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  1. What a sexy man, your cat is fat as fuck respectfully
  2. This dumbass missed the greatest and most successful havoc alumni.
  3. Lord of the wolves, protector of S20
  4. You need a life not no god damn map pics
  5. Jesus christ what is your signature
  6. no mention? Should've never promoted you to HCOM.
  7. - support, pretty sure you can’t even apply for this unless HCOM removed something, which IMO they shouldn’t have.
  8. joined yesterday, got general reserves after donating 500$ worth of itunes gift cards to palpatine
  9. +Support Give the man or they / them a shot! Fire PFP bro.
  10. Meh, personal preference really. Don’t think it’s something that SMT should waste their time doing over something else.
  11. +support nice looking model, Beckett could make something 10x nicer though ngl (Hint hint nudge nudge)
  12. Nerf that sniper lol, it’s the same as that op nt_242_c no one wants a 400dmg sniper on a battalion job accessible by such a large amount of people +Support straight facts bubby boo boo
  13. SAINTY.

    Big question

    I'm just, like, Dude, like, oh my God. Can we talk about the political and economic state of the world, right now?
  14. +Support Please never make your app look like that again, don't highlight everything, looks ugly af lol. Best of luck.
  15. +support If you dont leave after a week like most ic command
  16. Mans really brought up the ranks on those servers that give you the rank just for joining haha Was a 501st CMDR and HCOM! +Support
  17. Can't write an application to save his life We all know that Fennec is a great guy and will be more than a good person to contribute to this. +SUPPORT
  18. You mention your "responsibility and respect" Didn't you mass RDM Nova and battalion diss the one you are using to write about? - Support.
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