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  1. + Support - Seaman is a very active player and has been in the community for a great amount of time where he can be trusted and is respected amongst the players. They are in a very high RP rank and are used to responsibility as a senior gamemaster. - With my personal experiences, hes a great guy and his events are always a joy to attend. He know's the lore well and is a good representative of other gamemasters. He also has been senior gm for a long time with no problems to my knowledge. I hope you get AHGM
  2. + support - Evidence supports what is being said - This is absolutely unacceptable especially for an Admin of gaminglight and a high ranking member of naval
  3. +support - previous experience - no warns - seems to know what their doing - relatively new
  4. + MEGA support - experienced with responsibility in other battalions - understands the job of SO well - effort is clearly shown in his application
  5. its better to come in the sink then sink in the come - Master Oogway you will be missed
  6. +support would be a good fit and best mic
  7. + Mega support ^ reasons above
  8. +MEGA SUPPORT reasons above ^ Deserving of the commander role and im sure will exceed expectations.
  9. +/- support - i saw myself that you were playing music and got told by a admin you were jetpacking - you said everyone was fine with it but someone reported you - I deal with reports as they come in and if someone else was doing the same thing that doesn't mean that its suddenly allowed + It is a minor issue and i believe you werent trying to ruin anyone else's rp
  10. + support - active - no warns - trusted and good event ideas