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  1. You really need additional clarification that the government can't break laws? -support, rule is clear enough as it is
  2. “Quantitative easing” is the biggest reach I’ve ever heard just to print money on gov which is clearly against the rules. -support
  3. -support, has been staff restricted/remove multiple times per former manager Eternity, seems like you've had multiple chances so I don't see how this time would be any different
  4. reducing weapon diversity is not something that sounds good for the longevity of the server -support
  5. The “proof” is that this dude was dumb enough to say he has alts, regardless if it’s a joke or not -support, not something you should joke about
  6. I suggest you stop capitalizing every single word
  7. Bruh it’s been three weeks. And you haven’t engaged with the forum at all since your last appeal. -support
  8. oh ok sorry about that, edited my post
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