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  1. Haahahaha wtf kind of resignation was this?!?!? I EXPECTED MORE CRINGE o7
  2. Those SF days were legendary...
  3. What the actual fukk...I remember when we first met & all of SF told me 'WHAT THE FUKK ARE YOU DOING??? DO THE SIM!!!' You're a damn G!!! Thank you for all the playlists that I STILL LISTEN TO TODAY!!! I want to say this - I wish you all the best in life KEEP THOSE PLAYLISTS PUBLIC
  4. That's a hard affirm Let's not talk about such things in public all I need to know is we slaughtered in a VTOL - o7 I made Shadow the best o7 one day i may return
  5. Always a pleasure! I remember when we first met & swapped playlists - I still listen to the ones you collated! One needs to bring levity to the ISD - thank you for the SWEP
  6. I am resigning from SF… This may come as a shock to most but not to some… It pains me to leave my favourite & only Battalion as my favourite role as ‘Teso Broosh’ leader of the Special Forces Branch of SF ‘Shadow Squadron’. This was my first ever GMOD RP experience & I joined the server for three reasons - To fly, to have fun & meet cool people…I had no ambitions past that… I never cared about promotions, politics or ‘respect’ but I do thank those that believed in me & saw past the ‘drunken idiot’ to recognise there was something more… As you maybe aware I’m OLD AF & it’s my birthday today - I’m closer to 50 than 20 - I knew my time in SF would come to a close soon, I have a day job in IT, I’m a music producer, I’m in 2 Bands & I’m rather debauched so I cannot commit to the responsibilities needed for SF… I’m not leaving the Server Completely but finally you lot can stop asking me ‘When are you going to be Vice Marshall?’ as that will be NEVER… I do want to give a massive thanks to the following people :- Jabronie - My Battle Buddy from day 1, you saved SF from the utter shitshow it was when we first joined together!!! it was fun rebuilding it with you!!! Brand - You trained me to be the second best combat pilot in SF Korea - You gave me my first tryout in SF while I was soo drunk you asked ‘do you know faces’ & I answered ‘Yup I look at one in the mirror everyday’ how you put up with me I have no I idea Mike - See ya soon bud! Mann - Shadow Squadron were your personal SF TASK FORCE & thanks for all the ‘Secret Missions’ you made us undertake! Sainty - I’m always gonna be on the bevvies mate! sorry you didn’t get another Brit in HCOM I’m sure someone else will come along Hex - Too many Medical LULZ!!! Bub - BUB IS KANG MUFFAKKERS!!!! Steeley - STEELEYS FORCES!!! Elias - Keep writing those books buddy! Gaz - Keep up the good work mah dude! GMs - You bastards get little love so THANK YOU SMTs - Thanks for all the funtimes HCOM - You ain’t a bad lot really - I know what you’re hiding but I’ll keep your secrets GILBERT - GILBERT FOR PALPY!!! Uchiha - My number 1 for soo long we made Shadow Wing Squadron amazing! If I met you, you’d know it - If I made you laugh then that’s what it’s all about but if I annoyed you well then you can’t please em all Gaminglight has a great community & it was an honour to be such an integral part of it... To all of SF, as there’s too many names to mention, both past & present I want to say a massive thank you for letting this dipstick lead you’re Event’s, Missions & Training your Dog Fighting skills…stop moaning about A-Wings please you can’t get better unless you’re pushed to your limits… To All of Shadow Squadron past & present - It was an honour to lead you but it is now time to pass that torch onto a younger generation. As you’ll have some boots to fill… Oh yeah last thing…you’re now going to have to find new comic relief during the Command Meetings! So long and thanks for all the fish!!!
  7. It's usually the one that tells me to 'Drink Less' or 'Shut Up'... Oh also the ones that say 'Drink more' & Laughs when I take the piss... Keep it up HCOM!!!!
  8. I heavily support this, here are my reasons... I've witnessed first hand the death of Cobra Squadron - I who lead Shadow, I have flown more VTOLS during events in the last 3 months than all of Cobra Combined during that time. The Bomber is rarely used due to Cobra Activity & Server Pop Onyx Squadron is Lore / Time Frame Accurate (Han Solo & Lyttan Dree were members)
  9. I would whole heartedly support this application... Here are my reasons... Great community member Great communicator Firm but fair with enforcing rules Always approachable Active
  10. I support this application, here are my reasons... Incredibly mature Has lead events succesfully Takes orders well Never raised their voice during stressful situations Great combat pilot Great communication skills
  11. I fully support this application & here are my reasons... Having an Officer not on EST is key - we have many SF who are not on EST so he is able to run SIMS & Lead events when there are no other's aboard the ISD Take orders well & follows them to the letter Has the ability to lead Taken steps to increase their skills in combat flying Greatly increased their Transport Flying ability
  12. I support this application & here is why... Takes orders flawlessly Has actively improved their tactical flying skills Has taken the lead during events Has a commitment to SF & making the battalion a reliable one Keeps their cool at all times I have no bad words to say about this applicant
  13. Hello I fully support & had a hand in coming up with idea for the donator job here are my reasons... We need a donator job - it will also promote more donations as SF will get something in their battalion We do not use the Cadet Job so it can be removed Titan Squadron is lore accurate Having a new model will invigorate the battalion
  14. I’ve now been on the server for 6 months… For those who don’t know I joined in December 2021 just to pass the time as I had a month off work & it was my first GMOD RP Experience. Had no idea about the ranks, no idea about /me /roll but as an old boomer I had to learn quick - I went form the WORST Transport Pilot in SF History to one of the best! & leading the Special Forces unit in SF haha who would've thought that would happen?!?!?! Oh and finding out what ‘Minge’ means because in the UK it means something COMPLETELY Different I just want to say this community is amazing, the people I’ve met here have made some of the best moments I’ve had & I’ve never had soo much fun on a video game in years! Jabronie - Best Marshall! great battlebuddy & the best SF has to offer Mike - Let's goo VTOL WARZ!!! I knew one day you'll get VM Brand - One day I will shoot you down & thanks for showing me the ropes of SF Korea - You had to put up with months of drunken flying & I'm here because of you so... Seaman - The first person who actually took time to show me how RP actually works & spent hours training me Mann - You have always given me soo many lols but have also taken the time out of your day for SF in general o7 ALL OF MEDICAL - Y'all are great & provide soo much lols I cannot even GMs - ALl of you are top notch SMTs - Thanks for the crazy shit in AS For all that have met me & spent time on missions thanks for the great experiences & I look forward to more I have always just wanted to be here to be the best Pilot SF has to offer & thank you all that have put the time in to help train me & allow me to shine. SF & ONLY SF!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! Oh one last thing stop asking me to be Vice Marshall or Marshall I will reject it every time like I have rejected numerous promotions in the past here’s to another 6 months! *drinks*
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