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  1. I wish there was a bit more meat on the bones here, but the application itself says what it needs to say. Goodluck, +Support
  2. Love the application, and you made sure you covered all your bases. Well done. You did apply for V07, but you seem to want to be in the unit by any means, which is admirable in its own way. Goodluck, +Support
  3. It is worth mentioning, unfortunately, you only mentioned the fact it happened. Would be good to list the kind of medical experience you have, since it is absolutely relevant to a medical/medic position. Well done on your application. Try in the future formatting your application to be less blocky for the reader too! Goodluck, +Support
  4. Would be nice if you had went into depth on what experience you have. I can't take the statement seriously without some sort of supporting statement. You should list off what sorts of "stuff" you are talking about, or give examples on the the things you could get done. Overall, your application isn't bad. But going more in depth on the experience you have, and what sort of things you can actually do would take your application to the next level. Especially when applying for something like TI-23, you want to make sure you are covering all your bases. Goodluck, I will not be giving this a rating.
  5. Love this. Communication is everything; in relationships, teams, friendships, and families. Well done on your application, I don't feel the need to highlight anything further, as I feel everyone should read this themselves. Good luck, +Support
  6. When reading your application I get distracted by the use of "i" instead of "I". It feels as if you typed this application on your phone, while in a rush, and didn't think the formatting mattered. I'm not sure someone who doesn't want to take the time to correct a small detail like this would do well with details in a team based unit, where detail is important. The last paragraph also feels like you reworded the description of TI-23 straight from the SOP. You didn't get creative or go in depth on the descriptions. For this position you must be active in the regiment, but it seems you are semi-active and are struggling with quota currently. You seem to have a good heart, as for the actual content of your application. I can see that you want the position, but as for actually taking the steps, I'm not quite sure. Keep in mind, I do not say these things to discourage you; only to inspire you and show your weaknesses. I want you to be successful, but if I pretended like these were not issues, you would not improve. TI-23 is elite, and you have to treat it like it is. If I don't see the effort, I can't support you getting the position. Good luck, -Support
  7. DC3/S99, First of all, reading your application was a pleasure. You used proper grammar and it was easy to read. You have gotten over the past weeks seeker experience which is valuable to the marksmen position, which weighs well in my mind. You also have been consistently active, have good player relations, and you have a great personality from the times we have talked. You have the time, the will, and the energy to fill this position, and do it well. (I can't say the same for myself with my busy life compared to when I was V07, but the reason I resigned was due to the fact of my real life schedule getting claustrophobic. Never feel obligated to continue if you have to prioritize real life, just want you to keep that in mind.) You have been blowing quotas out of the water, which shows your dedication to the regiment and that shows the amount of time you put in each day. I truly believe you deserve to be V07 and that you would be great on the TI-23 team. Good luck DC3, ++Support
  8. Know him from another discord that has to do with first responders. +Support
  9. In-Game name: Silon Callsign: DI3 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:123760712 Rank: Specialist (SPC) How long have you been in your current rank?: Since 8/13/22 What experiences in leadership do you have?: Death Trooper Officer: Achieved the rank of First Lieutenant (1LT) in the Death Trooper regiment. In my time as a DT Officer, I dealt with correctional punishments/disciplinary actions, promotions, hosting activities, and worked with command on implementing changes in the regiment. I also helped de-escalate player relational issues and solve problems of the sort within the Death Trooper regiment. Death Trooper NCO: Went through Sergeant (SGT) - Command Sergeant Major (CSM) in the Death trooper regiment. As a Death Trooper NCO, I was one of the highest performing NCOs at the time. The NCO team was competitive since there was a saturation of members and the regiment was always at cap members. I hit my quota, and exceeded it every single week while I was NCO. As an NCO, I hosted tryouts, and went out of my way to host trainings and simulations though it wasn't part of my job. First Death Trooper TI-23 Marksmen V07: At the rank of Sergeant Major (SGM) I had the privilege of joining the TI-23 sub-branch as the First Marksmen Specialist V07. I was hand picked by the Command Team, and was the third person in the TI-23 branch along side Bonnie (EG6, First F16) and Racc (BE3, First M36). Senior Gunnery Officer/Naval Lieutenant: In the Naval Regiment, I was the Senior Gunnery Officer in the GO specialty. During that time, I helped the regiment Havoc (which existed at the time). I had the privileges of an Officer in Havoc, and helped the commander of Havoc at the time whom was Sainty (now Grand General of the Army). I assisted in hosting simulations, hosting tryouts to help revive the battalion, and helped optimize the Havoc roleplay experience with small new things to do around the ship. I was responsible for the members of Havoc, as well as giving assignments and hosting tryouts for Naval Personnel. My extensive experience with leadership I have learned many skills that help me to achieve my goals of improving the Death Trooper regiment. I have learned skills like patience, understanding, fairness, servant leadership over titles, and encouraging others to succeed. I have learned being critical in a professional manner helps improve people, as they can see their weaknesses and improve upon them in a supporting environment. Being able to dish out punishment when it is needed is also an important skill, and not being easily swayed from moving your ground is also important, and I believe I have this skill. I will never prioritize myself over anyone else within this regiment, as I believe it is my duty to help selflessly and put my ego aside to help improve the battalion in whatever is assigned of me. This stems from the selfless way Death Troopers throw themselves in front of the VIP to make sure that important Imperial Personnel are not lost to the Empire. Why do you want to be a non-commissioned officer? I would like to become a NCO as I believe I can help the regiment grow and thrive using my previous experience as a Death Trooper. The Death Trooper regiment needs strong leaders to be able to pull weight. I believe a strong NCO core is necessary to the growth and image of the battalion. The people within the Death Troopers are also very important to me, and the reason for me returning to the battalion is because I care about the people. The regiment has been seeing it's lows recently, and I believe I can help revive the regiment, even as one person using the knowledge and skill sets I have. Everyone has to do their part, so I think it is time to do my own part. NCOs are the backbone of any regiment, and needs those willing to put in the work necessary. What makes you stand out amongst the others? My previous experience, my dedication, my previous achievements, and my understanding of the duties and extensive knowledge of the regiment and its operations, make me stand out among others. I not only have performed these duties before, but have gone above and beyond in what is expected of me, and have a proven track record of success. I have performed the duties of NCO, and overseen NCOs and enlisted on the Officer level within this regiment. I know the people within the regiment and have a good reputation and status among members of the Death Troopers. Although I believe achieving this rank is a privilege and an honor, and I don't think I deserve it. I have experience, which qualifies me for the position at a higher level. Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of an NCO you can be removed from your position? Understood.
  10. You have a very concise and clear application. However, I feel as if you could go into detail on experience from the roles you have been in. Besides wanting to be TI-23, I don't see many other reasons for wanting to join, but I encourage wanting to join of course! Your application needs some work, however it isn't a bad one. The information given is sufficient to support this. Good luck, +Support
  11. Enough said. Well done. Good luck, +Support
  12. TN9, This quote is a perfect representation of the mindset that a Death Trooper should have. You are looking at the objective, not for your own gain, but for the battalion. This is admirable and unfortunately rare. You are applying out of your dedication to the battalion. Good luck, +Support
  13. EX5, this is a great application. This is the EXACT mindset that Death Trooper Officers need. It's unfortunately rare among officers to be willing to get their hands dirty. You clearly understand what leadership is, and don't hide behind the veil of what it is portrayed to be. In other words, you don't have a childish point of view on officer positions. You clearly see it as a means in which to improve the battalion, not a way to attain personal glory. I would love to see you become an officer in the Death Trooper Battalion EX5. Good luck, +Support
  14. I'm not quite sure about this application. It seems like you have thrown a lot of big phrases around without actually explaining anything at all. You want to sharpen your skills, advance, and gain additional skills which is good. But as for actually wanting the position, you haven't actually had a well thought out reason as to why the unit is even worth your time, as the things you listed are duties you already perform as Death Trooper and a Seeker. I don't think there is much proof reading as there are many grammatical errors and the like, that leave me confused as to what you are trying to convey. I'm not sure if this shows laziness on your part, as you wouldn't take the time to just go back an re-read an application as important as this one. Someone who can't communicate answers to these questions well, may not be able to communicate well with a tight knit unit like TI-23. I feel as if you have much to work on. The Death Trooper TI-23 Unit has a high standard, and I don't see the effort here to justify having you fill the position. Please take my comments well, and know they are for your own benefit. Take my critiques and learn from them. -Support
  15. TN9, First of all, thank you for serving in the armed forces. And I salute the E-4 Mafia! You seem to have a well rounded idea of leadership; I have not personally seen it since I am no longer DT of course, but your experience speaks well. I like that you want to be more involved, and want to help DT improve, especially with the lack of officers. I have taken a look at your quotas, and you have in fact lived up to your word in exceeding your quota by three times every week. This shows your commitment of time, and your dedication to the battalion well. Your Shock position also speaks well of your capabilities. I wouldn't use abbreviations on an officer application. Just make sure you proof read your entire application in the future, since there are some other spelling errors and abbreviations. (Nothing major!) Especially since the Death Trooper Battalion is far more strict, and expects more of you. You also did not include your callsign in the application. Please do so in the future. Good luck, +Support
  16. EX5, I just want to say you have crafted a great application. The honesty in weaknesses, and lasting strive to join the unit sets you apart from many people. I feel like you have a lot to offer to TI-23 and a lot to learn from it as well. Good luck, +Support
  17. This. You have an example, and explain the problem, and intent to try and fix it. You have previous Security Officer experience, and were able to articulate an answer for each question very well. You would do well in this position. Goodluck, +Support
  18. You clearly understand what is happening within the Star Fighter Battalion. You intend on attempting to work with the High Command who is assigned to the battalion, and help fix issues that are ongoing. I think that is very admirable, and you would be a good fit for the position. Goodluck, +Support
  19. I can see that you really thought out the answers you have given. I especially like the examples of improvements that you think that you could make in the specialty. Well done. Goodluck, +Support Side note: Of course the Death Troopers will at least consider what you say; if they have an assignment they will prioritize that over how you'd like for them to guard.
  20. I like the answers to your questions. I think you would be a good fit. Goodluck, +Support
  21. I honestly think that AX5 would be a great fit for TI23. Not only has AX5 been in DT for a very very long time, but the real commitment to the regiment is unmatched. She has left, and come back to the regiment, and has majorly improved as a person and leader over her time in the Death Troopers. AX5 has had shots at Vice Commander, and had been a Command Officer for a long time; she knows her way around DT and would make a great example for other DT as a member of the TI-23 team. Goodluck AX5, +Support
  22. Eli, I love you as a DT and have seen and heard good things. I believe you would do well. However, this application doesn't seem like it has effort put into it. When making an application its important to write out your thoughts and qualifications well. This is important because you are basically selling a product, which is you as a person. You have to sell to people you being in the position, is the best fit. I recommend rethinking your application, and revising it to include much more thought and effort, as your effort in the application reflects the effort you will put in the position. -Support
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