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  1. These buffs are absolutely needed for Seeker Company! The weapon is completely incomparable to the other choices they have, and it never gets use. These buffs are very reasonable concerning that Seeker Company is the Elite Sub-branch of an Elite Battalion. ++SUPPORT
  2. Deserves the position without question. I think he is capable of fulfilling the promises made in this application and exceed them!
  3. If there's one thing I've learned in my time in DT, it's that hardwork and dedication are recognized, appreciated and rewarded. Deathtroopers are the best of the best- and the Command team requires all aspects of that. Leading a battalion requires passion, so that you're willing to put in the hard work, time and effort to lead it to great places. It also requires personality, so that those under you respect your dedication, feel proud of what they associate with and make efforts to prove they feel the same. It requires Patience, as you have to resolve many conflicts with ease and a level-head. Racc has all of this and more, and let me tell you why. I first got to officially meet Racc about four months ago, when he transferred into DT. We rose up the ranks at just about the same rank, and became Vice Commanders at the same time. When I worked with Racc in TI-23, he had an amazing initiative and kindness I couldn't find anywhere else (maybe except Bub). As an Officer, he was patient and a great teacher to those under him, always encouraging others to do more for the battalion. And as a friend, he's the chillest guy I know on gaminglight, and we've had some pretty damn fun nights. To Summarize; In his time as a Gunnery Officer, he kept not only his specialty alive with Shadow's Tenn Graneet, but kept Havoc floating way longer than it would've without him. In his time as a Medical Officer, he was constantly overflowing his quota. Medical Command had nothing but great things to say about him, and they admitted he had a comfy Vice Commander spot waiting for him if he so chose. In his time as a Death-Trooper Officer, he has shown kindness, patience and teaching capability more than what's required from an Officer. In his time as a member of Unit TI-23, he constantly sought ways to improve and involve his subbranch with fellow battalions. And in his time as a member of DT Command, he has gotten Seeker a complete Overhaul and resiliently holds ground for all that comes our way. Racc is absolutely the best choice for Fleet Admiral, and I know he has the capability and potential to handle the position. Good luck Busy Bee!
  4. Crunch has been a fantastic DT Commander, and has worked hard to make the battalion better! There was a period when he was the single DT Command, and he did a wonderful job keeping the battalion active. Massive +Support!
  5. Astro has done an insane amount of work for Naval! Working with him during my time in DT, he's always been respectful, hard-working and a funny guy. Massive +Support.
  6. +SUPPORT! These new models are a HUGE improvement, and a special role for Colonel's like IQ has would be perfect!!! Would bring new life to the Regiment, in more subtle and appealing ways to new and old members alike.
  7. This is the breath of fresh air that seeker NEEDS!!! Racc will bring about a new era of Seeker and this is the tip of his spear!
  8. Always love some more late night events! Player count is low, so it's harder for the GM, but it gives those on the server something to do. Unfortunately, some people work or are sleeping during peak hours, so events like these are always appreciated. It's difficult to be creative with on-ship passive events, but I think you did a wonderful job. You had a lot of energy for your event and I can tell you have passion for being a Gamemaster.
  9. ++MAJOR SUPPORT!!! + A FANTASTIC Tenn Graneet, the best even. Revived Gunnery and did an INTENSE amount of work for Havoc! + Reached the rank of Major in two battalions, as well as a Rear Admiral, all positions that are not given lightly. He is fully experienced in command, completes his quota swiftly and on time, and I trust him to exceed them. + Good friend, very trustworthy. Not afraid to share his true opinion, and not afraid to take one. Definitely NCO Material. Shadow is absolutely deserving of the role, and I hope to see him join the NCO team!
  10. I can't say I've personally had a bad interaction with Kio. I don't think anything he did was ever out of a mean spirit, and I'm glad they're recognized and dealt with. Kio and Suns have done a great job rising through the ranks of Nova. The restructure of the ranking system and the insane overhaul of Nova's Marksman have been wonderful for the battalion, and the plans they have for the future make me excited to see where the Battalion will end up at. Many brave and bold changes, but right now, brave and bold is just what Nova needs. Good luck, Kio!! I think either of you could make some damn good commanders!
  11. ++ SUPPORT + Has an insane amount of experience within DT! Has been actively inside the battalion longer than anyone else! + Always helpful, kind and understanding to those who need it! Has been great to work with as a Commander Officer. AX5 has had much too time and effort in DT to not have this spot!
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