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  1. yeah my bad i didnt know saying the word will offend white people. no clip sorry
  2. yeah i typed it in chat but not in ooc just in chat so everyone who was watching my stream in the call saw it and after i sent it i go tbanned and realised. tbh i was so in the moment that i didnt care for my actions so i made a big mistake. i really want to get unbanned because i enjoy the server i like playing it with my friends and i didnt mean to
  3. Steam Name: door Ingame Name: Makifishy brother SteamID: 76561198798060789, STEAM_0:1:418897530 Ban Length: 1 week Admin that Banned you: console Reason for Ban: racism Dispute: so basically i got an epic kill and he got folded after he was talking shit. anyways me i was happy and everyone was speechless in the discord call because they where all watching me) and in the game chat (no one heard me) i said "i folded that n*gga". I am black so i say it usually but i had to stop saying it because of server rules but at that time i forgot. i didnt call no one a n word only used as a term like "that guy". and the guy that i killed wasnt black in any way. Pls unabn me i want to play with my friends but i made a silly mistake and wont happen again
  4. If the link of the video still worked I swear it would have showed I have done nothing, I’m trying to maybe find the video from the website I used but i’m not certain i might find it
  5. Steam Name: STEAM_0:1:418897530 - door Ingame Name: Jer SteamID: STEAM_0:1:418897530 Ban Length: perma Admin that Banned you: eternity Reason for Ban: none Dispute: So I was banned a while ago for no reason and when I appealed it got denied, I finally decided to maybe try out the server again and i'm banned. He put the denied reason as null and the ban reason as "none given". I had done nothing wrong, all I did was walk around the comm about to ask a question and all of a sudden he bans me. Please unban me.
  6. I am sorry, I couldn’t find the format.
  7. https://dw.convertfiles.com/files/0520282001633788538/2021-10-09 16-06-00.mov name: jer steam id: i dont know reason: none ban moderator: enternity time: perm banned for no reason, commisioner rdm's me also (ckeck link)
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