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  1. More rooms on the ISD with varying clearance level and perhaps dedicated to certain groups. Would help the passive roleplay and give more people to do I would think
  2. -Support While I appreciate any attempts to give us gms more reason to be on the ISB job, I don’t think this change will give that. The main issue with the ISB job at this current moment I would say is more with the Pandora than the job. With how the rules are at the moment most of us aren’t allowed to rp off the Pandora for more than 15 minutes at a time. If there isn’t other GMs on the ISB job having interaction on the Pandora, there isn’t much for the ISB job to do. The Pandora is honestly quite barren so it’s not like we can do much more than passive rp, and even that can only entertain for so long. 99% of troopers are never going to be on the Pandora either so unless we call them up for some reason we aren’t interacting with most people either. While I absolutely would love to be able to get on the ISB job more often and do things, I don’t think this update will help that.
  3. I see you’ve reached stage 3 of grief Kallus. Don’t worry soon you shall accept your lack of maidens.
  4. [CLEARANCE LEVEL 4 REQUIRED TO VIEW THIS FILE VERIFICATION REQUIRED] [SCANNING……..IDENTITY VERIFIED. WELCOME ███████ ] [Interview Log retrieved. Playing now……] Researcher ██████: ST Private ███████. You do understand why you are here…..correct? ███████: Cause I killed my squad in cold blood? Researcher ██████: That is partially correct. Normally we would kill someone like you on the spot. However high command seems to have become interested in your case. I’m here to extract the truth from the lies, as well as make sure you were ever fit for duty in the first place. My first question is your place of birth. ███████: Nar Shaddaa. Researcher ██████: Alr-wait you said Nar Shaddaa? ███████: Yeah. What, do you not believe a stormtrooper can be born on the smuggler’s moon? You have my records, you can verify it yourself if you really don’t believe me. My family worked very closely with the Hutts. I even got the ‘privilege’ to meet one of those overgrown slugs a few times during my childhood there. Nar Shaddaa is the reason I joined the stormtrooper corps in the first place. Lawless places like that need to be brought to order. Researcher ██████: Okay then. Well your records show that you passed the academy with flying colors, rather impressive. Your only real issue seems to be….trigger discipline. In fact there is a few noted injuries you have caused from your trigger discipline….excluding the Felucia incident. ███████: What happened on Felucia….well I’m sure you are going to talk about it soon. I wouldn’t say my trigger discipline is lacking. It is simply ‘uncaring’. If there is an enemy in my sights, they must be taken down at all costs. If a trooper or two gets hurt during the crossfire that is acceptable casualties. I’m not wanting to kill my fellow troopers…usually. I stop after the first shot if I accidentally hit a friendly *laughter*. Researcher ██████: ……..Right. Your time stationed on the ISD has been rather clean. No reprimands from superiors, following orders to the dot, a excellent stormtrooper. That is until we get to the Felucia incident. After the battle a single stormtrooper private from squad F-35 is recovered from the bodies of every other member of his squad, including his commanding officer. Autopsy reports say they died due to blaster fire….an E-11 blaster to be exact. After this the private was incarcerated and scheduled for execution. That was until high command saw their case file and sent me here to interview you. Would you care to fill in the blanks on what happened that day? ███████: We were stationed on the planet after being informed of a potential rebel assault on our outpost on the western part of the planet. My squad was given simple orders by the general of the operation. The outpost was not to be taken; failure would be unacceptable. At the beginning it was going well, they had yet to even breach the outer wall. Then the AT-DPs showed up. Don't know how a bunch of scummy rats like those rebels got their hands on AT-DPs, but that changed the tide. Soon after they arrived the wall was breached and rebels started to flood in and fast. Troopers were being gunned down left and right, reinforcements were coming but it would be a while. The Sergeant Major, maybe the stress and realization he may actually die got to him. I don't know for sure but all of a sudden he was ordering my squad to retreat, fall back to the next outpost. I argued against it, saying the general said we stand our ground here. Then the sergeant said those words I would never forget: 'The outpost is lost, we failed, we are retreating soldier. That is an order.'. I couldn't believe my ears, the Sergeant was turning tail and running. We were stationed there to be the wardens of that outpost, to fight to the very last, and he wanted to leave. Worst of all the rest of my squad agreed with him, packing up and getting ready to go to one of the remaining transports in the back of the outpost. The sergeant said we had failed, but the general told us failure was unacceptable. So, I did the only thing I could. I raised my blaster to the back of my former squad and shot each and every one of them dead. I even shot their corpses a few times to make sure they had been killed. With my squad dead I stood my grounds in the bunker we were station alone. If you saw my medical report after the incident, you know it didn't go well. My last stand in the bunker was only a few minutes long, holding off the onslaught of rebellious bastards as best I could. As I heard the sound of imperial transports filled with our reinforcements arriving at the outpost, it was soon deafened by the sounds of beeping from a small little orb thrown into my fortifications. The next part I don't really remember very well. That is probably because of the blood loss. As my ears stopped ringing and my vision cleared, I saw three of the fingers on my right hand crushed by fallen rubble of the bunker. The bottom half of my right leg? *heh* Don't have any clue where that went, but it definitely wasn't attached anymore. My liver probably also took a nice bed of shrapnel, what with it now being a bunch of metal gears and wires after my emergency field surgery. I'll say while I don't trust the 69th regiment in the slightest or whatever happens in the forsaken medbay, they at least know how to save a life on the field. Researcher ██████: I see. So you killed your own squad for attempt to retreat from their post. What about the golden rule? To never shoot another trooper? ███████: Kark the golden rule if you're dealing with some spineless traitors. Good soldiers follow orders. If we're told to fight, we fight. If we're told to run, we run. If we're told to die, we die. That is our purpose. Researcher ██████: Hm. Well, I think that concludes our interview. Shock, please escort him back to his cell. ---- Post-Interview Notes ---- Researcher ██████: My time with Private ███████ has been insightful to say the least. Physically he is an excellent trooper. Mentally however, he seems to have some own personal ideals that trump even the established rules of the stormtrooper corps. If it was something he acquired when growing up on the moon Nar Shaddaa or if it was during his training I cannot say for sure. What I can say however is that he is unfit for any continued service in the Stormtrooper corp. .......However, his undying commitment to follow orders from high command, and his lack of hesitation in the act of killing his fellow troopers makes him still a great potential asset for the empire. General Starch, I send this interview log to you as backings for my recommendation for the induction of this ‘Warden of Felucia’, ST Private ███████, into Novatroopers.
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