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  1. Your name: Meeseeks Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): Meeseeks#0909 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 600123989905375232 Which discord server were you banned on? SCP-RP What was the reason for your ban (if you know it)? I was banned for transphobia Why do you deserve to be unbanned? Well to start off I would like to say sorry to the people who where unhappy with what I had said I realized what I did was very disrespectful to the person who I said it to and possibly others. I got banned from the Discord literally months ago and all I'm asking for is another shot. I understand that many of you may hold personal biases against me witch you have full right to do so but, for this appeal I'm asking those people who do have those biases to look past them. Somethings I would like to add. On a previous Discord ban appeal witch was denied people left reasons why they did not think I should be un banned. #1 "Its been too short of a time to know that you have changed" Since I have gotten banned its has been around 3 & 1/2 months since I have gotten banned from the Discord. #2 "I'm not capable/mature enough to be in a RP server or that I'm just going to get banned again" Well this is not true, as of now I am a CMDR on another Semi Serious RP server owned by another major network and I have approximately 0 warns or banns on that server. Lastly as a reminder what I said was outside of GL and was not in any GL related server or GC and happened purely in Discord DMs. Anyways I apricate all the people who read this appeal and don't just immediately -support it. If you have any questions regarding the appeal please DM me at any time. Thanks all ~ Meeseeks
  2. I would like to add something because there seems to be confusion. I am aware that what I did was completely unexpectable from any stand point. I called a person a homophobic slur even when I'm gay myself and other horrible things. I regret those actions severally, not for the fact that it got banned but for the fact on how it ruined my entire reputation and how it affected people I was friends with. I'm not trying to say what I did was forgivable from a ethics and morals stand point. I just wish for forgiveness so can prove to GL that I truly have reconciled and improved as a person, and for some that may be harder to believe then others.
  3. Your name: Meeseeks Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): Meeseeks#0909 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 600123989905375232 Which discord server were you banned on? SCP-RP What was the reason for your ban (if you know it): Transphobia/Player harassment Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: At the time I was banned I was in a low point in my life and I resorted to fucking with people and harassing others for own self closure. I'm not proud of what I did, hence why I'm trying to better myself and show that im not 100% a fuck up. I'm actually trying to have a fresh start within GL and this time no more fuck ups. This time I'm serious and I really do plan to treat others and this server with more respect. Over the course of time that I've left GL I've had time to reflect and I realize what I have done wrong. Also, If you chose to -support this purely for the fact that you dislike me as a person that's your choice and I'm not gonna harass you because of it, its your choice and its your right.
  4. Also if you guys think I'm transphobic over saying a slur then half of GL would be racist, homophobic ,ECT
  5. Ok so lemme get this straight first off it was pretty obvious that I said it was Voxail as a joke plus it was literally all in DMs soooo therefore was out of GL But yall are really gonna be that mad over a word be my guest. Also I get that its an offensive word but showing to to the person causes more issues in the first place. Also just wanna add serval GL members have said worse from F-slur to N-word but im the only one being prosecuted hmmm kind of weird NGL
  6. Literally the best LCMD should of gotten MAJ you are a great friend of mine have fun
  7. No that's not what im trying to say before ZJ was caught I almost never talked to him when it was not related to SEC & he never told me that he was hacking. Almost everyone thought he would hack and he did. I was simply pointing out how Piller was objectively wrong in most of his arguments (as per usual)
  8. Are you dumb lol ? like genuinely its an honesty question Piller. I did not know that ZJ was hacking at all so get our sources right buddy and mass promoting ? like what ? how is promoting him to LCPL mass promoting. Don't believe me ask SEC CMD. TBH I don't think fabricating parts of a story is the best look for VCMDR so get your facts straight pall I wouldn't pull that card Flixy especially when lots of others knew including Nu7 CMD SEC CMD even our lovely @The Gaming Goat
  9. Steam Name: Meeseeks Ingame Name: Meeseeks SteamID: STEAM_0:1:501542706 Job Blacklisted From: Security as whole Reason for the Job Blacklist: Collaborating with an ALT account, getting them promoted Dispute: Well how do I start this off . . . so yeah I made a mistake, a very large one at that, but what I have learned is that we are all prone to mistakes, and it's a part of being human. What I did was unacceptable as a SCMD member, a Security member, and as a Gaminglight member as a whole. What I did is something I will never do again. From my blacklist, I have adapted and overcome. I'm not the same person I was a month ago I have reflected on this situation and that has let me improve myself. What I did was completely wrong, I valued a friendship with others more then the branch I cared about so very much. Not only did I disappoint Security but I betrayed the branch completely utterly. Im sorry what I have done is something that in the future I will NEVER even think of possibly repeating. I'm not seeking forgiveness or pity. What I wish for is one final chance to prove myself to the community that I have changed and that I'm responsible now that I can be trusted. I wish for one last shot within Security. If you have any questions relating to this subject please DM me on Discord Thank you all for reading this and I'm sincerely sorry for all issues if caused.
  10. Fuck Yeah !!!! Make this man a MAJ literally the most suited plus hes active, dedicated ,and just good over all
  11. +Support hes responsible and cool
  12. +Support best Fish plus hes active and British
  13. +Support its Killlaz . . . if he used to be a an Hos he can probably be a good MAJ
  14. +Support One of the greatest branch updates i have ever seen
  15. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rip adams you were a great guy and friend u will be missed O7
  16. +Support Soul is a great guy and is responsible and active
  17. +Support Nyde is one of the best staff out there and would good Super Admin
  18. +Support Island is one of the most active and dedicated members of GL and he would make a fantastic Super Admin
  19. +Support The most pog gamer also great guy and player
  20. +Support Fishy is active and a great warden he would make a fabulous SCMD
  21. +Support Pretty active and a good warden
  22. +Support Raymond is a great guy and very active Foxtrot-15
  23. +Support The CI KOS list has always been unnecessary in my and basically just metagaming in my opinion
  24. +Support the most Pog gamer around also great guy & staff
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