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  1. Fixed thanks for letting me know there was a format in the first place.
  2. General Suggestion: How to make RP more prominent and fix how boring D-Block is for both GENSEC and D-Class. By: Spikedragonborn Ok, firstly let's identify the problem I am trying to fix. The first issue is how RP seems to be being pushed to the back burner over combat centric game play. The second issue is D-Block being incredibly boring for all parties. Now that we’ve covered the issues let's look at the possible solutions. Problem 1, RP is the essence of the server and it should stay that way, but it seems that RP has been put aside for combat which is ok but RP is the main part of the server and needs to be prioritized. RP can be implemented in many ways for all classes, especially RP focused jobs/roles like researchers and medics. But many have said these jobs feel more like 2nd jobs rather than ways to relax after work. So we can use RP to make these jobs more fun. Like with medics we can add in a expanded medical procedure list and how to perform these procedures in game and encourage medics to set up and actually take patents like injured GENSEC, MTF or even D-Class allowing for both parties to RP going through a long healing process such as surgery for a broken bone or removing a bullet. This can be done in a fashion of having a surgeon as a new white list/job or having it be external training that people can volunteer for in a similar fashion to CCU. This could make Medic more enticing for new players or bring new enjoyment for existing medics along with bringing more multi-group interaction. Problem 1 Part 2. RP can also be used to better expand other groups, even combat groups too. Research could get access to more RP scenarios such as allowing for researchers to directly communicate with sentient SCPs or having more ways for SCPs to have non hostile interactions with D-Class and researchers to allow for more expansive or complex tests. There could even be special ways for GENSEC and MTF to act/help during these tests maybe even a special Sub-Branches or trainings for GENSEC that directly assist research with special tests such as a tech security specialist for 079 tests or a explosives expert to test how some SCPs interact with explosives. Similar white lists or training can be given to MTF too. These could also be applied for CI. Speaking of CI they could also get some RnD white lists that would maybe work with the foundation even when its not ragnarok to allow for them to get more time to do research rather than waiting for the military to steal them. Something similar could be allied to CI military like allowing for both foundation and CI guards to work co-op for patrolling the surface. Or even the joint CI RnD and Foundation Research team could be guarded by a special group of CI military and Foundation Guard that specialize in working with one another for these missions. Problem 2. D-Block is the focal point for many of the server's interactions, especially for new players that are just joining for the first time. Currently D-Block is simultaneously the most important and boring place in the map but it doesn't have to be that way. We can change it with RP interactions between D-Class and GENSEC or even just side activities for both groups to do while waiting for something else to do. This could be as simple as adding a small arcade in upper D-Block or even a small basketball court for GENSEC Vs. D-Class games. Or even some actual RP between the 2 groups like D-Class trying to steal from GENSEC or some way for GENSEC to arrest D-Class rather than just killing them out right, like there's a few cells in upper D-Block why not make a way for them to be used. Maybe even add some passive RP interactions between D-Class and GENSEC such as ways for them to work together in scenarios where both groups are heavily threatened like a Sarkic raid or a mass SCP breach. More importantly for D-Class the things they can do needs to be better presented to them for example I was on the server for almost a week before I knew there was a way to mine ores to craft guns as a D-Class or how many D-Class don't know a lot of the rules of D-Block the number of times I've had to explain basic rules to D-Class is far too high to be ignored. However this issue could really only be fixed by updating the posters in lower D-Block or adding a pop up menu asking if players want a tutorial/list of things they can do on the server. To conclude, RP seems to have taken a pause for combat but can be fixed by adding more unique ways for players to PR among all roles. Plus the boring nature of D-Block can be fixed by adding more ways for D-Class and GENSEC to interact with one another. A final suggestion would be to give a XP or Money reward for performing special RP actions such as the suggested surgery or tag team operations. Thank you for reading this and I hope this helps the server grow to be a fun and enjoyable place for both the committed and passive players on the server. This could better the server by bringing new life to many RP only/Non combatant branches that might be fading due to the lack of new things to do and support more creativity for tests. The only disadvantages I could see is struggles with implementing it in to the server and people not accepting it into the server. All groups would be able to benefit from this heavily.
  3. 1. What is your in-game name?: Spike 2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:509591142 3. Current Rank in Security: Sargent 4. Time on the server: 4 days 5. On a scale from 1 (the minimum 30 min per day) - 10 (6+ hours Daily), how active are you?: 9 6. Do you have any active strikes on the roster? (This includes other branches): No 7. Which Juggernaut members recommended you to apply?: CoolCaz, jrshafer, Ven and GameHunter 8. What is your current level in game?: lvl36 9. Do you understand that if you abuse this job it WILL be taken away?: yes 10. Why do you think you deserve to join the Security Juggernaut Sub-Branch? (100+ WORDS): I believe I should be permitted to join the Security Juggernaut Sub-Branch because of my proficiency and natural affinity to large weaponry and heavy armor giving me a type of natural skill with juggernaut style classes and roles in the past that I have sharpened to make me a near unstoppable wall once I get inside anything that equates to a Kevlar mech suit with a mag larger than 50 rounds. Along with this trained skill in juggernaut weapons and armor and all their limitations I have also spent a long time as a squad leader in other RP servers while using juggernaut like roles allowing me to learn the truest power of the Kevlar mech when mixed with a well coordinated team turning one unbreakable wall into a squad of unbearable pain for the enemy. With all this time and training in other juggernaut like positions I believe I would be a great addition to the Security Juggernauts and could help teach other juggernauts and non-juggernaut allies the best most effective ways to work together to maximize our security efforts and our base defenses. 11. As a member of the Juggernaut Sub-Branch, do you have the right to give orders to people above your standard Security Rank? Why or why not?: No, being in a sub-branch usually doesn't give any rank authority change unless you rank up inside of said sub-branch and gain additional permissions from that secondary rank.
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