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  1. Noooo. Zefer you were one of my first friends on the server, if you need anything please feel free to contact me, good luck with your journey man and good luck, I love you like a brother!!!
  2. Good luck, may the best man win!
  3. + Support I think he is a great fit for command and he's an Awesome guy all around!
  4. -Support not ready for officer quite yet very childish and not officer material Very Short App. I love you door and hope the best for you but ur not ready good luck anyways tho
  5. +support althought the app is a bit short I believe that flood level would be a good officer in shock!! good luck man -501st ARCAL CPT
  6. + Support even though the app is rather short I do believe he would be a good cmd member
  7. I have know this man since I have joined the server and he’s the person I believe truly to be the most well fit for vice cmdr and higher out of almost anyone. He is very active and really knows how to lead, I truly believe he is the best option for any battalion VCMDR and I and greatful to have him in havoc! P.S.(I’m better at rocket league than u lol, get gud)
  8. - Support A few things here from an officer. I do believe crysto is passionate about the 501st and has improved as of lately. On the other side of things I have had to speak to him many times in the past so I do believe you are fit for this role but you still have somethings to work on. Even as a NCO such as yourself you must follow orders, this applies to officers as well. I have had several occasions of you disobeying orders. But I do see you do tryouts on the regular which we all love to see as officers. I won’t take to much time but overall I would not be mad if you were mad an officer but you have some stuff to work on so all I’ll say is that if you are made an officer we will be watching you very carefully to make sure you are fit for the job. Overall I will have to give this a minus support because you need more time to become officer but I hope to see you here eventually in all other words good luck! -Grump
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