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  1. I give this a big MAJOR -Support. Everything my boy Russ said sums up what I was gonna type entirely.
  2. +Support Generally good fit. Amazing person Willing to learn Know's what is expected Could use a bit more effort-
  3. This gives a standard explanation from my point as well. +Support.
  4. Mega -Support For starters, there is no effort at all in this app. Very little to no knowledge on ULX, but good that they're willing to learn. Didn't answer one of the questions completely. You say you have read the guidelines, but from this app I can assume you have not.
  5. They mean they have been warned and have 8 total. @RussTime Anyway +Support Active Well known Experienced Determined Decent app effort Knows what is right from wrong Knows what is expected for them to do in tense situations
  6. MASSIVE +SUPPORT You're a very creative person from what I've seen. The event suggestion you made on the main Discord was exciting and the info you sent me for it was incredible! I would love to have you join the team, and for that you have my support.
  7. Lead Researcher: IAO Director Franklin Researcher Assistant(s): IAO Scientist Bob, Sam, James Test Subject(s): Void Blight Psycho, offspring of Experiment 501 and [REDACTED] Experiments Name: Experiment/Subject 937 Targeted Results: NA Actual Results: Subject escaped, killing no one. Unknown if dangerous, detain on sight. Procedures Performed: NA
  8. CLEARENCE LVL [REDACTED], [REDACTED] ONLY PAST THIS POINT Lead Researcher: IAO Director Franklin Researcher Assistant(s): IAO Scientist Sam, Bob, Brett, James, Jack Test Subject(s): Husky Abyss Psycho Experiments Name: Experiment/Subject 501 Targeted Results: Creation of an entity that would be sent to destroy the rebels on its own. Actual Results: Subject escaped, killing [REDACTED] Personnel, severely damaging the lab and base. Watch at all times, kill on sight if they become aggressive. Procedures Performed: [Data Expunged]
  9. CLEARENCE LVL 5, SENIOR HIGH COMMAND ONLY Lead Researcher: IAO Director Franklin Researcher Assistant(s): IAO Scientist Luke, Bob, Brett Test Subject(s): Reaper Abyss Blight Experiments Name: Experiment/Subject 265 Targeted Results: Creation of entities from the Abyss for the Imperial Army Actual Results: Subject escaped, killed 150 personnel, EXTERMELY Dangerous, KILL ON SIGHT Procedures Performed: [REDACTED]
  10. CLEARENCE LVL 5, SENIOR HIGH COMMAND ONLY Lead Researcher: IAO Director Franklin Researcher Assistant(s): IAO Scientists James, Grace, Amy Test Subject(s): Abyssal Void Bright Experiments Name: Experiment/Subject 079 Targeted Results: Creation of entities from the Abyss to aid the Empire in its war against the rebels. Actual Results: Creation escaped and killed 45 personnel, highly aggressive, detain or kill on sight. Procedures Performed: [REDACTED]
  11. <IAO Director Franklin/ [REDACTED]> Level [REDACTED] Beyond this point Authorized Personnel only Kill Metric Active, any personnel viewing this file that are under Level [REDACTED] Clearance have been terminated. Access Granted. ————————————————————————————————————————— Imperial. Abyss .Operations ————————————————————————————————————————— Name: IAO Director Franklin Status: Unknown Gender: Male Date of Birth: [REDACTED] Place of Birth: [REDACTED] Occupation: Director of IAO Physical Description: 6'2, strong physical build Psychological Description: [REDACTED] Disabilities: NA Skills/Attributes: Research and the [REDACTED] History: Became the director of the IAO when the Emperor learned of the abyss being its own sort of world instead of being considered normal space. Director Franklin quickly gathered his best team of research and development members and left to the abyss where he set up a base nearby the entrance. Under his orders he has ships always around the entrance destroying anyone who attempts to enter that is not permitted. Franklin began experimenting on the abyss and its power by creating entities from it, these experiments are now as Experiment 079, Experiment 101, Experiment 501, and Experiment 973. Every other experiment up to those ones previously mentioned failed and were terminated. Warning all further information is redacted to only the Emperors eyes, do you wish to continue with this risk of termination? [Yes] [No] Access Granted. Franklin grew tired of waiting and preformed an experiment on himself, he used the DNA gathered from previous experiments and injected in into his own blood stream. Normally this could have killed anyone instantly, but the DNA began to rebuild him and gave him the ability to [REDACTED] when angered. Further information has been expunged. Relatives: ERROR < HATES > NA < DISLIKES > People messing with his experiments. < NEUTRAL > High Command: Seen as more of a nuisance than anything. Senior High Command: Only trusts in the Emperor < LIKES > Research Creating Experiments Medical < LOVES > Killing those who fail to fall in line. (THESE ARE PURELY THE CHARACTER'S THOUGHTS AND ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN ICLY. ANY DEMOTIONS/REPRIMANDS RESULTING FROM READING THE ABOVE LOVES/HATES SECTION IS METAGAME.) Trophies: [REDACTED] Additional Comments: None of this information is to be used ICly WITHOUT my permission. RP with the IAO is heavily restricted without my permission, and can result in possible punishment if seen fit by higher ranking. You have been warned.
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