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  1. Damn. Wishing you good luck whatever happens next. Hope to see you around Dragon!
  2. Don't take me wrong, application is unbelievably amazing, and no doubt you would make a great staff members, just some things have to be worked on.
  3. Goodbye friend. Thanks for making me who i am today.
  4. Seen you around the server from time to time and from my experience you are overall a positive guy! Goodluck Jimmy!
  5. -Support. - You just made a staff application that got denied. Wait two weeks before making another application. - You made this forums account 10 hours ago, not on the 25th of January. You can see that on your forums profile. - Staff application is rushed. - Grammar is bad but can't really blame him if it isnt on purpose. - Haven't personally seen you in game at all.
  6. +Support knows how to handle staff situations!
  7. +Support Is already staff and has no warns. Application could use more work but otherwise he knows the basics.
  8. +Support yea, most id give is a timeout. Lesson learned.
  9. - Support banned from the discord and just had a situation with IQ.
  10. +Support! Got a good amount of experience with staffing. Good luck!
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