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  1. im just going to do the bank robbery video i still might do the pd training video but we will see. thanks for the feedback any ideas for a videos like money printers or weed
  2. it would be nice if there was a PD training video that has a lot of info i plan on making the video on a new channel gaming light tutorials. i would also add stuff like how to rob the bank how to make money and other stuff like that i just want to know if i should because it would be nice if the video was in the training room of pd with a link i know how to make videos i have my own YouTube but would not post any gaming light videos because it not the types of videos i make. is this a good idea any ideas i will still do the bank tutorials video but as a MSGT on PD it would be nice to send cads the video and they get more in depth of what the code are the light codes and other rules they need to follow.
  3. in my eyes i was think that because a admin said i would be unban in a month so i let a month pass and my old discord had to get verified by phone number i was think i was fine to make a new account and joi back as i was think im not braking any rule cuz if i still had my old discord i whould have been unbanned anyway so yeah i know i fucked up
  4. name Alias MSGT 1B32/ELpeno discord id billbobjr#4065 id code 1002197346899202120 was banned on police rp discord why was i banned because i was on a alt but a admin said i would be unbanned in a month but i had to make a new discord because i had to verify by a phone number and i dont have one i just learned that i need to make a appeal to be unbanned and im sorry for not doing it the first time why should i be unban because im will never realy talk or do anything on the sever i just need it to know when pd meeting il never try anything dumb again im am very sorry if u can unban me it real be happy cuz i have not been able to do pd meeting because i dont know when they are so pls unban me
  5. just asking because there is no big police rp game out there
  6. lets say i get some funds out for the owner to start his own game based on police rp would 100k be a good amount to get this project off the ground
  7. but my unbanned time was he said i could be unbanned in the 6th and my discord need a number and i dont have one masterson said i could be unbanned in a month after a month my i rejoined but my old discord had to be verified by phone i dont have a phone number and + wtf was i banned for the first time i did nothing
  8. it was just random idk i was banned my name is billbobjr
  9. when you get mugged u should be aloud to kill the person who mugs you leave you can kill them because in real life if u got mugged and you have a gun the minute they leave and you still see them u would kill them because that what every person in the world would do if the had a gun
  10. what would be some sever on gmod would be next a dark rp sever prison rp sever or even cops and robbers rp btw just 2 team fighting i would or a 1980 mafia rp sever whould be fun if it was like police rp but whole have old cars guns and a bigger part for the mafia because police rp have very fast cars strong guns and a old time police rp sever whoud put a fun twist on police rp sever also i think a five m sever where you have to be 15+ to join and have to get white listed because a lot of kids are on witch is not a bad thing just being not around kids is sometime funner no kid cops also a unturned sever bigger maps hold about the same people 100 a unturned have helicopter planes and there are so many mods lots of cop cars clothing sooooooooooo many guns cars plus you dont need a good pc to run unturned so the % of people who can play is alot also the game is free game anti cheat is super good so no hacking what do you think?
  11. yeah but i was warned when i was not even on the game i was taking a 2 day brake
  12. learn what i dont even think i was on the game i got of the game after i was raided i try to get on then i was banned plus i was never in a sit ask maybe why she warned me
  13. in game name is alias steam id 76561199029960383 admin who gave warn Infinity Foxlet i was warned for ntarp why was this false because on the 14 of july i never was a cop and i was never in a sit with any admin last time i was in a sit with a admin was on the 12 and plus i have never been in a sit with Infinity Foxlet ever so i dont know why i was warned i think Infinity Foxlet should not be a admin too because she gave a warning to a person who was not even playing as a cop or ask if me if i did ntarp witch it did not
  14. i was just try to help i was not try to troll i was try to help but i get banned
  15. my name is alias my discord is alias is boss#0308 my discord code is 988192546595426344 i was banned from police rp discord i have no idea why i was banned i was helping the owner and then i got banned i think i should be unbanned because i think i did nothing wrong and the last thing i did on the sever was try to help the owner test something and i was banned i think it unfair because i see people do stuff way more crazy than what i did witch was HELPING THE OWNER TEST SOMETING all i was try to do was help but then i get banned if i did anything wrong im sorry but i dont think i did
  16. the owner has made alot of money maybe he should make his own game
  17. what part did i get wrong did someone suggest this before
  18. i whould like to see police bicycles added i think we should add this because i could be a way for ofc to get around the map if no ride along are available advantages of having this ofc could do stuff and get place much fast and whould be good if no pd can give them ride this would only be good for ofc as every one above ofc have cars there are no workshop items for police bicycles but i whould love to make this my self and see it added to the game
  19. to the people saying prop minge any one can do that i never said they could do that and they cant block the road just one side of the road and it whould not help crime or cops it just a think that will be there just like real life
  20. with this job you could sell drug like crack meth and weed you would not make it but would be a shipment and the drug could give you some small boost like 1.5x jump height of run speed and could give you health this job would not come with a gun this could be a level 70+ job https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1346282479&searchtext=drugs
  21. the job could give you the power to build on roads building and block roads for construct this could be a good and fun way to rp to make it where it not op you need to be level 50+ and you can only block one side of the road this could also give a way to pay construct workers money to build you a base fib could pay you too build fences around fbi and could add a way to give all props place to give owner ship to the player paying you too have perms to move props https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2681455276&searchtext=construct++worker
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