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  1. Roster Name: Damien Steam ID STEAM_0:0:166545950 Current Rank: Researcher Activity Level (Out of 10): 7
  2. Yeah I also released him though, I do that to slasher a lot because in my mind its funny lol, there is no ill will and actually intent of harm here, its just be joking around
  3. -Support In the real world this wouldn't matter, if you are doing the crime and multiple units come riding up, that isn't their fault, in addition I believe this is not a good idea for the reason that if you are riding along with a friend in one car to prevent server lag issues there is no helping it anyways and shouldn't be implemented
  4. I understand where your coming from but families aren't their parents, we give them punishments revolving the family, and also try to issue a punishment for breaking MOTD, so basically your saying, if somebody is new to our family and they break MOTD we get in trouble? because if that is the case this should be implemented on departments like PD, State, Tac, and even EMS.
  5. -Support this gives no actual information on how to properly form a punishment, will it go to the leader? or the entire family as a whole, I have a idea actually if you see someone breaking the rules type /report that's all that really needs to be done, so the individual gets in trouble not everyone that puts SL in their name, plus SMT would have to keep track of EVERYONE in the family, its unnecessary work as they are already busy enough.
  6. I have countless bad encounters with other families, plus we aren't really mingy, we are enforcing rules today just like this meeting that we had today, I have gave out countless punishments to members and its hard when we just start out, I truly believe that SL is not mingy, we get harassed daily from a lot of the members that have replied, though not all, I would ask you to reconsider and actually talk with our family other then player dissing, you can learn a lot from meeting someone. Do you have any evidence that shows we are mingy or is this off of word??? because if you want I can display where you harassed our members and expected a good outcome, we don't all operate like that.
  7. Why are we pinging Zeeptin, do you like your bans?
  8. +support Active Mature Helpful Deserves the ranks, good luck
  9. -support Sorry I was just gonna fill out a report for this exact reason, you been calling people names for days on end, I think this warn is a lesson for you to chill out
  10. -Support Ayo? why are we tryna ban this fool for 10 warns lmao I never head of banning someone for 10 warns before?
  11. -Support Just hear me out, I get that he just received his 43rd warn, however it isn't anything that bad maybe he is just re-learning the game Maybe he just forgot how to play Gmod in general, even if I feel a job of a admin is to explain the rules, not warn them for something every time they did something bad and Gaming Light has made a lot of improvement, also I think we should all agree that mods back then in recent clips got so hungry for giving out a warn, that is just my input In addition, it was a long time ago, I understand the tradition of passing 43 warns but I will take time out of my day to explain the entire MoTd if needed. lets give him a chance
  12. -/+Support, Dude the only reason I don't want this is because its funny lmao and it rarely happens, this suggestion just brought light to it though
  13. Cop bait is Fail RP, Driving off the cliff is in between Fail RP and Fear Rp
  14. I like the no fuel, sometimes when I spawn a car it just spawns with 0 fuel, Thanks jimmy!
  15. Personally I don't think it is the right map for this server
  16. -support So you didn't follow any of the instructions for the application, it shows you put no time or effort into becoming staff, 1. No poll is set up 2. How are you User, Silver, Gold, and plat at the same time? 3.doesn't seem to know how to work forums as he can't check when he made the account. (stated below) 4. I never see you on ever, maybe you are you just aren't well known enough. 5. this is legit a copy and paste of his other staff applications, this indicates he shows no time or thought to care about his application and is not suitable for the position Try again next time, and I will at the very least consider a +support.
  17. +support Listen 40 warns 40 chances, he had his chances
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