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  1. Before I make this appeal I would like to note that I got permission from Shadows to appeal once 1 of the strikes were removed Name: Michael Rank: SM Date of strike: 8/19/23 Who striked you: Mary Reason for the strike: Conduct unbecoming of an NCO Why should it be removed: I feel that the strike should be remove due to the fact that since the strikes I have been working my ass off, keeping myself out of situations that would otherwise get me in trouble, the reason I was striked was due to the fact I was OOC and as I left my bunks I said in TS about 2 Class D being outside the spawn, since then I have been very careful in different situations to ensure that I don't do anything to get myself in further trouble, I feel I should have the final strike removed as I have made sure that I keep myself away from those situations and will continue to do so.
  2. -Support For the record the evidence is clear you called someone the hard R and a lot of players can/will find that offensive even if you say there was no malice behind it
  3. -Support Failed to follow the format and has failed to state if he is in a branch or not
  4. +support Always happy to see new people wanting to join our family
  5. Who allowed this idjit to resign, get back here now (jokes) Gonna miss you on D5 mate
  6. Even though you are able to use your abilities off duty you cannot go assuming that someone is cuffing you for a joke therefore you should not be using the uncuff command to get out of that, if you were using the uncuff command to answer a sit that will have been different, but in the clip you are seen bringing a weapon out straight away my question why assume someone is joking about as that could have been a RP scenario I say a +support for a verbal/formal warning
  7. - Never seen you before - No proof of warns - No vote poll - Staff for another Community I will also note that there is no record of you in the SCP Discord at all For the reasons above I am giving you a -support on this application
  8. I am going to give this a +support now as I know everyone RDMs each other in bunks
  9. Before I give my official - or + support I want to see @Versaside on why
  10. -Support So I will say that yes RDM is a big issue that is called a lot on SCP but from what I saw with the clips it was all in RP making this report for me a -Support
  11. Like I said to you before to look over applications that have been accepted to gain an understanding and by the looks of your application you have failed to listen to me also I am giving a -Support
  12. -Support - No proof of warns - No vote pool - No explanation on why you deserve to join staff - You need to fully read and understand the staff handbook not skim it - Scenarios are not thought out in any way I am sorry but for the reasons stated above I am giving a -support this is nothing personal just my honest thoughts
  13. According to what I am seeing the Console banned you I do not know if that can be reversed
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