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  1. Rest In Pond gl with college though and I will try and find time to get on soon
  2. my Boy scootus I just came back and was waiting for you to get on once to say hi again I will miss you brother You will be missed o7
  3. +Support Amazing Staff | Great Person | Great at his job
  4. Nah watch ill come back after summer and ill come back stronger than ever bro.
  5. I will continue to riot with Farmers no need to worry about that one
  6. Shit spent a year of life on Gmod and being totally honest with you don't want to spend summer on Gmod see you all later much love for the fun times and shit we did in my time here “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” Friends Rowphin: Secret Boyfriend friend ignis: You a bitch but I love you brother DaddyDBoi: You have been around this whole damn time Thin: Funny man get warn go BRRRRRRRRR Lucas: Flaming gay man FunnyFish0: Homeboy get on da damn game BloodDragon: Emotionaly Damaged Aspect: Ew Vanny: Ben. Shark: Yes Babalowa: C3 Mute III totally real hacker man Gar: You have bad aim | still better gamma than Cosmic Jeff: Accidental 2LT Scooty: when e4? Cyclone: Worse than Tydrix at Longshot head and major BOx: You suck at Chess Change: Your just BOx but louder Blue: He Fucks chairs Kieran: I got GS before you haha (Nah seriously but get back on Minecraft) Pills: You cool and all but you stupid Grayson: Inactive + L + Ratio + You like non women Global: Your state is worse than mine Bop: The one time I helped with staff interviews we had a dude say that he used to be "VERY RACIST" we denied him and accepted the one dude for his accent Atlas: GET HCMD ALREADY FOR FUCK SAKE Honorable mentions Talila: Your TS profile pic sucks Cosmic: You a bitch Alexx: You were cool enough Neo: I didnt like you that much and stop letting chaos pings in the middle of the fucking day bitch Pure: I guess you cool Adam: Your inactive as shit | Get off animal crossing Buck: You were a cool dude mostly chill Weiss: Ima be real you they was not funny Hoovert: Amazing Jokes Yohan: Sad I didnt get to come say hi to you again before I resigned but ill message you on discord at some point Orange: Farm Enuz: Farm Fusion: Fuck you and your sword LandFrog: Keep it that way LukeMario: Become Monkey Appel: Roblox When Ireland: eeeeeeeh Okay thats all im not doing anymore to many fucking people I know and I will be aight without putting everybody here I love you all but I dont think ima be coming back anytime soon (sorry for anyone not on this list I had a lot of people I still fuck with outside of this server Finally D4 Ambrose IV [:>Unit_Signing_Off: Become_Monkey.,/./Comm_Link_REMOVED_1▇▇8▇0.8▇.73-TRUE<:] Red Right Hand Guardian Romeo 13 (HOW AM I STILL IN THIS WITH 0 STRIKES I haven't been on RRH in over 5 MONTHS) Tydrickxz | Trydicks | Tyrdicks | Tydrix Sr.Admin/Forums Diplomat/Maj The Mets baby all about The Mets Signing off for Now
  7. I won't state much out of this but I will add that r&d hcmd did know about the p008 change because they got it removed so that they could spawn med and armor charges freely this was agreed apon by the people that were actively hcmd at the time specifically Cloaker Box and Vindertech
  8. Moved to correct section
  9. +Support After the long time and amount of years you have waited I believe you should come back
  10. They closed Senior admin apps and Super admin apps Sorry but it does say don't apply if you don't meet the requirements
  11. So true this will be so good I can't believe this isn't in the server yet please put it in.
  12. +Support That is a stupid warn if anything why was knuckles sitting in the doorway while telling someone not to click the button and this is his first time ever doing something like this so why not just give him a verbal
  13. Ingame Name: [GL] Tydrix Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:132085234 Job Name: 'CI Reaper' Squadron New Player: STEAM_0:0:132085234 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:132085234 Removing player Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:201362191 - Paid by STEAM_0:0:132085234
  14. They have 294 in the SCP hallway with the book and candy bowl it can be used by researchers and anyone else
  15. Good D5 man very nice Wont do funny event
  16. I understand that promoting suicide isnt allowed on the server but he tried to turn it around into a "kill in console do it" and I can understand that because he sounds angry and I believe he deserves a second chance either let him wait out the 6 weeks that was originally given or allow him to come back early Checked if you do get unbanned please just watch what you say I can understand things can be frustrating but if you are getting angry just step away doesnt matter what is happening its just a game and we are all here to have fun
  17. Name: Tydrix Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:132085234 Forum ID: Shut up Discord ID: Dark?#3030 GPA: -3.3 Experience being a forum moderator: Maybe? What you will contribute to the farmers sub forum (1,000+ words): Going back to the farmers roots Final take away: mod give maybe?
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