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  1. Name:bingus dingus Rank:lcpl Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:1:174348602):STEAM_0:0:525552821 Discord ID (Example: Hex-G#0702):mr_slmander#1206 Current Sub-Branches your in: riot control Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 100+ words):i play game Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: woooooooo
  2. What are you suggesting? - delete the mass amounts of water under the map and reduce the general amount, every body of water has a reflection and it slows down some players on the surface during a ci raid or mtf taking the elevator How would this change better the server? - would reduce cpu usage for low end pc's and reduces the chances of them crashing, me and 9 ci were going to do a mech raid but one guy used the rift swep and crashed himself AND 7OTHER PEOPLE i asked an admin to look and apperantly theres water under the map, this water has no use and just slows down people who render it Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - It would definitely be some time getting this to be implemented and the server to be changed Who would this change mostly benefit? -mtf, sarcic,ci and anyone who is on the surface
  3. Your in game name: dingus fring Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:525552821 The player's in game name:moneymonkey The player's steam ID (required):STEAM_0:0:672231146 Date and Time This Incident Occurred:30th of august around 11pm What did the player do: i was training for maintenence and he whitelisted me because i got the test. then he unlisted me becuse i gave him 1 star for making me wait 3/5 minutes after he tabbed out and i wanted to ask something Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player:i dont know how harsh this servers punishments are but i find it "rude" that he was being an ass because i gave him 1 star. Any extra information:i think part of his decision was because when he played 106 and breached i shot him as a researcher, he called a sit and that was resolved but he was still being a dick in the sit (i was being a dick back)
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