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  1. I'd like the rw_sw_nt242c to be added to the 69th combat medical droid CC. I paid 20 for it today. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:599048982
  2. The ion disrupter i asked for has not been added to my CC and it has been 3 days now. I asked for rw_sw_t7 TFA version and it has not been added. Is there a reason for this?
  3. I'd like to get a [ ion disrupter rw_sw_t7 ] added the regular gun i want to keep [weapon_jew_iondisruptor] but i would like the regular since i know longer can buy ammo for the tool version. And i [heavy shield] i already paid today for the new items and attachments. this is for the Combat medical droid CC. Steam id is: STEAM_0:0:599048982 Paid: 50
  4. I plan to add another model for my medical CC but i keep finding ones in these giants bundles of extra Models and i dont know how you shave them down to just one model.
  5. Wolfe STEAM_0:0:599048982 name of the CC: 69th Combat Medical Droid Requested dual sabers basically dual wielding. the dual sabers werent not added to my CC even though i requested it. I was also told i have to have my SWEP fixed in the server.
  6. Name: Wolfe 9014 CC: 69th Combat Medical Droid Steam ID: ID: STEAM_0:0:599048982 I want to swap out the fists to: tfa_nmrih_fists I want to swap out the hilt to: models/sgg/starwars/weapons/w_common_jedi_saber_hilt.mdl I want to add a weapon: weapon_jew_iondisruptor I want to add: Fusion Cutter I want to add Dual Saber: models/sgg/starwars/weapons/w_common_jedi_saber_hilt.mdl colors the same as the first 255,255,255 I spent over my current CC it was 170 not 250 i did the math and have 80 left over and wish to use it for the changes.
  7. I wanted the Skin 1 basically the one with the medical symbol on it.
  8. Yes the combat medic droid thats in the server Zug showed it to me and i said yes.
  9. Bonk

    False report.

    1. Questions 2. Your In-game: Wolfe 3. Your SteamID: ID: STEAM_0:0:599048982 4. The admin's name in-game: Rex 5. The admin's steam name (If you know it): no 6. What warning did you receive: IDK i was gone when it happened 7. Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): dont have it 8. Why do you think this warn was false: I was told the the person used a name similar to mine and i got warned cause of it. 9. Any extra information:
  10. Price: 250 Title ImperialRP Custom Job Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:599048982 Name of the CC: 69th Combat Medical Droid RGB Colors: 90,57,0 Job description: Heavy combat medical droid meant for taking hits and setting up shields to protect the wounded while fighting and sustaining heavy damage so you can keep patching up the troopers. Model: models/swtor/combatmedic/combat_medicaldroid.mdl skin 1 Weapons primary and secondary: rw_sw_m45, rw_sw_dual_dc17s , weapon_fists, rw_sw_dp23 Lightsaber: Name of lightsaber: Silver phrophet Lightsaber color: 255,255,255 HP: 3500 - 40 Model path: models/sgg/starwars/weapons/w_saber_dual_5_hilt.mdl force powers: force leap, force absorb, force push. force repulse, saber throw length: 50 salary: 1000 additional addons: Bacta injector-20 deployable shield-20 stims-20 armor packs-20 paid by: team ID: STEAM_0:0:599048982 (edited) Message #custom-character-creation-cost
  11. 1. Whats your in-game name and rank: MC RSCS SFC Wolfe 9014 2: Whats your timezone?: central 3: Whats your SteamID?: 599048982 4: Why do you want to be a medical officer?: to try and help out the other officers aswell as try to help other troopers grow in the ranks and guide them into doing better aswell letting them have fun while making sure they dont get to out of controle. 5: Whats your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10: (1 being terrible activity and 10 being on daily for a while): 8 out of 10 though i do get really bored so i will tend to play others games to have some fun but i can be forgetfull so i will setup a reminder. 6: Why should you be a medical officer?: so i can help assist the other officers so they dont have to much pressure on them aswell as try to climb the ranks and give out orders that will benefit the medical staff. i hope to try and increase some enthusiasm and help make medbay fun but also keep it under controle if things get out of hands. I've learned that if we have some minges they tend to ignore none officers and higher rankings troopers commands and i hate having to raise my voice or threaten to remove them i want everyone to have as much as possible hence why i tend to be a clown here and there to try to keep the enthusiasm and fun up. 7: How well do you command other troopers?: fairly decent long as it isnt like hard core military commands i can hold my own well i used to be in lots of halo clans and i would be second in command or high enough to order the spartans around in battle both new and experienced ones. 8: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: im honest try my very best to make others days as fun and relaxing as possible. i will try to uphold my responsibilty to the best of my abilities. And to be able to give out ranks to those who have earned them if the no other commander or officer is on. But i also want to prove that i am capable of climbing the ranks and getting up higher. I am not very soft and wont hesitate to yell or inforce a trooper thats getting out of hand im capable of staying calm while under pressure. Thats all i can say about myself and the reason i feel like i could be a goof officer.
  12. MC RSCS SFS Wolfe 9014 Time zone: Central America steam ID: 76561199158363692 i want to be an officer so i can help promote look after the lower ranks and give advice and lead them teach them and guide them and be like zug kind but fair i want to be like him and hopefully encourage and inspire some of the new comers. my a activity is 7 out of 10 except on sundays cause im in a hell let loose clan that does training everyday on sunday. i can command them fairly well and i tend to raise my voice if i must i do tend to get harsh on some of the trouble makers after my first 2 or 3 warnings i dont mind them having fun infact i encoruage it but you still got play the role of medic and get serious from time to time i dont like yelling at them but if i must i will if they step to far out of line. well i dont like to put myself before other i usually put others before me but i will say mostly because im honest value honor and tend to look after the troopers here and there i love some medical and hope to see it thrive and i wanna help with that giving promotions to those who've earned it telling them what they did wrong so they do better in the future and just watching the troopers grow from PVTs to potentially SFC and even more even maybe surpass me i love watching my brothren grow into better medic troopers and maybe do more.
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