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  1. Steam Name: Rodast SteamID: STEAM_0:0:168223357 Ingame Name: Rodast Ban Length: 7 Days Admin that Banned you: EliasQuickness Reason for Ban: I was banned for "Endorsing Suicide" Dispute: I was being brought past the D Block gates for testing and there was a small verbal in-character dispute. I told Love lock who was also apart of this situation, "You're a Private, Dont talk to me." I dont remember exactly what he said back but I said Kill yourself in a manner of roleplay. It was not intended to "Endorse Suicide." As I stated in the sit, I never saw any rules regarding saying any of the sort, So I thought it was alright to use in a Roleplaying aspect. Elias also said that I would be getting permanently banned, I dont know if thats still in effect or just this 7 day ban.
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