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  1. Sorry guys, i just cant put as much time in to GL SCP RP as i thought, sorry especially to @Cuke who brought me here. Wish you all the best.
  2. -Support Super Admins an high staff are so unlikely to be biased. Why did you post it twice? * removed invalid section * Why would he destroy it if he killed you and didn't die* *edit
  3. I'm not leaving police RP id like to make that known, but i want to have some variety in what i play.
  4. Name: Jon Shoeshiner Steam: STEAM_0:448572284 Discord name: JonathonShoeshiner#0096 Rank and branch (Nu7, E11, CI, Security)- SCP RP Gensec OFC | Police RP SWAT SSGT, Moderator, State Trooper LT, CERT SSGT List any punishments you have been given (warns, bans, Strikes, ect)- I was removed from E11 and Gensec a year or so back as i wasn't into RP back then, and eventually became inactive, but i am much more into this RP now. Why do you want to join Delta-5? It was suggested to me heavily by one of your members, and i want to get back in this community as a whole, and staying around in security wont do that. I see you guys are more involved with interesting RP unlike a lot of other MTF units then just securing SCPs and i find that intriguing. I have also been told your unit is tight nit, and friendly witch is what i want out of a branch, as I'm all about getting to know people. Why should we let you into Delta-5? With all the experience i have from other severs, i have learned how to hold my own in combat well, and know the basics on how to efficiently fight. I'm really into my RP, and as i see that's what you guys do, i feel like i would be a decent asset to the team. Do you promise to uphold any and all community, server, and SOP rules and RP values? Yes If accepted be sure to contact an FTO or command in-game or on discord for training!
  5. Cap. State and SWAT for the win bro.
  6. We salute you fine commander. You will be our favourite Russian man!
  7. Once upon a time, in the days when i wasn't on staff it was minge hour, and i encountered some lovely people.
  8. There was a take out place in my local village in the UK, it did fish and chips, but one day did pizza. It was some of the best pizza i have ever eaten, local shops are always gonna have a chance to be great.
  9. Hope to see you again my friend (roster updated)
  10. Pros: Seems to know what he is doing, staffing experience on GL, got a hefty permission list, good responses to questions, dedicated Cons: Personally i don't see you on much, but we are different time zones, so.. Overall: +Support
  11. Pros: Good experience, Known member of the community, polite, never any bad encounters, good responses to questions, and lets be honest, we can always do with one more person who can stop prop mingers. Cons: None Overall: MASSIVE +Support!
  12. Due to an unfortunate issue involving the reason adding of speed cameras in PRP, people had all their money taken as the camera thought they were going at light speed, so a money roll back was needed, and i don't think SMT is doing refunds for people, sorry. (don't quote me on that, id talk to SMT if i were you)
  13. +support You are all right, while i was dealing with and RDMer, i cant physgun anyone When can PoliceRP staff use phys gun power off-duty? This is to clarify when you guys can use powers off duty. (Only applies to T-Mod through Admin in PoliceRP) The ONLY 2 examples when you can use your phys gun power: If your OWN car is stuck, you may phys gun your car to where it is unstuck and ONLY to that point. You may NOT use it to other player's cars. Example: If your OWN car is flipped over, you may flip it. If a player is stuck, their person/player model is stuck. You may move the player to get them unstuck. This is not their car, their prop, ammo or whatever. This is ONLY the person them self, the player model person. Example: If the player model person is stuck in a wall, you may move the person to get them unstuck.
  14. Call me corny, but goddamn if GL is best RP sever i have ever played. And you may think, "oh he is just saying that cos he is staff and he wants to look good," but no, if i were to take a deep long look at my history with RP, GL is by FAR the best. And here, is that story. Picture this, its around 2018-2019, and i just got myself my first, but still slow, sh*t laptop, and on request of myself, it has garrysmod installed. At first, all i played was single player with British show Doctor Who mods installed. Flying around on space maps with a few space ships exc. I had some fun with that, but then i clicked on the mystical thing called "Multiplayer." Surprisingly my first RP sever wasn't Doctor Who, it was Hogwarts, and honestly, it was a mixed bag. I never got bullied, i never had to call staff, it just was... a bit.. dull. My name was like Jonathon Davidson or something, but for the first and only time ever, i joined a family, that being, the Shoeshiners. Yep, my name is like 3 or 4 years old. Even after donating i got board after 2 or3 months and moved on. After a short scroll through the sever list, i found a Doctor Who RP sever. And i thought, oh what the hell. For the first few days, it was great. It was a small sever, but the stuff i did on there was actually really fun. But then, about a week later. The bullying started. One person constantly harassing me, finding loop holes in rules to kill me, Harassing me in OOC, and one day, banded the entire sever together just to kill and bully me. But, when all seemed lost, he joined the staff team, and actually became a really nice guy. But sadly, after the sever got fun again, it shut down. This was a blow to me, as it finaly seemed like a dream sever, but then i discovered, the dreaded DARK RP. My first time with Dark Rp is arguably my longest (dont take that the wrong way you dirty minded fu-) apart from GL, and that was on Civil Gamers RP. There, i was kinda just in the crowd. People knew who i was, i got to the level you needed to be to be the highest ranking PD. But, there was some low level bullying, and i met the only person i ever friended on steam and did crime with, and ill keep his name secret for now. We were an ok pair, got along ok, but then one day, we had a big fight, and never recovered, and around that time, i left CC Dark RP for ever. Now SCP RP is a bit of a blury one for me. In total, i believe i joined 3. The first and second are blury, as it was a long time ago. In one, i know i just got to security, and never had fun as i was too new, and the system on how to get whitelists was wack. The other i actually got perma banned from. I was a lot less mature back then, and the way their levels work was you had to be a D-class grinding for like 3 hours to just get security, witch sucked, so i minged and got banned, honestly my biggest regret in Gmod of all time. But then, i joined SCP RP in Gaming light, and oh what a time. I had alot of fun this one, and im not too sure why i drifted away like i did. I even got into MTF E-11, but i imagen i got removed due to inactivity. This was so fun, and i kind of want to go back, so to anyone who is in E-11 command reading this, be expecting me one day. Honourable mentions. There were a few severs i joined, ones friends wanted me to join, ones i was just curious about, but the most important one is: Icefuse Police RP. And. God. Damn did it suck. You want to know how i can say that? I joined it twice, 6 months apart, and the second 1 day ago on 7-9-22. Minging galore, toxic criminals, Bullying lower ranks, poor moderation, and oh BTW, on that sever Roleplay might as well be illegal to even mention. SO I SUGEST TO ANY OF YOU WHO SEE IT, DONT. PLAY. IT. And that brings us to today, or around 4 moths ago. I hop on this cool looking police RP sever called Gaming light Police RP (hey thats the same name as that one SCP one i saw!) and i immediately joined the police cadets, got trained by Sargent major philosophy, Got promoted all the way to master Sargent, Attended state police try-outs, applied for SWAT and later staff, Got all the way to SWAT supervisor and State Command, and here we are today. Never got bullied, always welcomed. Its funny.... A while ago, i hated one of the largest gangs on Police RP.... Shadow legacy, because they were "too mingy" or "Stupid." But, after meeting and getting to know some of the people, and taking a look back at my history, i think they may the best people i have ever met, and some good ass rivals.. So that's the story of me. In game, i like to think of myself as a wondering LEO, joining the police in many cities around the world, worked for a secretive foundation (got my memory wiped) and settled down in Illinois as a LEO. And that's not too far off from what happened. So, call my corny, but damn, GL is FAR better than everything else. TLDR: Wow every other RP sever sucks, GL rocks bro on god.
  15. Pros Active Department head, so is likely to be trustable Not too many warns Nice person with a sense of humour Scottish Cons Serious warns Not British (Very little Cons) Overall: Support + Good luck cam cam
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