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  1. Woah your coming back :0 +support for old Nu7 command
  2. Maybe that LTCOL Spot looking kinda....Good (on a real note maybe, Football is done so i have more time and i'm still working on myself but also ill probably wont be as active as i was if i do come back)
  3. Pure


    Congrats to all!!!!!
  4. +support rules are rules there’s reasons y we are told not to go afk outside of bunks, if u did NEED to go afk i would of just said so and said just keep me till I come back no matter how long it takes Using powers off duty like that isn’t very professional either non the less ur a moderator u shouldn’t even be using commands while on a RP Job
  5. -support is biased asf JOKE +support obviously!!!!!
  6. Damn o7 well Let’s hope Nu7 is able to do good while ur gone you’ve done lot for us,
  7. +support man has been at 1LT for a long time and does his job well, he’s a trusted member I say why not
  8. Pure

    dFuZe's Ban Appeal

    +support one last chance been a while so I see y not
  9. +support doubt they will accept this, something similar happened to me, it’s a learning experience is what I was told
  10. Damn I really thought you would of gotten VCMDR before me when I left, welcome im sure J0LT will keep Nu7 alive for us if not I’ll come back
  11. Damn great having you around when I was still here, real question is did you fix your issue w loading into the server?
  12. Damn great work did a lot in ur time welcome
  13. No need for a witness when there’s logs to prove it unless the other guy had killed u first but even then logs would of showed it -support
  14. Nu7 on top ong (joke don’t take my reserves I love CI)
  15. Pure

    Star's Resignation

    Damn nooo everyone’s leaving
  16. Damn one last pic of Gokus feet will be in ur DM’s tonight
  17. maybe during Christmas break or thanksgiving break I may hop on the server but won’t come back fully at least for now
  18. +support E4 update crazy tho new gun 0_0
  19. +support deserves another chance for like the 20th time I’m Pure so I would know
  20. Damn you were a cool asf guy enjoyed talking and playing a little bit of tarkov you’ve done enough. Also Feet finders gonna become a real thing with blue 0_0
  21. I feel you, you were a great HCMD bye for now
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