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  1. - No forum activity + Application looks ok - Never seen you before + Scenarios look ok Remaining Neutral this is nothing against you as a player this is what I am looking at from your app but best of luck nonetheless
  2. Did you put a roster request update on the SCP Discord because if not that is how you have to do a resignation
  3. @Kazza To be fair mate knowing you are a T-Mod and you see a sit there for a long time you honestly should have said in staff chat for a Mod+ to take the sit and state you would but cannot as you are T-Mod and this is not me telling you off I am just stating from my own experience for when I was trained up as a staff member and you saying about being trained wrong it is not a case of that either and respectfully I feel you may have forgot yourself
  4. +Support As a T-Mod the only sits you can take without supervision is XP and roll sits anything else you MUST have a Sen-Mod+ to watch you with the sit as this is explained to you when you are trained up therefore Kazza should not have taken the body blocking sit as that is a possible warn situation
  5. + Previous experience on other games + Active + Good player to banter with + App looks good + Scenarios look nicely thought out + Nice clean record - Could use more forum activity For the reasons stated above I am giving you a +support as I feel you would make a great addition to the staff team best of luck to you
  6. Accepted Please contact an FTO for training!
  7. Sadly I could not clip it in time but he told someone else to kill themselves about 2-3 minutes after he said it to me
  8. A blacklist for a SCP and 17 warns on your record is really bad sorry but -support
  9. Accepted Please contact an FTO for training!
  10. Like was stated in the sit Promoting Suicide is not ok whether you are in RP or otherwise so the fact that you even told someone else to do so is not ok -support
  11. -Support Rules are stated clearly so Ozzie made the right call and to be fair if I was the answering staff I would have done things similar
  12. Regardless if it was you or a 'friend' the warns are on your record meaning that you are 100% responsible for the activity of your account - Not a lot of forum activity - Don't think I have seen you before - The scenarios look a little rushed even though some thought went into them I am sorry but for the reasons above I am giving you a -support
  13. + Active + Good player + Helpful + App looks good + Knows his stuff + Support
  14. - New to the forums - Staff for another community - Scenarios are not too well thought out + Active + App looks good I am sorry but with the main fact of you stating you are staff for another community I am giving a -support as if I am not mistaken you cannot be staff for two different communities
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