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  1. +support Recron has gone for a different position a.k.a C37 which he loved entirely, and to see you apply again shows the dedication of becoming a TI-23 member. I see that your activity is decent and you've been a good member within DT ever since. I do believe there will be lots to learn when joining TI-23, because they expect the best of the best out of you, and one fuck up is removal. I love the enthusiasm in this app. I hope ya get it.
  2. -Support/ +Support Im only putting -support because your activity isn't there when it comes to TI-23 quality of being the most active. And you not so recently coming out of reserves, lots of takes of ROA's/LOA's(I understand the circumstances), and the application looking very bare bones. Now, with the +support I do believe you can be a good member within TI-23, not only because of being a good role-model, but the standards that you can already uphold. Due to being SV02 in Seeker. You're a good candidate but you need to increase your activity.
  3. +Support He helps with anything when it comes to concerns of newer members and knowns the ins and outs about DT.
  4. +Mega Support Blackout has been always there for each battalions within the Security Branches. This dude knows fully what being in a leadership position is, and reaching the highest you can be within (other than being the Director). Blackout has done amazing work and keeps striding no matter what. I believe Blackout deserves this position due to his dedication and prosperity he has given.
  5. +Support As previously stated, the booster medpack is way better there is no reason to have the normal one, when you have a better and faster healing item.
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