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  1. Sorry you use that language irl, doesn't give the right to say things related to erp inside of the server. Treat others with respect while your inside the server and follow the rules. You shouldn't be using language like that to anyone inside the server, let alone a female. Additionally, this isn't really a place to vent your emotions about other members of the community such as "Suck my dick", your on a police job, this speaks volumes for your character not only in real life but also as a member of PD, do that outside of the server. When on PD your job is to do what PD is suppose to do, not vent and speak terribly about other members of the community. Members of your family being rightfully banned does not give you the right to speak in such a manner, and being upset about people being rightfully banned for being sexist shows your character even more. It's not my fault they made comments towards me, nor is it my fault you choose to make those comments towards me. And to be totally honest, inside the video you weren't venting to anyone, you were just yelling it out loud infront of a bunch of cops, this was malicious and just uncalled for. You weren't speaking to anyone after you responded on the radio "10-4 responding", you jumped into your car and blurted it out, it was simply unneeded, and uncalled for. Completely unprofessional and in all honestly distasteful. To say you did not know I walked up upon saying the comment despite you verbally addressing me directly after it clearly evident inside the video. I have no prior interactions with you up until this point that I can remember and if so "coming off as snobby" is not a valid reason to say such a thing or act in the matter you did. -------------- On top of that, you continue to try to contact me in game, please just leave me alone. I don't want to speak with you, stop PM'ing me.
  2. Your in game name: OFC Ashley Snow 1A25 The player's in game name: Gus Fring The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:443581353 What did the player do: Asked me to suck their cock randomly Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/uzJEUxCvh7XJR/d1337vqn84MX?invite=cr-MSw0amwsODYzMDgyMTIs What do you believe should happen to the player: Ban ERP Any extra information: Why do so many guys on this server ask me to suck stuff
  3. + Support This player has already been banned.
  4. +Support Seems to have good values inside of the community
  5. Your in game name: OFC Ashley Snow 1A25 The player's in game name: SL Foo The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:642170066 What did the player do: Pretty much, I was running to PD because someone inside /G chat asked me to come get a ride along, and upon arriving he made some completely unnecessary and concerning remarks towards me in front of many other police officers who seemed to not care either, before driving away.... I showed this clip to a few staff members and they all suggested I make a forum post with it posted here. As you can see inside the clip, I was minding my own business, doing something a higher up told me to do. Not even 5 seconds I was there and they felt like this was something that needed to be said. Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/utbANwzyWBxJD/yulzWbxrlIL1?invite=cr-MSxoRW8sODYzMDgyMTIs What do you believe should happen to the player: Punished both inside their respected department, and as well as have there account banned for some time. Any extra information: I spoke with a few staff members, and they have all said this definitely should not be something that is necessary or something that should be said. Idk why people continue to say inappropriate things to me inside this community it is very sad. I'm just trying to be a police officer and role play and have fun like everyone else, not be told I should "Suck" things... Really breaks my heart to hear other females talk about issues about this saying things like "I wish things would happen when people say stuff like that to me". I'm sure it's their fault for not reporting it, but still. I'm sure other ppl heard what happened to them, and I know for a fact there were many other police officers who heard him say this... Please everyone stop this nonsense, treat ppl with respect.
  6. omg yes, my favorite anime character.
  7. Knowing this information I think he should now be banned for a week
  8. Your in game name: OFC Ashley Snow 1A25 The player's in game name: Lil Puddin The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:23283054 What did the player do: Said the F Slur in front of a bunch of ppl. Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/uxJJKhBkfbAz1/d1337dgGDtAZ?invite=cr-MSxmbmYsODYzMDgyMTIs What do you believe should happen to the player: Definitely should be talked to about this, and how they respond should determine the severity of their punishment, but then again idk what the punishment for this is plus I'm not staff so . Any extra information: We should be using this language.
  9. -Support People are here to play Garry's mod, not talk about "Opinions" on peoples sexuality that has nothing to do with why people are here or should be here.
  10. +Support Omg Yes this is me and the bois when/if you add da motor cycles
  11. I was wondering if it is cringe of me to break the spaghettis in two to make it easier to fit in the pot
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