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  1. yes like stated MRDM is never not intentional other then that pretty good app +support
  2. Like others I do think the events could be improved but overall I think you would be a great GM
  3. I think your ready for officer good luck!
  4. nothing more needs to be said +support
  5. -Support One: a few of your replies is just arguing with Klondu while he was giving his side of the story which shows immaturity toward you during this whole situation Two: You were not purge or IQ or RG at the time which means you were enforcing rules you should not enforce which resulted in you killing someone and since you weren't purge, IQ, or RG at the time it was RDM I may have missed a few other points to put in here but its pretty simple this was a rightful warn
  6. I have seen great activity with you S35 +support
  7. +Support -Great Application -Great Person -Has been a vice commander before meaning he can be trusted -Active Good luck!
  8. +Support for about a half a year of knowing kat I have had ONLY good experiences with him
  9. this is a great idea i think it would make some battalions look cool af +support
  10. +Support I must say your activity in DT is pretty good I see you on DT a lot I also know from my experiences with you that you are a good person and Your app is pretty good. Good luck mister S40!
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