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  1. -Support Rather have the Vietnam War tbh Changes like this wouldn't bring that much players back. Especially removing the Air Force and CCs
  2. -Support -Pac3 Can be abused highly if given to players -Pac3 Cause lag and collide with other Addons making it unusable or just straight broken -And honestly "Holograms" would be pointless as you legit are taking a model and pasting over it, how would communication work that way?
  3. +/- Support +Good Rper +Active -Lousy Experience as Command before -Annoying at times -/+Fairly Decent Application ~Republic Commando Boss
  4. Name: Krimson Server: Clone Wars RP Class: Delta Squad Additions: 10$ ~ Removal of SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158575448 20$ ~ SteamID Addition: STEAM_0:1:36009346 20$ ~ SteamID Addition: STEAM_0:1:35169603 20$ ~ JetPack: sent_jetpack 15$ ~ Vehicle: cgilaat2 10$ ~ Swep: hololink_swep ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: 41st Reconnaissance [Separate Custom Class btw] Additions: 20$ ~ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119419607 ------------------------------------------------------------------ All Paid for.
  5. Never said he wasn't! Maybe in didn't go too in context with what i've said.
  6. -Support, Now that's Comedy. Caught red handed in another Community.
  7. Then I'll spend the Custom credits on something else, never mind!
  8. Name: Krimson Class: Delta Squad Server: Star Wars RP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Addition: 20$ ~ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36110541 20$ ~ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:44658813 20$ ~ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158575448 ------------------------
  9. Name: Krimson Server: Clone Wars RP Custom Class: Delta Squad Issue: You removed my SteamID from my Class by Mistake am assuming due to the Confusion of another SteamID on the Class in the post i made previously to solve that issue. This is my SteamID: STEAM_0:0:127986170 The SteamID above should be the only one on the Class, i already paid 20$ in Custom Class on the Previous post to get the unknown SteamID removed.
  10. Thanks a Bunch! This will help me a lot with a new CC am getting.
  11. In Honesty the Current BXO, Should become Gree.
  12. Name: Krimson Server: Clone Wars RP Custom Job: Delta Squad ---------------------------------------------------------- 2 Out of the 4 Models are Errors so i Suppose they were added in Wrong. ---------------------- models/player/shader/starwars/commando_updatet_40.mdl models/player/shader/starwars/commando_updatet_62.mdl Those are the Correct Model Paths. ------------------------------------ Also i'd like to remove the SteamID that is currently not This on the Class: STEAM_0:0:127986170 [This is my SteamID as Shown. I still have 10 Custom Credits left to remove the Other One]