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  1. 1. Steam Name: Rice 2. Ingame Name: Yak Bob 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86615586 4. Ban Length: Perma 5. Admin that Banned you: Bob 6. Reason for Ban: Sexism, Disrespect, NCWS 7. Dispute: During my time on the server, I was trying to contact a player named "Girly", she wasn't responding to me so I went up to her and simply said the word "woman" until she responded, she called an admin on me and I was barely even able to explain myself since I was gagged, I was then banned for one week. After this happened, I jokingly messaged the admin asking him for a blowjob if I get unbanned, of course I didn't actually expect to be unbanned, he then messaged me saying my ban would now be permanent. Keep in mind prior to this, there was no women on the server and many people around were saying worse things, a lot of people were coming up to me and calling me "faggot" and kept RDMING me with no punishment whatsoever. Yes I admit I shouldn't have said that to the admin, but being banned for simply saying "woman" isn't exactly fair. Also I had a different account I joined with family sharing on to try and explain myself to an admin who banned me before I could try and explain myself.
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