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  1. - Support I was with the crowd of people at some point and they said it was fine. He did apologize to everyone. He had stood up plus, clicking a mouse happens to people, it's bound to happen. As a staff member, he should definitely be more careful but it was an honest mistake. I'm pretty sure he learned from it and won't do that again if he can avoid it. The admin even acknowledged that he shouldn't have done that plus he accepted his arrest. That is not the full clip of what happened but then again. This is how I view it. Also, stop arguing, just keep post to +/- support.
  2. - Support - You didn't answer the most important questions - No effort and rushed app
  3. + Support - Has good intentions for the community - Previous staff experience - Active - Could be of great assistance for the staff team
  4. + MEGA SUPPORT - Spectre has been a very fun and great Naval HCOM - Active and open to talk to - Great leadership skills - All around, ever since I met Spectre, he has been a great pal and I believe he deserves this position - He has changed for the better and I believe he's trying his best to turn things over
  5. + Support - Has a basic idea of GM ideas - Seems to have good intentions for the community - Though you don't have much time in the server, I believe we can let you have a try at being a GM
  6. + Mega Support - Former IC VCMDR Scorch - Approachable and nice - Active within IC - Has good intentions for IC - Keeps the battalion entertained with activities Goodluck Rux!
  7. + Mega Support - Previous IC CMDR Boss - Very nice and approachable - Keeps IC entertained with activities - Active member of IC Goodluck Panic!
  8. + Support - Has a decent understanding on how to handle a MRDM sit - Great staff experience - Seems to have good intentions for the community
  9. What is your In Game Name? My in game name is Deputy Agent Mota Reint MIF48 [Shery]. What is your In Current Rank? My current rank is Deputy Agent. What is your Agent Name? My agent name is Mota Reint. How Long Have You Been In Inferno Squad? I have been in Inferno Squad for 4 days as of right now. Why Do You Want To Become An NCO? [100+ Words] I want to become an NCO because I believe I can take on an NCO's task. For every other battalion I been on, I've always been told I did outstanding work for an NCO. I indeed like doing tryouts and setting a good example for those below me so we all move together and strive as a group. I want to help Inferno Squad grow as a whole, if I get the rank of NCO, I will wait to get tryout certified and after I am certified, I will do as many tryouts as I can to get people interested into IF. How could you assist Inferno Squad with this rank? [50+ Words] I will assist Inferno Squad by hosting tryouts as my main task. As an NCO I will assist Officers and the Command team to keep Enlisted on check. Not only do I plan to host at least 2 tryouts a day, I also plan to do trainings for IF to keep the battalion entertained, along with making good bonds with other battalions to keep mutual relationships within the community. As an NCO I will also better my leadership skills like I always aim for. If there is a problem I can take care of, I will do so, leaving more important matters to Officers and Command team. At the end of the day, I want everyone to enjoy their time and have fun on the IF job and in the server. How many strikes do you have? I currently have no strikes within the Inferno Squad battalion and no strikes within the community. Do you have any experience being an NCO/leading? If so explain. I have been playing in various servers for 5 months now, but I've only reached leadership positions in Gaming light Imperial RP and another server where I was a DT CMDR, and a 501st CMDR. Speaking about GL, the first regiment I joined was medical and I became an NCO (SGT) before deciding to move into combat battalions which is when I joined Purge and came to be an officer (2LT). After that I decided to join IC with a rank transfer from Purge and became CSM in IC. I reached COL in IC and before joining IC, I joined DT where I dedicated all my time and came up to be a 2LT but things happened and I had to sadly resign. In DT I was always the top leading NCO even before I reached CSM. After resigning from DT, I joined Nova and became a VCMDR within a month of joining. What Qualifications could you bring to the Inferno Squad NCO Team? What qualifies me to be an NCO is my previous NCO and Officer roles for other battalions, especially DT and Nova. My activity ranges from 2 - 10 hours a day, meaning, I'm active and if someone wished to speak to me about a matter, I'm always available by Discord or TeamSpeak if they wish to talk directly to me. I consider myself friendly and I'm always looking for ways to help those who need help. If I don't understand something, I read over the SOP to make sure I understand it or I go to someone of higher rank for understanding of a topic. I am willing to go out of my way to make sure the regiment is doing well in every aspect. Enforcing SOP is a big thing for me, and that is something I will enforce be an enlisted or NCO or officer. Breaking SOP it's a no no and I will give insight into that if I have to. At the end of the day I want to make good memories with everyone and making sure the people enjoy their time while on the Inferno Squad job. Do you understand that if you are Accepted, you will be on a 1 Week Trial Period? (Failing the Trial Period will result in a demotion) I understand that if I get accepted, I will be on a 1 week trial period and if I fail it, It will result in me being demoted.
  10. + Support - I believe he has good intentions for the community - Great answer for the last two questions - I've interacted with Delko and he seems like a nice guy
  11. + Support - Previous staff experience - Great application - Has good intentions for the community - Great answer for last two questions
  12. - Support - Application incomplete and rushed
  13. - Support - Short application - Questions left unanswered - Although the answer to MRDM is good, I think you could put more effort into the other questions.
  14. + Support - Previous staff experience - Great member in his RP role - Has good intentions for the community - Known around the community
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