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  1. Hello, friend. I am sad to see you go, I understand how it is to find a new community that you enjoy and I wish you luck on that journey. I appreciated your support when I was falsely banned, and I won't forget that. o7
  2. Sad to see you go man! All of my experiences from you were giving positive energy. You carried out your duties with upmost professionalism and integrity. o7
  3. It's better not to get into that, I don't know either but lets just wish him good luck for the future.
  4. +support it I just feel like such a change, would be nice. Model is already in the server so would be nice to have a different model on judge.
  5. Only on one certain community I won't mention because I wished I spent it here!
  6. Fitz

    Abrams 48h

    Alright man, I will miss you. I always thought we were battle buddies we both joined state around the same time and we vibed like for awhile. Its understandable that you want to try something new and I wish you good luck. o7
  7. He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
  8. [-Support] I don't need to explain myself on this one, this is just common sense. (I will for the sake of it: we don't need tanks or heavy artillery vehicles on police rp, this ain't military rp. And we don't need police to get more militarized then they already are...) (P.S: Please stop posting suggestions that don't even have a chance to get approved, it just seems you are just spamming the suggestions section.)
  9. [-Support] PAC3, has tons of performance issues and with the ton of vehicles we have at once on the server and props in base making will be a bad idea, and to be honest PAC3 shouldn't be on a Police RP server. After spending so much time on a server with PAC3, after it got removed performance was just so much better.