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  1. What is your in-game name? Arrestable What is your in-game rank? Royal Guard VII Are you in shadow guard? no How long have you been in Royal Guard? 5/17/22 Why do you want to become a Trial Senior? [150+ words] when I joined Royal Guard, I was just expecting a little group of people that were mostly using it as an AFK system or another way to use the skilled machine, but I found something more promising a big community that is very active and fun to rank up with and just have a good experience with my buddies. and I'm thankful for but up at this rank because I could not have done it without this awesome group of NCOs and Officers that helped me become what I am today. I sometimes find myself the only highest member of the Royal Guard when there are cadets and would do the best of my ability to make them have a fun experience while they are on the Royal Guard, and I don't care if I'm not having fun and rather for them to have a better experience so one day, they would be applying for Trial Senior Guard. How many strikes do you have? 3 warns How could you assist the Royal Guard command with this rank? [100+ words] I would do my best to get recruits and teach them how to act like how they are supposed to be and when their day comes them make this same application, they will have a good chance to pass and make our battalion proud and those are just some motives for me i generally focus on having fun and making sure people are having fun but in a time for us to be serious that is when my motives change to represent Royal Guard as a strong branch that isn't something you just donate to use the skilled machine but a nice community of people. Do you have any prior experience in being an Officer? (If yes, explain) sadly no I have no experience in any regiment or battalion, but I would like to make Royal Guard my first experience What Qualifications could you bring to the Royal Guard Officer Team? I always strive to be as active as I can while being on Royal Guard but some days I can't be on some of those days are because of summer school or volunteering or something big happened in my life. and will listen to higher-ups and how they act so one day when I become part of the Officer team I will be as good as some of the current Officers Do you understand that if you are accepted, you will be on a 2 Week Trial Period? (Failing the Trial Period will result in a demotion) yes, I do understand and will not try to fail it to the best of my ability.
  2. i have just entirely wrote a new application
  3. okay thank you i didn't know how long it was supposed to be
  4. steve i have added more sentences
  5. so should i just edit it and make it longer
  6. steam id: STEAM_0:1:543798656 rank: chief petty officer what speciality: gunnery officer commodore: proteus how I could improve the branch I'm requesting: how I could help I'm usually on the entire day unless I have school or dinner or anything that involves with family or friends. and I strive to be in a power role to improve Gunnery and navy at the same time together. I would say I have much experience using and firing weapons such in an event or a sim I'm usually on the guns or supply checks when these events or sims happen and try my very best when I am participating. why should I be trusted with this rank: I try to be friendly, inviting and in general a good role model for all of navy I show newcomers what to do and what not to do in situations like how to ask permission to go into pits to do a maintenance check or order supplies from the pandora right next store to us. I don't have thousand hours on this server but what I have to showing respect to everyone I meet and being friendly and staying on task. I have never been rude or defy orders from a higher up so that is why I think I should be trusted. why do I want this rank: why I want this rank is because when I'm in an event or sim on the ship I'm just roleplaying not actually shooting guns and targeting the ship. If I could actually protect the ship and it's fellow inhabitants on board from rebel landing ships and capital ships from doing any harm to the ship or the people inside the ship I would feel more achieved since I just saved a life from dying and protecting the empire and emperor from any harm before it even reaches the star destroyer. do I understand that if I receive a strike I will be stripped of the rank: yes, I understand clearly that if I receive a strike I will be kicked out and understand the consequences that will meet me. what my purpose of my rank: I understand of my first rank is to learn how this specialty operates and engage with the regimental engineers to have a better understanding of the structure that is the Gunnery branch.
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