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  1. Steam Name: mobs2r SteamID: STEAM_1:1:540623756 Ingame Name: Whacko Mastermind Ban Length: 8 Years Admin That Banned You: @Ozzzie / @Chief_ Reason for Ban: Staff Disrespect on Forums Dispute: I was basically permanently banned from the server because I called @Recron a 12 year old (because he sounds very young on the mic & doesn't seem like a very responsible or thorough staff member) after he falsely banned me for racism, which is probably one of the worst things you can be accused of. Now, today, I saw that my appeal was rightfully accepted because I was never racist in the clip provided at all. I really do not understand how I was disrspectful to @Recron or to @Ozzziein my appeal. All I was doing was defending myself from clearly false accusations. I was simply explaining my side of things & dismissing the time stamps he provided as false. I would have never appealed the one week ban if I knew I would get banned for 8 years all because I called someone 12 years old. This is probably some of the most petty staffing I have ever seen. I was quiet after the first Head Admin asked me to stop responding, I let the process happen & I was met with overwhelimg support because the moderator who banned me was straight up lying, trying to cover his tracks. Can you please point to what I said that was seen as disrsepctful? The worst thing I may heve done is be passive aggressive/sarcastic because it is just in my nature to do this during confrontation. The ban is for specifically disrespect on the forums, which I didn't do. My old appeal where I am somehow accused of staff disrespect on forums: Thank you for the support on my last appeal: @[GL] Fizz-y Soda @Trizium @pog [email protected]@Its Buck @Bartholomew @Nydekore @Pills Hoping you will have my back on this one, considering I was not disrespectful to staff, I was just being sarcastic & passive aggressive because they were clearly wrong... I found the ban & it says it is already appealed? Sick system. All I said to the moderator who banned me was that: 1. He is 12 years old. [TRUE.] 2. He doesn't seem responsible or trustworthy. [TRUE.] 3. He should be more thorough while staffing & be more communicative. [TRUE.] I would also like to say, if you Ctrl+F in the forum rules, staff disrespect is not mentioned a single time. This is kind of pathetic. There is absolutely no way I am breaking rule 1 either. If telling someone they sound young & that they are irresponsible for FALSELY BANNING me is considered flaming I'm lost. I was also never racist, homophobic, or using any slurs whatsoever.
  2. My mic icon was clearly not visible & I was not in the mic feed in the bottom left. A few moments later, when I question him about what he is talking about my mic icon is visible, because I am actually talking. 1:01 is definitely not evidence at all. It was pretty clearly woodpercy who said whatever it is he said, it doesn't really seem audible.
  3. Not a single word I said starts with the letter N, please refer to the transcript above to become woke.
  4. I definitely did not say the "N word" in this clip at all. I called him a fat ass & told him to work out his fingers because he had misclicked me earlier when he was escorting us. That is why I asked someone else to escort us. That is also why I said: "Who is the fat idiot that killed me?" Then you hear his friend say "you might as well report him at this point" great investigation, man. FULL TRANSCRIPT BEFORE HE ACCUSES ME OF SAYING THE "N WORD": "Bro, who is the fat idiot that killed me?" "Bro, he has crossed the line, ahh!" "What are you shooting me for? "Bro, I got killed by you inside of the fucking research facility because your fat ass misclicked." "You're fat. You need to fucking work out. Work out your fat fucking fingers, fat ass." *I mock his laugh.* "I can tell by the way you laugh you're atleast 300 pounds." "Someone else escort, someone else escort please." Ironically enough none of the words I said even start with the letter N. Fantastic investigation @Recron!
  5. Ah, I understand now. @Recronis the 12 year old child that asked for me to get banned & didn't explain anything in the sit. It makes perfect sense now. Do you have the clip?
  6. Okay then, why didn't you explain this in the sit instead of leaving me frozen in the corner? Don't you think that would have been more productive? @Recron I don't even remember ever speaking to you, why did you want me banned for racism? Definitely seems like a trustworthy & reasonable staff member from the last post.
  7. Steam Name: mobs2r SteamID: STEAM_1:1:540623756 Ingame Name: Whacko Mastermind Ban Length: 1 Week Admin That Banned You: @Ozzzie Reason for Ban: Racism Dispute: The kid that called me to the sit claims that I said the "N word" & claims that he also has a clip, yet when I asked them to send me the clip (because I know for a fact I didn't say it) they won't provide the clip. The worst thing I said to that worthless dog is that I would fuck his father & give him monkey pox. @Recron never let me say my side of the story, he kept me frozen in the corner, I was never given the clip, & I was banned for racism. @Recron asked me why I am not permanently banned & I responded to him telling him that I am not permanently banned because I never said the "N word" & I that this dumbass kid who accused me was wasting our time. @Recron decided with whatever clip he was provided, however, which I did not view, to ask @Ozzzie to ban me for racism, when I never said the thing I was being accused of. Why am I banned for racism? The kid that reported me also told me that I was in prison (as a D-Class) because I raped & murdered my wife. Yet he is still on the server right now. Never got his username & I don't have a clip because I'm not a nark but there were plenty of people that heard him say it & some even told him that he shouldn't say stuff like that because it would get him banned. Huge hypocrite.
  8. mobs2r

    Ban Appeal

    I won't post again after this, but I really have to make things clear: I don't understand why people are getting so bent over these "previous toxicity" warns, because one of them was for calling someone a hypocrite & the other was the Staff member with a lisp. I have friends with lisps, friends with Autism/ADHD/OCD, so I don't discriminate. I don't know if it was because he was nervous or something, but I seriously couldn't tell what he was saying. He also just decided to refuse to type or get another Admin in the sit when I asked, so I can't be held accountable. I didn't appeal those warns, because I didn't know I could appeal a warn, I just thought you could appeal a ban.
  9. Hello, I was having a conversation with a Staff member about whether or not blocking the D Block Tower door on Site 50 is considered exploiting. They kept saying it was considered exploiting, but because no one calls sits for it they don't engage with it as such. I have seen so many people do this since I started playing the server & I would love to know what the community (specifically Class D mains) think about it. I don't think it is exploiting, it is just map knowledge. I especially believe this seeing as there are other doors on Site 50 (including the cell doors) that do damage when they are closed on you & some even instantly kill you like the shutter doors. If this was the case for the D Block Tower door it could be more balanced. Say it did 10 damage per squish like the cell doors, you would still be able to keep it open with med kit by yourself but you would have to buy/craft a med kit first, which could be balanced. If the door instantly killed you instead then you would only be able to hold it open once, or only as long as someone was willing to volunteer their life, which could be even more balanced. I want to know: Is D Block Tower door blocking to keep it open considered exploiting in the current version? Should the D Block Tower door be changed?
  10. SCP-3166 is the #1 SCP. I really hope they add it to the server.
  11. mobs2r

    Ban Appeal

    I don't understand how it is rude to tell someone I can't understand them. I asked him if he could get another Admin & I'm pretty sure he refused, I couldn't really tell that well. I feel like I don't need to know someone well to hear a lisp in their voice, which is a challenge they have to deal with, & the solution to that challenge would be speech therapy. How am I supposed to give a dignified & heartfelt response to someone I am struggling to comprehend because every third word is gibberish? The Scientist & D Class I said it to started laughing about it, I'm pretty sure most people don't care about that sort of thing since it is a video game & it isn't real life. I read earlier in chat that the Moderators have a quota they have to meet for sits, & if that is true then I can see why they get so bent over the most basic insults like what I said. It was meant to be ridiculous, I linked 5 sources, I was clearly being facetious & sarcastic. Way to twist the narrative. I didn't say it in a sit, I said it to two randoms who laughed about it when they angrily asked me why I kept getting stuck, because I was typing while I was moving with them cuffed.
  12. mobs2r

    Ban Appeal

    The jump I was doing to get to catwalk could easily be fixed if you modified Upper D Block. The invisible walls wouldn't even be necessary if you just had more intuitive map design. Here is a mock up I made in 15 minutes in CSGO SDK to show how easy it would be to fix Upper D Block to prevent the lower catwalk jump from the bar window. It isn't rocket science. It doesn't need to be exactly like this, but my point is you shouldn't punish people for having map knowledge, just fix the map instead. I read that they are changing the map to Site 65 apparently anyway, so why I was getting in trouble for this is anyone's guess.
  13. mobs2r

    swix's ban appeal 2

    +SUPPORT The home boy is just tryna use the perks he paid for!
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