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  1. +support Active member, good at combat.
  2. +support hes failing school though.
  3. ACCEPTED Congratulations! This application into the Juggernaut Sub-Branch has been accepted! Please speak to any Juggernaut Enforcer+ for training.
  4. Name: Ven Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:438574263 Rank in Event Team: Senior Event Team Date of Joining Event Team: 7/13/22 Date since last promotion: 8/25/22
  5. its sad to see you go from Nu7, You had a big impact on me whilst i was in the branch. But i will still be seeing you around xx. o7
  6. +support its what we need. very cool additions
  7. Ven

    Vuits TE app

    +Support Really Active Extremely Nice and Welcoming Overall great application aswell.
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