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  1. bro how can you know whether he is fit if you havent even played server actively recently? if your not a troll, did you take some mushrooms before you wrote your wise comment? are you okay? Mann is clearly among best candidates so far if looking at for example his experience. I do know this, after working with Mann while in SF command team. This is my reason to +support Mann for position of Darth Vader + Very good and brave communicator, comes to say things in face rather than hiding behind his position + Proficient at documents, excels, spreadsheets etc... knows how they function + Has cordial attitude, extremely easy to talk to, just like Astro + Bases decisions on rationality, I am certain we wont seen random cooldown skips from Mann. + The position influences everything and I think more influence for Mann would do good for the server, he already has experience overseeing multiple regiments at once + A lot of high command experience
  2. During my many years of playing Star Wars servers and gmod servers, I have never seen anyone being as good manager of people as Astro. Losing him as High Command member is bigger loss than you initially might think, which is the reason I supported his application to Fleet Admiral (and I never support applications because I cant be arsed to use forums I am sorry). He is very unbiased person, genuinely tries to understand before judging, and doesnt hold long-term judgements. I can see very good future for him if he continues on this path. It´s pretty bad losing brother so my sympathies are with you and I hope you return at one point. CAO Captain Leo Edit ps: Now you get bitches btw.
  3. I think Admiral Firmus Piett would fit you better because he is in charge of aviation operations and relations with SF. But I am fairly certain you could handle being Admiral Antonio Motti has you have many good qualities such as objectivity, communication skill and politeness. +Support
  4. No Admiral Garrick Versio does not hold power over multiple battalions of Navy, that is Admiral Antonio Motti. Anyhow, I will +support this because you are highly active, and work hard especially in your low command job. You are also the longest-time low command member now. I think you will be the best fit for Admiral Garrick Versio.
  5. I +support this for following reasons: + Very active naval member and attends all the meetings, even voluntary ones such as specialty meetings in the past + Hardworking Agent Kallus who does not leave a stone un turned when it comes to solving Naval-related problems + Has objective and unbiased approach to nearly everyone, which makes me worried what happens to Naval if he leaves + A lot of command and admirality experience which is relevant for the role + Motive to become fleet admiral fits the requirements of the role + Has been in Kallus role for very long time, it is good to move up the ladder + Has networks already to other regiments (at least to Naval, Shock and DT) + Knows how to balance between order and chaos, being strict and being lenient + Good communicator and collects only most essential matters to be presented or communicated + Has sense of humor + Interested in, even fan of Star Wars from what I have seen, which will lead him to likely stay in the role longer + Polite, open but critical attitude
  6. If you answer the questions below satisfactorily, I will support the application 1) When were you Vice Marshall, 2) how long you were in the role and 3) which circumstances made you leave the position? Edit: He answered to the questions in DMs, +support
  7. + support This is my reasoning: + Very hardworking, even though he has had short career in naval, he has been very helpful to the supervisory team by taking initiative and assisting enlisted when needed + Very ambitious, which means he is motivated. + Application meets the standard + Funny person, sense of humor clicks to me
  8. What is your in-game name?: Leo What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:25908895 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Commander What specialty are you applying for?: Aviation What Naval HC (Commodore+) gave you permission to apply?: Astro What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? Having been in the branch for some time now, I have (in the past) focused on warming the relations of Naval and SF and assisting the former and very excellent CAO Elias in bringing accountability and professionality to SF. I plan to further go beyond and extend building relations of SF to other regiments and conduct joint trainings with other regiments. I am planning to improve the efficiency of SF by making sure that pilots from the newest flight cadets to the most senior captains understand their purpose in SF, and are given necessary training or instructions quickly when there is a lack of knowledge or expertise. Communicating clearly to SF officers and keeping a neutral, supervisory but cordial stance is important in achieving this. Giving AOs meaningful and important tasks to do has a big role in all of this, as they are working directly with SF officers. I am aiming to make aviation a diverse and rich experience for AOs, by further implementing new tasks to do for AOs that will improve SF, and also by refining Elias´s "liason" method more (Where AOs act as liasons for the admirality/low command and pass orders to SF) Why should you be trusted with this position?: As a SAO , I have been running Aviation branch in times when the CAO is unavailable. I was also given a chance to run Aviation when the previous CAO was present and have not heard of any complaints about my leadership. I am also a moderately long-time member in the aviation, and have co-ordinated between Naval and SF multitude of times in different scenarios. I know many of the members in SF and engage sometimes in interesting developmental conversations with them about Naval/SF. I also find the pilots / SF my favorite niche in any server I play, and therefore will not run out of motivation to work with SF. Why do you want this rank?: SF is very essential and even critical part of almost any mission succeeding, and therefore entails challenges for any AO. This is exactly what I want, and as CAO I take my experience working in Aviation to a new level where I get to implement plans that I find would improve the branch further. I want to build the Aviation´s reputation further as a branch of professionals who can be relied upon in any matter that concerns SF and Naval. I also feel myself that now is a good moment for me to leave my constructive/continously improving mark on the aviation to make it easier for any other CAO in the future to continue on from that. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My purpose is to keep the branch developing and updating amid new situational demands. Clear communication and well thought-out advice plays a big role in this. Considering the SF´s significant role on the ISD, I am meant to act as a reliable expert on anything related to SF and Aviation, and also as a role model and listening ear to different parties ranging from Naval, members in specialty, SF, other regiments and High Command. As a CAO I am expected to be ready to explain situational matters especially to High Command when ever need be.
  9. + Support Put a lot of effort in to application which shows alone how much motivation he would have to do the job.
  10. Bro you waited so long to apply for this job, and made only 1 sentence answers? Also make sure to check grammar as it is important in naval. I am not gonna -support or plus support, but I will go from neutral to support if you improve the application based on the feedback you have received.
  11. +support The guy seems to have passion in Star Wars and high interest in gunnery, and I believe he therefore has capacity to supervise and even develop this branch.
  12. Application Format: What is your ingame name?: Petty Officer 2nd Class L What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:25908895 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Petty Officer 2nd Class What specialty are you applying for?: Aviation What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: High Admiral Odin What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? I would focus on optimizing different flight formations, including anything that is using tie fighters, tie bombers and interceptors. I was running Starfighter Corps on Astolfo Roleplay (another imperial RP server). Based on feedback from the SFC members and my observations, I would make initiatives to the staff on new possible content and/or fixing existing content the aviation branch is using. Stress testing (when it is allowed to fly) could probably be another aspect I would inspect to figure out when the ships cause lag. I would also be working (depending on whether the chief aviation officer allows me), with the rules of battalion and probably be suggesting removals or additions depending on what is needed. A big part of what makes an aviation battalion great is that everyone knows how and when to operate the vehicles assigned to it. I would be checking and possibly teaching when there is a need for improvement. Also, on a server like this which gets 100 players a day, it is important to focus on the rules and check that everyone understands them, to prevent acute situations. Why should you be trusted with this position?: Why should I be trusted? I for one, believe that trust is earned and not given, so I can´t directly say reasons why you would trust someone quite new to the community such as me. But I believe that the fact I have been in naval for some time, been in important roles on other servers, have a lot of experience on Star Wars RP (started to play it since 2016), would give me some credibility that is needed to pass this initial stage of "having to trust" so that later I can turn it in to trust. If I pass the application, if you deem the application sufficient, you can put specific expectations on me. If I fail them, I shall be removed from the branch and someone else shall replace me. This in fact, could justify you giving me a benefit of doubt. I assure that everything I wrote here is true, and if not, it will be visible over time had I attempted to make myself sound more than I am. Why do you want this rank?: I want more to do as navy. And I figured SFC is my favourite regiment and aviation is what I am most interested in, so I don´t mind the extra position where I do something that interests me. I also think this server is highly organized and SFC here is using same things as the SFC I used to run on other server, which makes me want to apply for this rank. I just see myself manning the ATC a lot and observing the ships... which could explain my interest in the aviation branch. I always found space combat more exciting than ground combat. Which could be the reason I went for navy as well. Also last but not least, we are in need of navals in the specialties, so I figured this would benefit many parties at the same time. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes. What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My purpose is to advise and assist my assigned battalion when their command is offline or unavailable for requests. I would mostly be taking a supportive role, where I will be listening to the regimental command and assisting with what ever they see as the important thing, while observing independently as well. Therefore, I would take more like a mix of an advisory and supervisory role in the branch rather than a managerial role. Me being on trial would also affect my purpose somewhat, while I would be on trial, I would be spectating more and learning the environment from the distance, rather than directly taking part in it. Passing the trial, I would do the things I mentioned in the first paragraph of this question.
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