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  1. PS5 is the best option rn imo
  2. You can remove your own post by pressing the 3 dots on top right of your post!
  3. +Support! - Has good intentions for the server! - Wants to help! - Treats people respectfully no matter who they are! _______________________________________________________________________________ Should keep in mind that you shouldn't bring the people that got RDM'd other than the guy that reported said mass rdmr. Other then that with a little time as staff and some learning i think he could be a great staff member!
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    I am quoting this quote from a quote from a quote from a quote on the gaminglight forums. This post is in the general section of ImperialRP on the forums. i voted "I do support" on the poll connected to this post as i am an ImperialRP player.
  5. Didnt really talk to you much but i will still remember you! See you around!
  6. +Support! - Really good application! - Haven't really seen you personally (I just came back from reserves) but other people see you online! - From encounters seem pretty chill!
  7. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) Nova BHS Comet NT05 / Coco 2. What Regiment are you applying for? I am applying for Nova Vice Commander! 3. Why do you want to be a vice commander of this branch? I want to be vice commander for Nova because I want to once again bring new ideas and creativity to nova. I have sticked with Nova for the entire time I have been on the server for, and even though I have been a vice commander/commander for nova before, I still have some ideas in my head that I would love to implement into nova. For example: new mission ideas, new simulation ideas and training ideas. I want to make Nova a better and a more friendlier place to be in than it already is. I want to ensure the most enjoyable time on the server for other people. I want to make nova even more active than it already is. I've always loved helping people and showing how things are run around the server and that's what I want to continue doing.. I think i am ready again to be a vice commander after a break and will aim higher than i did last time! 4. How much game time do you have on the server? Currently, i have 3015 hours on the server as of writing this. Proof can be found here -> https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/889560780?servers[4604844]=3M (Also i am almost a year in on the server!) 5. What is the Main Purpose of a vice commander for a branch? The main purpose of a vice commander is to maintain leadership and to make rules and keep enforcing them. Making sure everyone in your battalion is doing their job and making sure they are not minging on or off job, but also making sure that they are having a fun time on the server by being friendly to them and making sure to make some fun activities like simulations, missions and trainings. Making sure to praise and give something back to a trooper that is doing exceptional, make them know that their work isn't for nothing. Another vice commanders main purpose is to make sure you are someone that can be counted on. Making sure to keep promises and to help people in need. Upholding standards in officers, NCO's and enlisted. Showing up to both command meetings and nova meetings to get new information and then then spreading that information. Making flag ups to encourage people to get on and to give them some sort of reason to actually come to the server and enjoy their time in it. 6. Why should we trust you to be a vice commander? : I should be trusted as a vice commander because I have shown dedication to uphold activity and rules in Nova, other regiments and also the server as a whole. I have held great RP ranks for a long time along the way of me being a gaminglight community member. Those ranks have been in numerous different regiments like Havoc, Stormtroopers, Nova ect. I have also held great staff and GM ranks for my time in gaminglight. I have never gotten a warn, ban or even a verbal on the server and I never minge on or off job. Nova is a very serious regiment and I can uphold seriousness at all time when needed. I know how to give orders, what orders to give and when to give out orders during in the heat of battle on ship as well as off ship. I've helped countless people in and out of the server in need in nova as well as other regiments. I've loved Nova ever since I joined thanks to the prior nova command. When I joined, I actually enjoyed my time on the server and got to experience a creation of a regiment when I joined and i want to keep that regiment going. 7. How often can you be Online? : Now that summer is rolling around in about 6 days. I can dedicate my time to gaminglight about 6-10 hours depending on if I am free and if I am around my computer! 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have no warnings or bans on record as of today. _____________________________________________________ Thank you for taking your time to read through this application! Please leave your honest opinions even if they are negative!
  8. Im going to watch every single video that you post!!!! Im excited!
  9. +Support! - Has a lot of experience in staffing. - Has a lot of experience how the server runs on a daily basis. - Sainty is very Dedicated and has much experience. - Sainty is very trusted from being a three time vice commander to going to general. - Sainty has done so much for the community that i already lost count. If someone should deserve the rank of superadmin it should be sainty. Good luck!
  10. Yo agent gets all the bitches! Hope you get this!
  11. Damn that sucks man. You'll get trough this i promise. Loss is something you cannot prepare for. More so if its someone you really love.
  12. I probably should! See you there!!!
  13. Honestly, retired life getting pretty boring, i might be back soon. been trying to play darkrp and such to see if my garrys mod addiction is coming back, and its growing stronger by the day so i just might be back soon.
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    Hey Guys

    Hey Guys 29 days
  15. Damn, sad to see you go so soon, but i guess you are still staff so see you around.
  16. Just saw this, Unfortunate fennec. If you ever need a carry on Apex, dm me, ill be there!
  17. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I come baring some unfortunate news. I am officially resigning as of today. This might be a surprise to some people, some of you probably knew that I was going to resign. Either way, my time on the server was amazing and I got so many new friends. I am grateful for everyone making a hell of a 9 months on the server. Here are some mentions for some special people I met along the way. Starch: Made my time in Nova the best and was generally a great friend. Hope to see you on the top one day! (admin) Sainty: One of the best friends I met on ImperialRP, made my time on the server amazing and has moved up the ranks really fast. You're gonna get past D2 in no time. Bon: Best first non Manager Emperor Palpatine. Thanks for doing what you could to nova. Kio: Moved up in Nova so fast hoping you move on and make me proud by keeping nova alive! Suns: Awesome dude, hoping to see much more from you! MAKE ME PROUD! MAKE NOVA PROUD!!!! Galaxy: Even though we didn't really like each other, you actually made some improvements when you moved up the ranks. Proud of ya, hoping to see great things from you! All of Nova: Thank you for being such and awesome community, and thank you for keeping me in the battalion for so long. Astro: Agent All The Bitches. On a more serious note made multiple of my days and is a great dude. Rux: We didn't really talk that much but you made my time in IC great and were one of the people who made my time on the server great. Fennec: Wish I could have interacted with you a little bit more. Great person overall. If you need a carry in Apex, I'm always available. Insidious on top! Bub: Great 69th Vice Commander, hope to see some more experiments from you! Mann: Best Nova Senior commander overseer of the month ever! Mando: Made my time in GM the best time I had. Makes very great events and hoping to see more from you! Azreal: We didn't talk much but you made my time on the server a little bit better! Everyone: Thank you. Thank you for making 9 months of my life bearable. I'm sorry if you weren't mentioned. I have had so many good interactions with all of you, there's too many to count. Ill be back some day, I promise, I just need to take a break and then come back later whenever the river leads me back. Thank you. Godspeed.
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