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  1. Imperial Navy Application Format: What is your in-game name?: What is your SteamID: What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: What specialty are you applying for?: What Naval Command (Rear Admiral+) gave you permission to apply?: What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: Why should you be trusted with this position? Why do you want this rank?: Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: Things to Note: You have to be a Petty Officer 2nd Class+ in order to apply for a Specialty. You also have to get permission from a Rear Admiral+ in order to apply. Your title should follow something like this format: Astro's Security Officer Application NEVER ADVERTISE YOUR APPLICATION OR IT WILL BE INSTANTLY DENIED!
  2. Sad Mario


    BBQ is the only way to go
  3. Battalion Name: Naval / Inferno Squadron Job/Class Name: ID10 Model Path: N/A Weapon Kit: Current Loadout: Binoculars (Dark), Keys, DC-17 Extended, Integrated Storage Device, Health Stim Shot, Squad Shield Activator, Thermal Detonator, Attention Special, Radio, Battering Ram, Bacta Injector. Add: The ability for ID10 to spawn in these vehicles: Tie Fighter, Imperial Troop Transport, and a VTOL. Remove: N/A Reason for change (do you think that said weapons is suitable for the job and is fair considering current loadouts of other battalions?): I believe this ability for ID10 is very suitable for the job because IF specializes in flying vehicles in situations such as redacted operations or if there is no SF on to fly. Do you believe these changes are fair to the battalion/job role it is responsible for and will benefit the server, if so, why?: I believe these changes are very fair to the sub division of IF itself because of several reasons. The first reason is that it makes sense for ID10 to be able to do this as ID10 is considered a supporting role for Inferno Squadron. The second reason is that Inferno Squadron is performing redacted operations quite often so having an SF fly them to it wouldn’t make sense and kind of breaks the purpose of a redacted operation if someone who is not in the redacted battalion knows what’s going on. The third reason is that if there is no current SF on to transport people, IF would be able to do so if ID10 is on. The fourth reason is IF can assist in space combat if there isn’t a lot of SF to take on the battle. All in all, we can still be reliant with SF on certain situations, but the main point is to allow IF to do their own things with this ability (Shadow Squadron can be included in some cases). The ability to have ID10 spawn vehicles that I listed would not happen very often and would only be used for redacted operations or if there is not a lot of SF on. This whole update is not meant to take away SF's job. No, they are the main pilots of the server. This whole update is meant for the use of vehicles for redacted operations which would help a lot.
  4. Nah, no no no no no no, no way I'm losing you to. This cannot be happening. Boomer, Matrix, and now YOU!? AQ)oiwhd9IOPUawhDPIOUHawd
  5. When people say I have no bitches even though the no bitches joke is meant for the Kallus role. PROTEUS HAS NONE!!! @Proteus
  6. +Support The Gladiator job is pretty useless in ST and bringing in Snowtroopers would be so much better. It would bring variety and much more meaning to ST who is desperate need of something new in my opinion.
  7. Denied Please wait 1 week before reapplying!
  8. Denied Please wait 1 week before re applying
  9. Accepted! Please speak to an Admiral for training and whitelist!
  10. Zee is a big minge with no maidens
  11. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): ISB-021 Agent Kallus | Astro Why do you want to become the position of Fleet Admiral?: I wish to become the position of Fleet Admiral because of three different reasons... The first reason is interaction. Throughout my time in Naval, I realized that interaction is one of the core elements when it comes to working in the battalion. When I first joined Naval, I wanted to become a Security Officer because their job is to interact with Shock and Death Troopers as much as they can. This includes giving input on certain situations and overall making sure that they are in good shape. This is the same situation when I got promoted to the rank of of Admiral Antonio Motti. The reason I wanted to be Admiral Antonio Motti is because it gave me the ability to interact with ALL Navy battalions which is something I always wanted to do. It gave me the ability to learn how each Navy battalion works and allows me to bond with everyone within them. However, recently, Admiral Antonio Motti's job was then reduced to just Naval which was a little bit disappointing. This made my work very limited and didn't give me the ability to interact with all Navy battalions. This is the reason why I transferred back to Agent Kallus, so I can expand my work and do more. Interaction is one of the key elements of a High Command member. The second reason is how I can bring so much more to the High Command table. Becoming a High Command member gives me the ability to make several changes if necessary to benefit the Navy as a whole. My vision of Navy is that all battalions are in great shape and that there are no problems at all. If I become the next Fleet Admiral, I will make sure that I am always communicating with my fellow High Command members and always bring input on what should happen or what should be improved on. The same situation goes with me overseeing a Navy battalion, which brings me to my third reason. The third reason is the ability to oversee a Navy battalion. If I were assigned to oversee a Navy battalion, I will make sure that my 1st priority is said battalion. The reason why is because High Command's responsibility is to make sure that all battalions in their branch are in great shape and that there a little problems as possible. If the battalion is not doing well, I will use all of my power to ensure that the battalion is able to revive itself. I have studied how the current Navy High Command members handle their battalion that they oversee, which overall shows me how to deal with the battalion. I believe that I have the knowledge and the experience to help oversee a battalion. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Navy High Command?: The biggest thing I would bring to Navy High Command is simply my dedication, intelligence, and wit. As of right now, we are currently down to only one Navy High Command member which is High Admiral Mann. One Navy High Command is definitely not enough to sustain the Navy branch. I believe if I would get Fleet Admiral, I will assist other High Command members in any situations that happen and would cooperate and work with them to make sure that everything is good. Another thing I would bring to Navy High Command is me being very dependable person to rely on, and how I can make possible changes to the Navy branch. I would make sure to create a safe and fun environment for people on the server to make sure they get the fun they deserve as well as making any changes to any battalions to overall make it even better. I am a very quick learner and I am able to adapt quickly from the change from Low Command to High Command. I always go for 100% whether if it's IRL or on the server itself. Finally, I will also make sure that I am always available if anyone is trying to reach me and want to speak with me, or if someone is having trouble, I will attempt to help them out with anything they need. What is the purpose of a Fleet Admiral?: The main purpose of being a Fleet Admiral is to make sure that all Navy battalions are in great shape. As Fleet Admiral, you are the first rank into Navy High Command which means that people are going to be contacting you first whenever there is a problem. The Fleet Admiral is also responsible for the battalion they oversee. As an overseer, you should not be dictating how the battalion runs but be like an advisor. Giving input when necessary to the command team and making sure that they are running the battalion good. Finally, being a High Command member means that you should not be acting out of character. A Fleet Admiral should be a good role model and show other troopers how to act properly while on duty. Minging, or directly breaking the rules should not be happening as the Fleet Admiral. Another purpose of a Fleet Admiral is to make sure that you are constantly communicating with your fellow High Command members, and making sure that you are keeping everyone up to date on what is happening within the Navy branch. Fleet Admirals should also engage in more cross regimental battalion relationships and attempt to strengthen the bond. Fleet Admirals should also be able to take any constructive criticisms given to them and how they should improve on themselves. Why should we trust you to be Navy High Command?: I should be trusted as the Fleet Admiral because of my experience, dedication, and time on the server. Throughout my time in Naval, I have gained both the knowledge and experience on how to run a battalion. From me starting as a little Crewman and then promoted to the rank of Admiral shows how much experience I gained. I am currently Agent Kallus and my job is to make sure that both Shock and Death Troopers are in optimal conditions and that there are no problems at all, as well as interacting with them as much as possible. Another reason why I should be trusted is my rank skip in Naval. I was a Rear Admiral, but was surprisingly promoted into the rank of Admiral, skipping Vice Admiral. This is because of the amount of work I have put in within Naval. My final reason is my time within the server. Throughout my time in Naval, I have observed how High Command works with their branches which shows me how to work as a High Command member. Currently at this time, I believe I have both the knowledge and experience to take on a High Command position. Becoming the next Fleet Admiral will provide a plethora of new challenges, which I believe I am capable of overcoming on becoming a capable High Command member. Also, when I became an Admiral, Naval was in a really bad state with severe activity and a lot of in fighting. However, I reverted all of this to a state where the battalion is in optimal state. How often can you be active in-game?: I am active almost everyday but hours vary. On weekdays, I usually play from 2:30 PM EST - 9:00 PM EST. On weekends, I can play from 8:00 AM EST - 10:00 PM EST. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I have none. I thank you all for taking the time to read this application and hopefully consider me for the position!
  12. Please put more effort into this application or you will be denied. You have until tomorrow 5/7/22!
  13. Please put more effort into this application or you will be denied! You have until Saturday 5/7/22 to revise it!
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