from the beginning of the incident to the end, and in retrospect I completely understand how every Agent in the room was frustrated with what I did as you were all simply doing your own duties; I deserved what I had coming and I'm grateful to have not been removed from the community altogether for what I had done. I am taking this demotion as an opportunity to change and to come back as a better member to this community, as well as a more disciplined Senior Patrol Officer Respectfully, OFC James Paullen 1B43 (Razgriz_Archer) (battlefield1806#8652)
  2. HappehDoge

    LOA Paullen

    Name: SNR J. Paullen 1B43 (Razgriz_Archer) SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/razgriz_archer/ Rank: Senior Patrol officer Length (Provide Dates): 6/16–6/23 Reason (If private say N/A): Summer Leadership Camp for AFJROTC, I'll be gone for the duration of the week from 8:00 AM Monday to 3:00 PM Friday roughly; Serving as a Flight Commander. I understand it's not required to make a LOA if you're below Low Command but I just wanted it on-record since its a week, and I usually try to be active daily.
  3. Additionally, I forgot to add that my TS Username is the same as my Steam Username, Razgriz_Archer. Thanks.
  4. EST, sorry for the late reply. Been gone since last week and only got back a few days ago.
  5. I joined the Forum back in 2016 when I originally tried out the server, but hadn't gotten into the server until now.
  6. Steam Name: Razgriz_Archer Ingame Name: CDT Raz 1A43 SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/razgriz_archer/ Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Zeeptin Reason for Ban: Assumed that I was a Blacklisted Person who had came on the Teamspeak before Dispute: https://gyazo.com/eaeeb70511348c22b575855880e51168 I joined the Teamspeak and was placed into the Requesting Tags channel, before being moved into the Senior Management Team's channel by Zeeptin for tags and roles. Unbeknownst, I was actually a new user to Teamspeak and I had no idea how to use my microphone hotkey, Zeeptin believed I was a fraudulent identity of some other blacklisted user and proceeded to perma ban me without any further discussion or allowance for me to speak on my own behalf. It was a case of error, and more than likely mistake.