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  1. +support Whilst I have only been a member of the server for a few months, I believe that Sainty deserves the role of Darth Vader. I did not have the pleasure of serving in Havoc, but the stories I've heard and even the legacy it holds today lead me to believe that Sainty is a brilliant battalion/sub-battalion leader, and his time as HC and JMT have further convinced me of this. I've had the pleasure of participating and helping with many JMT events and everytime they're phenomenal events. His willingness to go the extra mile, especially as a wacky event character shows not only his enthusiasm for the server, but also his dedication and drive, all qualities that a good Vader should have. As a member of the 501st, I would have to say the most important aspect of our battalion is the vibe check, and as our Lore Character, I believe the same should apply. When I first joined, I didn't even know how gmod worked, but I'd to say that GL 501st is like a second family to me, and I would be honoured if Sainty was our Vader. He has a health balance of work and play, with an extra emphasis on both, serious when the need arises, but chilled out enough to not be put off by the less serious aspects that accompany 501st RP
  2. Name: Fall Position I am applying for: Heavy Assistant Lead SteamID: STEAM_0:0:456739620 I have been a member of the 501st for 5-6 months. Why do you believe you should become a member of Sub-Battalion leadership? What can you offer? What Command Experience do you hold? I believe I should become a member of Sub-Battalion leadership because of my dedication and loyalty, values I believe have helped me throughout my time in the 501st and elsewhere. I have also been SRHVY longer than most other people, having been promoted by Pisces months ago, and I believe that in this time I as a person have grown, particularly as a leader, but also as an example. Recently I joined the GM team, something I never would have even considered. Whilst this puts me in a favourable position for generating activity for the 501st, it also demonstrates that I am serious enough and willing enough to take up such a role. I have also been in many different battalions and experienced many different ways of operating in the server, which I believe gives me increased flexibility and understanding. I can offer time to the position, care, dedication, but what I believe is most important, I believe I can offer a feeling of acceptance/welcoming to any new members of our battalion/sub-battalion. My dedication to the Heavy Sub-Battalion, for both personal and battalion reasons, is unshakeable, and as long as I am able, I will work for heavy, and to make sure my Heavies to feel respected and valued. I would also like to confess that I am also obsessively prideful, although I do believe that in this circumstance this aids me greatly, as I believe it feeds my desire to see the 501st on top, and to make into something I can be proud of. In terms of command experience, as I have stated previously, I have been SRHVY for several months, but IRL I'm the leader of several big projects. I am also a CPT in the 501st and have been as high as a Midshipman in Naval. I believe my experience in Naval is particularly important, as the system of Crewman/Crewman Apprentices requires those higher up to show newcomers around make them feel helped. I have also been taking steps to include and show myself more in server activities, such as being ground command, which I have been, and even hosted a public debrief. In terms of being in part of battalion command, naturally I do not have much experience, but I do not believe that this takes away from any of my real-life experiences. Describe the duties of a Sub-Battalion Lead / Assistance Lead The duties of a sub-battalion assistant lead are numerous, but of course the first duty must always to be assist the HVYL, and to be a leader and an example to those both lower and higher. However, sub-battalion assistant leads also have a variety of other duties. Firstly, there are the immediate, player-based duties. These are making sure that SRHVYs are active and doing tryouts, you yourself are doing tryouts where possible, making sure there are heavies online, making sure online heavies aren't just standing around, etc... Secondly, there are the administrative duties, concerned mainly with the roster/forums. Thirdly, we have the more personal duties, these are making sure that people are happy in heavy, making sure it stays the best 501st sub-battalion, listening to ways to improve, making people feel included in the group, especially new people, etc... A member of your Sub-Battalion was caught red handed abusing their specialized gear. What do you do? If a member of my sub-battalion was caught abusing their specialised gear, then either I would wait for their 600 seconds for Abusing Imperial Equipment and then give them a verbal warning in private in game, or talk to them separately in the teamspeak if they have it. I would inform them they are being removed them from the sub-battalion, with the understanding that they might be allowed to join back should they demonstrate to me (or whoever is removing them) that they can be sensible and trusted with the equipment. Then they would have their whitelist removed. Have you ever been striked in the 501st? If so, what for? I have never been striked in the 501st. Is there anything else you'd like to add? I would simply like to say that I do not believe that my upcoming LOA will hamper my ability to act as a HVYAL. If I'm not on the server, then I'm on discord or teamspeak. Also 501st in top!
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